Professional development training Tulsa | How Does Time Freedom Happen?

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative. 

Professional development training Tulsa will get the framework and the path to financial growth and time Freedom. Call the number for free consultation or go online to wear website or call 918-798-0852 for more information about development training staff training Management training and executive leadership coaching with Clay. It is well worth your time because business is around the country or failing every day. On average it’s 96% of businesses fail within the first 18 months. We can help you save 80% on your marketing cost which will save you hundreds 5 hours of time and thousands of dollars. 

If this is some scenario that you’re looking at right now where you can barely go day-to-day without having to put out fires of every kind and ever really have a moment to yourself to begin to work on your business and grow your profits and put money in the bank then call us today. You’re not alone you are not the only business owner struggling in this economy. Business owners open a business with no expertise whatsoever and some business owners open a business even though they think that their business degree or master’s degree will help them. That is not the case. 

We have the action oriented approach. We want to help you transform from living paycheck-to-paycheck to becoming a millionaire. But it does take work on your part. Clay has been a transformation teacher and coach for many years now. He chose to move forward and help business owners like you. He has traveled around the country speaking on coaching thousands of other people on how to expand their capacity. It’s time to live better and make a bigger paycheck. Lives of thousands of people do to his delivery style and engaging presents. He was voted number one motivational speaker in his home state of Oklahoma. 

Through his career he assured stage with top CEOs such as Gary vaynerchuk. He has been featured on CBS Affiliates ABC Affiliates Fox Affiliates and numerous others. He has become more well known as America’s millionaire school teacher. He has 25 years of coaching and corporate training. He is an authority and Leadership training. He has been teaching coaching training leaders for over 25 years and has taught hundreds of people on how to navigate safely through the dangers of running a business leadership and development.

 Professional development training Tulsa training wants to give you the framework to strengthen your business or to build it back up again. Call the number today for a free consultation with Clay stairs over the phone by calling the number 918-788-0852 and also finding Us online for more information as well as a dress without a contact form on our home page or fill out a form for free downloadables of our systems for you to use and Implement into your own business website and 

Professional development training Tulsa | Platform

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative. 

Professional development training Tulsa training you will receive a platform to take your business to the next level and to go above and beyond what your competition is doing. Call the number 918-798-0852 and also check us out on the website for business coaching and development training If you are looking for an action oriented approach a proven system that displays designed to help business owners have more time for them in Financial Freedom. Call us today.

 Live a better life and make a bigger paycheck. It really is possible. Clay stairs the executive director and CEO of the leadership initiative has 10 years as an executive director of a nonprofit as well as helping create cultures of leadership development and so much more. He was voted number one motivational speaker in Oklahoma. And he has won numerous Awards as a teacher and coach for his ability to teach and train and develop young minds. It began when he was about 30 years old and he continues to speak and Coach thousands. If you want to know more information about a little or website and you can read more on him and his background and where he is right now and where he came from. 918-798-0852.

 He is well known as America’s millionaire school teacher who was able to go from working in a classroom and earning only so much without having that growth potential of making more money into becoming a successful entrepreneur investor author and speaker. Transformation is his game. So let’s help you stop living paycheck to paycheck into becoming the next great leader and business owner. 918-798-0852 for more information.

 Let’s help you create an a platform for your business so that you will be the go-to for your industry or service or product and make sure that we bury the competition in your dust. So let’s leave behind the old ways of doing business because apparently they haven’t been doing you much good since you were reading this article. Call us today the initial an appointment the free consultation with glaze and introductory phone called where he will go through a 13.6 minute beer company to see if there is anything that has to change or reformatted in your business and ultimately see if this is a good fit for you and a good food for us. 

We want to work with the village of Dewar’s and people who are comfortable so that when we go along the path with you and give you proof and systems that you will take the money will they were going to implement them in your company and being intentional with your time and help in your company grow. We can only go so far I feel her business owner do not want to do the work then it’s not going to work. On average we have helped our clients grow 30% year-over-year while helping them get control of their business at the same time. Professional development training Tulsa training will give you the platform you need to take your business to another level. Call the number 918-798-0852 and also 

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