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Take a steps Freedom professional development training Tulsa training call 918-798-0852 and also if you’re online go to your browser whatever brossart maybe and type in this web address In regards to getting more information about the program in the training as well as staff training Management training executive leadership training and business Consulting. Play is the coach consultant and speaker and trainer you simply just have to give us a call today to fit a morning or afternoon phone call scheduled for you to talk with Clay to receive the free business assessment. When will you design the life you want? We want to help you create a business that runs without two so you can enjoy your life. We do that by first finding out the answering the big questions.

First step is discovering your wine that means creating a purpose finding your mission your vision your core values in your core focus in your company. The next step step number two is what is answering the where and when this will create energy and sustainability and we identify your year one goals your year three goals and your year five goals. and then Me move on to the next step step number three which we answer the who in this create confidence in you as a leader we put together a responsibility chart also create giving you an implementing the human resources and recruiting system holding yourself and your staff accountable. Finally we move on to step Moon before stop number for discovering the why can sometimes be a trap because too many many liters get step stuck in this one. And the what question this creates growth and this is where we help identify past the weeds getting into the weeds and the working in your business.

Most business owners are in this when I’m working in your business rather than working on their business to help me roll it. Who want to keep you out of this step quickly and on to the next one. Step number 5 this is a step that most business owners neglect. The most important and it’s kept number 5 addressing that how how do we get you to that point it was goals you want to achieve we do that through creating systems processes checklist and working on your business at certain times of the day for a certain amount of time. And then the final step of the stair steps to Freedom is addressing step number 6 the what about.

This is Steph Curry a deficiency and we do that through addressing issues and hurdles making Necessary changes Breaking Bad Habits and and limiting beliefs. So many business owners have bad habits that they do not really that they have and then they have terrible beliefs about themselves negative beliefs and we want to get you out of that habit out of that mindset. We want to get you from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. And one way to do that is to get a business coaches in your corner encouraging you developing you and who can be the coach consultant motivational speaker and trainer that you need to get you and your company to the next level and achieve your financial dreams and goals.

So question is what’s the next step for you? The answer to that question is for you to find a time on your calendar morning or afternoon whatever time works best for you for you to be in front of a computer and schedule morning or afternoon to have a phone call with Clay stairs for that free business assessment. On average it usually last about 30 minutes and it’s Clay just goes through past clients who have had success and other things. professional development training Tulsa training at 918-798-0852.

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This content was written for the leadership initiative.

Losing money and not getting customers is a real sting. Professional development training Tulsa program can help you fix that call 918-798-0852 and also go online also go online for our business company Business website There is a ton of information on our website as well as just learning more about clay stairs and why this is coaching might be the best move for you. When it comes to price and cost we fully understand that that can be a big decision at anyone’s life.

And of course one thing you should know is that we have a purple cow or a wow factor that anyone who does business Consulting with us for the first 30 days if after that 30 day. You are not satisfied with the production in the results that your company is receiving through a program then we will give you all of your money back. I’m very proud to say that pretty sure there’s only been one time for someone actually just did the 30 days and then went on their way. So we’ve had clients have been with us more than a couple months and been with us for a couple of beers.

Because they really truly see the value and benefits of having a business coach. And you’re not only getting one person you’re getting an entire team to help him with the back end of your company. That might include website Website Maintenance accounting Human Resources recruiting translate conversions marketing advertising AdWords photography videography Drone footage public relations and so much more. And of course things I just mentioned plus all the other ones that did not you would actually get this for the same cost at wood to hire a full-time employee for only eight dollars and fifty cents an hour.

We beat our competitors and other marketing firms because on average we have been able to save eighty percent on a marketing call in the long run save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. And marketing alone. And also Clay has since 2019 we have helped her clients grow an average of 104% while helping them get control of their business at the same time improving systems help them increase nearly volume their cash flow and their wallets helping them get control of their time to have better management and scheduling and organizations as well as helping them improve their team.

We can send you an email with a link so that you are able to verify these results. And the team would be more than happy to give you any more information that you need so that you can actually verify to know and understand that we work with clients all over the United States. We do not limit ourselves to just working with one industry. And we work with everybody Across the Nation. Call 918-798-0852. Element for Blow your mind to your professional development training Tulsa program training also follow us online at

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