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This contact was written for the leadership initiative.

Professional development training total trainer founder and owner of the leadership initiative and five other businesses in the state of Oklahoma play scares a permanent to help as many small businesses as they can reach time to Financial Freedom calls. Calling 918-798-0852 will get you on the road on the pound to the financial success and helping your business into the stratosphere above your competition you can also go online at Play his coaching experience and training experience will help reduce your marketing cost for 80% by Saving you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. There is no time for you to start wasting time and money on Tuesday artist graphic designers and videographers wedding designers and drone pilot to around the fall of your state. When you can find it in one single place you can get all of the forever One Price.

We offer graphic designers web designer search engine optimization proven template systems and examples Executive coaching speaking coaching sales training online advertisement marketing reputation management personal finance coaching Executive coaching public relations cooking and so much more. You can get all of these and more $1,700 a month out of the same as paying one full-time employee at $8.50 an hour. Whereas if you were to get all of these trades and services from one individual person for each one it would probably cost you upwards of twenty seven thousand dollars a month. Save yourself some heartache and time and just go with one person that can give you all of the services and meet all your needs.

This is been seen on Bloomberg is Business Insider Fast Company Forbes can the daily Yahoo ABC Affiliates Fox Affiliates and CBS Affiliates. You and everyone in the Professional development training Tulsa needs a coat. You need a coach who can actually had to be successful because if they’ve done it before you I’m sure they knows the formula and they can help you do that as well. And a coach can actually give you a new perspective on how and help you see the potential growth in your company. He’s all about what you want to do and what you wouldn’t believe in what goals you have.

You can I change a profit margins, being a little person to a higher percentage depending on how diligent you are and controlling your cost and learning how to be accountable. In holding your employees accountable for your assistance will take place if you are willing to do the work. Yes there is work required in doing this. So if you’re with someone who has the intentionality of your time and who you surround yourself with and how you spend your time and how you implement things than you can give us a call at 918-798-0852. He can help you clay and his team can help you develop a culture that is adapting to new ideas and implementing the strategy.

I do a lot when it comes in regards to helping find a qualified employees. Who are hiring and recruiting system it really does work just trust me and go to our website and read all about it one of our people that’s in the past. You can close on more deals when you learn how to use the internet to your benefit. That’s what we do here that’s one of the major think that would do his will to call +91-879-808-5221 more about professional development training Tulsa training also going online to read for free book written by play grow the field guide and personal growth and also to schedule an appointment at

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this content was written for the leadership initiative.

It is truly invigorating for you and your business when you have a business coaching your corner to help you grow your company call 918-798-0852 and also go to online to our company website for more information and testimony isn’t downloadables and Play have come up with a proven fact that was designed for business owners of any size of an industry product or service to have growth. The first thing we do is identify your goal what is your why what is the number of customers you need to achieve your goal? What is the number of customer can break even? Those are the questions we first address and if you do not know those answers now than there is a real problem we can help you find.

Next up is the number of hours you were willing to work on the business not mean other than working in the business putting out fires dealing with employees and all that and then when are you willing to do it what time during the day or what days of the week are you willing to do that? The next step is determining the unique value proposition. I know that must be how to increase your net promoter score. The next one is to improve your branding create a three-legged marketing School Professional development training Tulsa such examples could be a dream 1000 list two potential people that you want to work for or do you work for the next Kobe ad words online targeting on social media or other platforms and then the one could be your no brainer no-brainer is like your wife actor will get people in the door and keeping the remembering you.

Kind of like the example of the Tiffany box you always remember the Tiffany Box by the color. The next one is sales conversions the next is determining customer acquisition cost was the cost of marketing + than cost of sales and what is the total cost. What does it cost to get a person in the door and get their business. The next to helping you create repeatable systems and processes that you and your management team and her staff can use on a daily basis to minimize on it you’re working in the business.

That’s just a management execution and the final step is to create a sustainable and weaknesses no. We make sure here at the leadership initiatives that clay and his team members live on a to-do list my calendar would keep them organized. That is all about promoting our time management system. We want to keep your life down building a business without you getting burned out. It’s a really invigorating system once you have it unless you start using it. It’s kind of like a daily stealing where was Julio for you and your business.

Rather than you constantly getting knocked around again if you live by the schedule and actually have a more productive day and more productive life without having to wonder where all your timeline. Call 918-798-0852 for an invigorating refreshing system and CO2 I hope you get to where you want to go and one way to do that is through the professional development training Tulsa training you can also find more information about this you can find reviews you can look at the path yourself as soon as you think as well as testimonials at already.

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