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This content was written for the leadership initiative.

Professional development training Tulsa training is the guiding hand or the Unseen hand that will get you to your goals. Call 918-798-0852 for more information as well as find information and testimonials and glowing reviews on our website The owner founder teacher consultant trainer coach and business owner and entrepreneur is Clay stairs. He’s the owner and operator for the leadership initiative the small business Consulting in the center of the universe Tulsa Oklahoma. This is where businesses grow and this is where businesses profit. Working with the leadership initiative in clay stairs and his staff over you know just a short.

Of time will be the best money you and your company ever spent in a long time. It will begin to have return on your investment within the first 30 days I can guarantee it. If not it’s after the first 30 days you’re not satisfied with the results and productivity that we are getting for your company then we will give you all of her money back. That is our guarantee at the leadership initiative that is what we like to call Hermano Factor. We provide you with practical proven systems and processes that business you as a business owner will be able to implement run away without the trial-and-error for Reuben seeing the wheel.

Kind of like your steering wheel your navigational system. The results that would get you or immediate and measurable we should even be again tracking and actually didn’t begin doing yourself without having to do with all the hassle. It will improve your company and it is not full of you know motivational quotes or book quotes or movie quotes but its determination X grits and hard work and I and other characteristics. It is great leadership training and executive training and he’s so interactive he will not want to quit. Leadership initiative has a tremendous impact on any business owner that comes to meet clay in the team.

We use proven systems that have grown at numerous businesses with in Tulsa and with the surrounding states of the United States of America. We will pop you we will provide you a navigation system or a map have a system that will help you as a business owner stay constant and persistent and not have to be the bottleneck of your company and you anymore. Clay in the team will help you become better leaders and managers. His teachings are based on industry practices he knows what he’s doing because he’s been in your position before. Now after surrounding himself with other successful entrepreneurs he has now been able to navigate his way with your business and that has helped him create the leadership initiative and five other successful businesses in Oklahoma.

Even after a month or a year of your cut his coaching he will make sure that you get to reap the benefits and reap all the rewards that are happening in your company. And it’s Constable concern to you should know that we are a month-to-month service so there is no contract involved. And it is the same cost of hiring one full-time employee for $8.50 an hour. You can find that nowhere else in the United States. So professional development training Tulsa training is the guiding hand that you needed in order to get yourself down the path to reaching their goals of time freedom and Financial Freedom give us a call today at 918-798-2852 and also find a website Business website at

this content was written for the leadership initiative.

Play stairs in the leadership initiative and in his entire team are a force to be reckoned with Professional development training Tulsa training is the best place to start for you to get time freedom and Financial Freedom for yourself as a business owner and to help your company Thrive and go past your competition every single time call 918-798-0852 and also follow us online for resources and testimonials at But do not take my word for it.

Plus there’s has plenty of reviews and video client testimonials of real business owners that can tell you firsthand what it means to have a business coach like clay stairs in your corner and how it has affected their businesses for the better. So what are you waiting for find out more information online get a free book written by Clay staire’s grow the field guide to personal development as well as resources information staff training workshops and many more. We do not just do business coaching we do staff training executive leadership training Management training and so much more.

Clay has it been able to help individuals and groups of people when they’re get their path a straight and to have better vision and goals in freezer company or for their personal life. It’s not about person personal development it’s also about business development. That is ultimately why Clay’s and business. He was not in business he doesn’t know what he would do. Because he’s at being where he wants to be famous be able to help others that are struggling day today and their operations at their company or cannot seem to get things going because they’re constantly having to beat the bottleneck at their company can never really have free time to yourself to spend time away from the office and with their families.

That’s awesome that they of what why a lot of business owners want to be able to have a business because they won’t be able to make their own money and create their own time. So if you were business owner and you’re constantly having to work in the business but you never have time to work on the business to continue the business to grow and profit than call 918-798-0852 today. Every single person who comes in contact with Clay whether it’s through professional development training Tulsa or a speaking engagement on for our coaches will thoroughly enjoy clay. He’s a great teacher with great energy and provides a wonderful service. And he would approach to business and industry best practices and resources really will help you further your management and Leadership skills.

Your company will definitely benefit from coaching. Give us a call today we love to set up a free consultation with you over the phone with play stairs morning or afternoon. Whatever time or day works best for you let us know we’re open Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday close on Saturday and Sunday are hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 5 PM. If you are however in the Tulsa area surrounding area you are more than welcome to set up a time to come in and meet play face-to-face as well as meet the team and get a tour of the office and meet everyone behind the team and behind the scenes of this company. Professional development training Tulsa training 918-798-0852 and

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