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This content was written for the leadership initiative.

Your story is important especially when it comes to the Legacy that you leave behind with your company. We can help you build duplicable business model that works without you having to be in the business. 918-798-0852 and www. Clay We can help you with a ton of things like the back end of your company.

We have an entire team dedicated to that. We can help you with web design what Website Maintenance graphic design videography photography search engine optimization marketing advertising three-legged marketing stool sales, staff training Management training and we can provide you all of this with a month to month no contract. And it will help you grow your business for less than it would cost to hire a full-time employee. It’s not just about activity. It’s about being productive. Everyone needs a coach. You need someone that will give you a feedback coaching and encouragement and hold you accountable so that you will be able to improve.

Why do you need a business coach? No matter whether you are at the top of your industry or in your area or maybe in the middle of the pack there are always endless endless potential to grow into improve. Our services include graphic design branding Finance customer service search engine optimization public relations online marketing advertising Management training life coaching social media Business Development franchising product Design interior design sales training accounting copywriting Human Resources staff management tech support workflow design 3D virtual space doors drone photography and videography event planning Executive coaching website design and optimization publishing and capital raising and more. And unfortunately we no longer provide cat juggling services. As successful Business Consultants we help you to achieve growth quickly and how we do that is to replace bad habits with good habits.

If we want to work with someone who is coachable and willing to put in the work and even make sacrifices in order to reach your goals. You can learn from mentors and avoid mistakes. Many business owners are trying to cut costs and cut down and costs so that they can get more profits and be less inefficient. It’s a cycle that destroys a lot of businesses. So other Executives and business owners you probably don’t know where to begin. You may feel overwhelmed and might think that you do not have a lot left to do any more effort in. That makes sense. But do not let that stop you. The leadership initiative has years of experience and we can help you transform your employees and your leadership into a preferred destination for customers.

You will see notable changes within the first month. Our guarantee is after the first 30 days if you’re not satisfied we will give you 100% of your money back guaranteed. Give us a call at 918-798-0852 and we can help you start growing again. The number to call again is that 918 number and our website for more information and client video testimonials is Regarding our business Consulting program our executive leadership training staff training Management training and professional development training Tulsa training.

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This content was written for the Leadership Initiative.

Executive business training and business Consulting is knocking at your door with professional development training Tulsa training as your answer to all your problems and business. Good so call at 918-798-0852 and we will help you on the path to time for him than Financial Freedom. Also on our website you can watch client video testimonials see statistics and more information regarding the leadership initiative and the owner and founder and Guru clay stairs.

He has been an entrepreneur for a number of years now as well as a successful venture capitalist investor and offer as well as motivational speaker. He has won numerous awards for his ability to help individuals and larger amount of people. And even get back to his community.The employee training at you know the cost of poor or no employee training is an eighth fancy human error and laziness. Studies are clear. So it was put money back into your company so that you can see it grow and put more money back into your wallet. Clay stairs and leadership are at your door ready and willing to help you and get to where you want to go.

I would in fact tell you that it is impossible to do it all by yourself. If you want to change your thinking and your business and how it influences the community then you need a coach on your side. Clay stairs and his coaching company has been part of a team of mentors and successful entrepreneurs. You will benefit from hundreds of hours and saving thousands of dollars learning from clay and The Proven system and path that will lead you to success that the business icons have shared. You need to surround yourself with other successful people and let their influence rub off on you.

If you continue to chase Your Tail or surround yourself with people who are lazy and incompetent and do not chase after goals then you should not be in business. Here are the leadership initiative we practice what we preach. We do give you a business assessment path and we follow that as well in our own company and in our own culture. If we didn’t we probably would not be in business or we would be drowning. Where do you want to grow a? If you want to meet clay you can do that over the phone by having a free consultation appointment with Clay stairs to do a business assessment as well as a free website report to see if you’re the website is really working for you. And we want to help you reach the top of web searches for your industry or for your service or product. You can learn more by going to our website

You will also receive free downloadables on our website just leave us your name the name of your company what you do like what is your position within the company that you work for your phone number and an email and will send those downloadables to that email that you give us. We have been seen on CBS Affiliates ABC Affiliates Bloomberg Yahoo Forbes pandodaily Business Insider Bloomberg and the Thrive time show podcast. 918-798-0852 for more information and we can study the morning or afternoon for you to have a quick phone call iPhone a consultation with Clay stairs. You can also find us on social media at Facebook Twitter and even YouTube. We have a YouTube channel where we give Workshop videos that you can Implement into your staff training. It is always best to a half staff training so that you and I stopped in competency and didn’t fit in efficiency a. That’s the best way to go. Clayton prove it. He doesn’t have his company and it has worked like a charm. Professional development training Tulsa training.

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