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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative. 

With professional development training school so you will be able to gain possibilities Beyond you could expect or imagine. 918-798-0852 or It is the best decision of business owner can make it specially if your continuously running a business that’s giving you no profit and can’t seem to manage where your money is going and where at what you’re spending it on. If that is the case then call us today for a free consultation with Clay stairs the complication usually last about 30 minutes. 

And we will take you through walk you through a 13-point assessment of your company to see while we’re the challenge lies and what clay and the team could do for your company. If this is something that you want more information about go to our website you can read what people are saying about clay stairs you can even read his biography of where he came from and how he got to be the millionaire school teacher. It is quite interesting story and it’s been a long journey but he was glad to go through it so now he can help business owners like yourself. So call 918-798-0852. What are you waiting for? Do it today. 

He is in high demand and people love working with him so he only take so many clients at one time because it was to make sure that every client I think has has his undivided attention and he is not distracted by anything. So one thing you should know about him is he actually started out as a teacher and Coach a book public and private schools for about 15 years and then died during that time he finally hit the ceiling of what he could you make annually and that amount was not enough and did not satisfy him. 

So he decided to Branch out on his own and be his own boss and make his own hours and live the life that be true you’re going to live both for himself and his family. So he left that teaching career behind and coaching at sports behind and he began to run a nonprofit that’s been in his family for years and he was there for like 10 years and he made the brand change in a transition which was very difficult during that time but he faced they also said he was way and now it’s a non-profit is working at best it’s ever been. 

And then from there he began with six successful companies in 5 years. Now his main focus is the leadership initiative helping people gain possibilities as business owners what they could achieve and what their business could possibly do for them. So we waiting for? Call him today for that 30-minute consultation that is free and get a 13-point assessment of your company to see where growth could potentially come from. A lot of business owners to struggle with human resources recruiting and some deal with finding leads a cash flow better time management and organization better employees or just more structure in their company of course they are just not sure how to get there the way to get there is through clay stairs. Professional development training Tulsa. 918-798-0852. And also follow and read up on Clay and the team at  

Professional development training Tulsa | Better Growth

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative. 

Make a Smart Choice by choosing professional development training Tulsa and on the road to better growth. 918-798-0852 and also Clay offers all people business owners a free 30-minute consultation by phone if you are an out-of-state business owner or if you are in state like in the surrounding area then you can come meet play in person and do the 13th and assessment with him on Dad’s office and you can also take a tour of the premises and meet the team behind clay and his successful system of helping business owners reach the time freedom and Financial Freedom that they desire.

 It is through growth making it a constant of acetic rather than a steady decline. A lot of businesses have a roller coaster of growth and it is not consistent but with Clay stairs and his proven system we have helped this was Hunter’s live a life that they were truly designed to live and we did that with her sister and making them as you know better at Human Resources recruiting time management organization scheduling accounting finding strong leaves gaining more cash flow so that you’ll actually be making a profit rather than I am putting it back into the business just to keep the doors open.

 If you’re still trying to keep the doors open and just trying your hardest to make keep it afloat then you definitely need a business coach. A business coaches in your corner to help you walk the path to your financial goals. How we do that is we help you in every area of the business not just in case we don’t one. So if this is something that you want more information on a highly suggest you go to my website to get more information and you can also read more about claim we’re at he first started and how we got to be known as America’s millionaire school teacher. He was awarded numerous Awards like citizen of the Year Missouri state track coach of the year and he even got recognized as a teacher of the year. For his efforts with students and his community. He really knows how to inspire and engage with people to make of his system easy-to-follow especially since he uses it himself. 

That’s one thing about Clay is that he practices what he preaches. If he’s teaching you a system then that system has been used and continues to be used by US because it works and we are living proof that his system works and if I get you to growth. If this is something that you want more information on go to his website  This is a one-in-a-million chance to get on the road past to better bro. Study incline rather than a steady decline. A long-distance Hunters experience that where it’s either a roller coaster or they just can’t seem to stop the train going downhill. 

If you are close to shutting the doors or maybe you just weren’t that close that sell the business and move on to another job working for somebody else then you probably need a business coach to be able to get to your goals rather than you having to give up and shut down. So professional development training Tulsa for better growth with the leadership initiative. Call the number 918-798-0852 or go to on website to fill out a contact form to reach clay in the scheme of the website is 

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