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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

To be skilled at steering a ship you, have to be coached by the best which is the Captain always gets trained well before sailing and Professional Development Training Tulsa will guide you. Call the team today at 918-798-0852 and ask how you can get started with Business Coach, Clay Staires and check the website out at Professional Development Training Tulsa and getting a business coach just like a Captain is what you will need to establish revenue goals, establish a number of customers needed to achieve breaks and even financial freedom, establish the number of hours you were willing to work on your business and determine unique value proposition.

Do you want to improve branding, create a three-legged stool that doesn’t wobble, create sales conversion systems, and create repeatable systems processes and file organization? Well, then it’s time to take control of your business and be the Captain of your ship once and for all. Professional Development Training Tulsa and The Leadership Initiative with Clay Staires is what will get you from zero to hero and launch your business to levels you never thought possible! To be the Captain of the ship and have your team of sailors trust in you and your business and have things run smoothly, you need to have a Business Coach. The most successful people in the world of all, have coaches of some sort and if you want to not have a rocky ship, get steering in the right direction, check out The Leadership Initiative with Clay Staires today and get started with America’s Millionaire School Teacher. A business exists to serve the owner.

Are you having trouble with that? If you are Professional Development Training Tulsa is what will get you out of your head and get your steering in the right direction like a Captain and his ship. There are so many opportunities you can gain if you get the right coach and that right coach for you will be Clay Staires and his proven systems will hands down get you the results you’ve always been searching for. Start now and design your destiny today. No one gets good at anything without repetition. Karate requires tremendous discipline.

You’re just repeating moves over and over. This is true of tennis, golf, or any other sport. Practice, practice, practice and then when you’ve begun to master your moves so that you know what to do automatically it gets exciting and you’ll finally be able to control your ship and be the Captain you’ve always wanted to and steered in the direction that you want. Any good Captain to steer this ship had to learn. The best way to cut your learning curve and half is by getting the best coach around which is Clay Staires with Professional Development Training Tulsa. He will teach you and coach you, push you in ways you have never been pushed but if that’s what it’s gonna take for you to be able to run your business like a champ then you need to check out www.Clay and call the office today at 918-798-0852 and see how you can get started or

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Strong-Willed

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Success is a choice and you will have to make trade-offs at Professional Development Training Tulsa and the choice to get up early, a choice to skip lunch to hit a deadline and The Leadership Initiative is where you need to go to check out if you are Strong-Willed about getting your business off the ground to levels do you have never imagined. Call today at 918-798-0852 and make sure to visit the website at Do you have a choice to push to fear a choice to work on the weekend to get ahead a choice to turn off the TV and open a book.

A choice to hold yourself and others accountable look no further and check out Clay Staires who is known as America’s millionaire School Teacher. with all of his knowledge and expertise, he will help you as long as you’re strong-willed and ready to learn and implement different executions that have worked in grown other companies by 33%. Are you determined, looking for unique value in your business, lacking proper employees and wanting to create a better sales system and conversion system, then you can do that if you are strong-willed and willing to implement? Ideas are easy, implementation is hard which is why you have to be Strong-Willed and make sure to hire a Professional Business coach like Clay Staires. Professional Development Training Tulsa is what will get the Strong-Willed business owner to the next level and scale the business like never before.

Are you tired of being stuck in the same spot and are looking to grow and get things done and take control of your destiny and move beyond just surviving? Then look no further and higher a Tulsa Business Coach like the only best America’s millionaire schoolteacher Clay Staires who will teach you and coach you with ideas and proven methods. Are you tired of being like a hamster running in circles not sure how to control your business, control your employees, manage correctly, gain sales lead conversions but you are Strong-Willed and not ready to give up the fight, Professional development training Tulsa with Clay Staires will be the best fit for a business coach and get you in control of your business once and for all.

Again there is such a high percentage of businesses that fail within the first five years because they don’t have a coach and think they know how to do it all. Do not be part of that statistic and hire Coach Clay Staires and don’t stop until you get there. If you are Strong-Willed and going through hell, keep going because that is the way that you’re going to make a breakthrough in your business career. So call Clay Staires today at 918-798-0852 and check out the website at

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