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This content was written for the leadership initiative.

You can have improved sales and cash flow when you choose professional development training Thompson training. Call the number 918-798-0852 and also check us out on our company business business company website For testimonials reviews trainings workshop videos and many more. ales lead conversions hope you don’t know what how much it’s gonna cost to gain a client how much it’s going to have to keep a client and how much profit you should actually be taking away from each do so we can also help you with your cash flow putting more money money back your wallet is in the bag as well.

And another big thing that we don’t want mostly deal with is just the employees friend can’t there’s never seem to be enough grade employees or that the unicorns to actually keep your vet business going a lot of businesses have a. Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Clay Staires helped you through a proven path that includes your faith family friendship fitness finances and fun goals for your life. We want to determine your goals your why the number of customers you need to achieve your goal and the number of customers to break even. We also help you determine the number of hours you’re willing to work on the business and when. And we want to determine the unique value proposition.

Must it must be a wow to increase net promoter score. And also improve your branding. We do that through creating a three legged marketing store. Such examples could be a dream 100 list of people you work reach out to or Adwords retargeting or a a wow factor or a no brainer. Another professional development training Tulsa thing is your is your sales conversions that will lead to determining the customer acquisition costs the cost of marketing plus the cost of sales will equal your total cost and then creating repeatable systems and processes that your management team can take on and your workers. And through management execution you can create a sustainable and weekly schedule so that you as a business owner do not have to be in the business all the time and you can actually have a life that you enjoy.

Professional development training Tulsa training 918-798-0852 and professional The new Anna and improved business is right around the corner and a phone call away. Clay Staires is the owner and founder of the leader ship initiative and the business consulting program. It will change your life and it will open your eyes to a new way of thinking and a new mindset of how you can make your company grow. That is right you do not have to work in your business all the time to make it work you can actually work on your business and let other people do the tasks we help you do that through tracking and systems in a proven path that was designed to help you as a business owner have more time freedom and financial freedom.

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This content was written for the leadership initiative.

Navigate navigating change with professional development training Tulsa training 918-798-0852. Your experience with Clay Staires will be profound. And the misconceptions about business coaching will a change. Through clays coaching and training. And your eyes will be opened to your situation and how you can change your business for the better. It does not matter which side of the fence you’re on what matters is the progress you make and making decisions to better your business Andrew and your leader ship. One key ingredient is helping lead yourself and others to make better business decisions. Have you ever felt stuck.

Have you ever felt that you don’t really know where you need to go next? 918-798-0852 we understand the struggle is real for most people. Clay has developed tools and systems to explain why people are feeling stuck when it comes to making decisions and making decisions when it comes to their businesses. We can help set you free to make the decisions you need to make in business. We called the wheel of navigation. Do you want to help you make decisions take actions be productive and get the desired results that you need to keep your business not only going in sustaining but growing. Take a moment to evaluate where you are with your business right now and if you feel that business coaching might be the best move we can most.

So now is the time 918-798-0852 for the development training staff training and management training. Now we want to evaluate to see if this is the best move for you knowing what your passions are your goals your story your your struggles your your production and your business and if you’ll actually want to invite us into your company to make necessary changes with you of course.

We are staires was not always the successful entrepreneur in the and investor that he is today. He had to get there through hard work and long hours and even making sacrifices. Clay challenged you to make changes. He does it in a very personal nonthreatening way. And you will be excited to take the next step. It’s provoking and it will lead your company and your staff in a new way of thinking. Clay is a great speaker and coach and trainer he has a lot of energy and he’s very helpful when it comes to the information that he and parts on you. We have trained hundreds of teams in liters and we help them change mindset and create training tools to help you become a better owner better manager engage with your employees to give them personal development and leadership skills.

And we do that through the workshops and business consulting as well as staff training. It’s all about running an effective business to where you’re making money without having to put in all the hard work. Here at leader ship initiative we take the E out of emotion. Don’t mistake activity for productivity. Creativity is productivity it doesn’t matter it doesn’t feel like it at first. We can help you with your ideas through high energy and . Nothing will work unless you do. Vision without execution is hallucination. Professional development training Tulsa training 918-798-0852 and

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