That is right business coaching is made Just For You especially if you are a small business owner so when you take hold of the sessions and trainings brought to buy professional development training Tulsa training in the leadership initiative located right here in the center of the universe Tulsa Oklahoma you will see that you actually can have time for him to Financial Freedom all to yourself if you just implement the Strategic steps and action plans that we give you. Give us a call today to find more information about these procedures and steps through business coaching with Clay Staires the owner and founder by calling him today at 918-798-0852 or by going to check me out the website for him and for the company to get more additional information about him and the business and the help he sets up business pass for business owners by going to

This is an amazing team at the leadership initiative because they are just a great resource and making things good and spectacular for your business. It’s a business must especially if you’re a small-business owner in great United States. And also check out their conferences that they have every other month that the leadership initiative sponsors. And you will be you need to be able to prepare yourself to be amazed by the amount of how to use that they teach you.

This is not just stuff that you you know read a book and you know get some professional development training Tulsa feel good quotes to put on your wall this is actually actionable steps that you implement into your company so that your company can grow. And there is work on your part but if you are ready and willing to do so and what you wanting to do anything you can to make sure that your business is still open in actually growing then check out their research and resources as well as a dare refuse to see what other people are saying and what they are experiencing after working with leadership initiative in their business coaching program.

To learn more by going online visiting and save the reviews as well as a good real client video testimonials. It’s all about being a diligent door and so we want to work with you but we cannot get work with you if we cannot get a hold of you. So give clay a call to speak with him directly to understand more about how he does what he does and how he actually saw a 600% growth in 5 years after working with his very own small business coach today.

The number to call to schedule free consultation morning or afternoon with Clay is the number 918-798-0852 or by going and checking them out online for business coaching as well as his professional development training Tulsa training program and that is right it is the best program out there and if you do not believe me then ask what other people are saying and Ashley read or watch what people are saying after working with him you can go online to the website at

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Improve The Numbers

Motivational speaker author coach trainer consultant venture capitalist entrepreneur and business coach extraordinary clay stirrers brings to you B professional development training Tulsa training program that will help you improve the numbers to see long-term growth rather than just burped. It’s about time that you take advantage of working with Clay stairs also known as America’s millionaire school teacher give him a call today at 918-798-0852 and also check out online to see how he has professional development training Tulsa helped thousands of people throughout the country especially on the topic of business and being a leader in your own company by checking about on the website reading reviews as well as video testimonials at

Clay staires went from the classroom to being a very successful top motivational speaker and his leadership and business coaching field he’s an expert on helping small business owners process the frustrations and beliefs that accompany a liter and a business. They can actually help you operate on different multiple levels and help you actually understand each level from the student the work of the manager the leader the owner and entrepreneur. He can help you save hundreds of hours of thousands of dollars with his coaching program.

He’s been doing this for over twenty-five years now and he’s not going to stop now. He’s continually going because he actually one ever tells his clients grow and ever and average of 104% while helping me get closer to stop at same time. If you want to come to have that growth maybe you’re so close and yet so far against call today at 918-798-0852. He’s an expert on helping people product process their frustrations and help them deal with that employees as well as bad managers just hope it is up to you to decide whether or not you actually want to succeed. Because success is a choice. He has developed to Unique leadership training programs as well as business coaching Pathways to help you either in the boardroom classroom University campus small business non-profit board room or other places.

He was also voted number one motivational speaker in Oklahoma by he also received the 2012 citizen of the Year award for their impact on the community. And he actually has a teacher of the year as well as at the mystery 2 State coach of the year for his experience in working young people. He is brought that same energy that he had then to the boardroom now when it help when it comes to helping small business owners achieve the timeframe in Financial Freedom that they want to live a life.

If you want to be able to have a company that can run without you said that you can live a life with you were truly designed to live call us today at 918-798-0852 and also check us out on the website for additional information about play stairs his background as well as the professional development training post training program so that we can help you out on the road to improve the numbers of your company so that you can actually spend less and less time in the business and more time on the business gifts call or go online to the website today at

Clay Staires