Talk to Clay today to discuss in further detail more about his business coaching for leadership staff training and management training as well as the professional development training Tulsa program located right here in the center of the universe Tulsa Oklahoma. Call today schedule morning or afternoon free phone consultation no obligation phone call with Clay directly it by calling the number 918-798-0852 or go online to do your own research MD or testimonial video testimonials download our free book as well as download free downloadable resources in regards to hiring and recruiting an interview and systems at

Play stairs and his team over at the leadership initiative are just absolutely phenomenal and wonderful people to be around. Their energy is infectious and it was bring their A-game every single time with every single client that walks through the door. They’re hard-working answer all your questions and if you were looking for someone or a business coach to help you and guide you and your business as well as their employees in the right direction than these are the guys to choose. Give him a call today to schedule a consultation today.

Play is at the absolute best. He’s always so incredibly motivational encouraging hold you accountable and is an expert and when it comes to Growing small businesses. If you want to be able to get to the point where you can have more time for them in Financial Freedom then call 918-798-0852. You have to talk with him and you have to work with him today. Take a chance take jump off the high dive and see where it takes you. Because I can guarantee you client that I’ve worked with clay in the past or currently working with him had seen thought I had an average of one hundred and four percent growth while also getting or keeping control of their business at the same time. If you want that if you want that same kind of growth or maybe have a certain color vision in mind for your company Nicole clay today to get more information.

Play nasty more amazing than what they do. Your experience will be with them will be life-changing and positive. He always brings the energy every single time so you never have to feel like you’re in a boring seminar arm where they just tell you to buy a book and get all the answers. Here are the leadership initiative we have actionable professional development training Tulsa steps that you can take into your company right away and begin implementing. Of course it is all up to you once we hand you the system’s it’s up to you to be able to follow through and get your team on board. Of course we also have great hiring and recruiting process as well that we can share with you. We even have on our website free downloadable is in regards to interviewing systems and hiring systems that you can download for free.

Call to understand more about the professional development training Tulsa programs by Clay stairs. Talk to Clay Vice calling 918-798-0852 to discuss in depth about your business assessment being done for your company to see whether or not this is going to be the best fit for you and to see for us to see if this is going to be the best fit for us. And also go online to the website to check out information as well as watch testimonial videos from past and present clients by going to the visiting our website at

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Call Clay now for more information about the leadership initiative and all the services as well as programs that we offer for trainings both for staff management and executive leadership by calling and asking for more information about the professional development training Tulsa training. The number to call for more information or to set up a free no-obligation phone assessment with Clay directly by calling 918-798-0852 and also by checking out the website at This is a phenomenal opportunity that no small-business ownership ass up. Do not worry about the money and do not worry about the time. Because of those are the two most precious resources for business owner and we want to help you gain more.

That is what clay does with the business Consulting program as well as his list of other services he enables business owners to go off on to their own to really a mature and to gain control of their company at the same time. You can also read Clay’s reviews to see what other people are saying about him. He’s a 5-star rated coach with over three hundred and sixty positive reviews of people telling them about their experience and how they have been able to see better in to have better inside and create a better framework and structuring their business to work for them rather than against them.

People who have worked with Clayface say that he has always a great attitude and great energy as well as a dynamic end of an individual personality that really gets her brought across the other people especially no matter what kind of industry there in product or service they are trying to sell. He wants to help improve the odds of success for your company. And if I require that you have to wake up everyday being intentional and implementing these strategic systems and actionable steps that he gets you through the business coaching program. Of course it’s not all up to him. This is your business and we want to be able to enable you and encourage you and hold you accountable and motivate you to be able to be a better leader in your company.

Leadership is a very important factor when it comes to running a small successful business. And if you do not have the leadership skills to Be an Effective or an official leader within your company will fail and you will be held hostage by your employees. Do not get stuck behind a desk where do not get stuck with toxic employees who are holding you hostage in your company just go there just showing up her paycheck. You need to be able to have a team who was I can mimic driving team to where they are not only thriving for the company that they’re thriving in the personal development.

Call 918-798-0852 to discuss more with Clay about the professional development training Tulsa training. Call Clay now and you will receive a free no-obligation phone assessment with it about your business with him over the phone or if you are in the Tulsa or surrounding area you are more than welcome to visit us in our office to see her our atmosphere here as well as meet the rest of the team here at the leadership initiative. But it might you might as well read the reviews and watch a video testimonials on our website at

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