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Professional development training Tulsa training has more advantages than running a business on your own. By giving us a call today you will receive a free no-obligation phone assessment to do a business assessment with Clay stairs the owner and founder of the leadership initiative the number to call is 918-798-0852 and you can also do some research on us before the phone call on our website in the ship. Now is the time to come out of the shadows and into the light and have a business that you can be proud of. Business coaching with Clay stairs and development training and staff training and management training are just a phone call away you simply as a business owner have to take the time to sit down think about where you’re at with your business and where you want to go.

Now it is completely up to you the ball is in your court. We’re not psychic so we do not know what you’re thinking. If you are thinking that maybe a business coach would be a smart idea to get you where you want to go then give us a call at 918-798-3852 today. We can give you a free no-obligation phone consultation with play stairs he’s the owner and founder of the leadership initiative. He has done many things in his life and he’s help young people and people of all ages get to where they need to go and help them to make the Harvest hard decisions and to benefit from the sea it has been shown.

The stairs is a man who really credits at other people who have helped him where he wants to go now he’s in a place where he wants to be able to return the favor to other people. We work with people all over the United States the Bruce this great nation of America the United States of America. We are in a season where businesses are dropping like flies. So if you want to be a business that actually stays ahead of the curve and an end of your competition every single time than you need to call us today for a free consultation over the phone with Clay stairs. There are more advantages to choosing clay stairs is your business coach.

You not only get one on one business coaching every week one day a week at the exact same time but you also get videography photography search engine optimization graphic design public relations and so much more. Now this may seem like it probably might cost you a lot of money but that is not true. The cost is a month to month cost if there is no contract no 12-month contract really this is a month-to-month service so in all honesty if we had to break it down getting coaching with clay stirrers and all the back-end Services would actually be the same cost it would take to hire one full-time Barista and pay them $8.50 an hour.

You get a whole team for as little as $1,700 a month. And you’ll be working with one person and you’ll have one contact in one monthly bill there will be no surprises no hidden fees for you. So this is something you want to do call us babe to get more information on professional development training Tulsa training And give us a call today at the phone number I’m about to give you. It really is not rocket science you pick up the phone and dial the number 918-798-0852.

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This content was written for the leadership initiative.

The advantages of professional development training Tulsa and executive business coaching is that you get one-on-one coaching time with Clay stairs owner of the leadership initiative. To get started or get more information give us a call today at 918-798-0852 and you can also go online fill out a form and get more information as well as it read and watch testimonials on our website Are proven path for our business coaching and professional development training includes proven paths including your S6 gold space family friendship Fitness finances and fun. Here we addressed that you were goals what is your why? What is the number of customers you need to achieve your financial goals and how many customers do you need to break even question the next step is to determine the number of hours you were willing to work on your business as well as the addressing the wind when are you winning during your week to do this.

The next is to determine the unique value proposition. What is necessary what will you need to increase your Net score. The Nexus to prove your branding we do that through your website building and Website Maintenance as well as your next step to determine your branding and improve your reading this by creating your three-legged marketing school. This can be returning as creating a wow factor for getting a list for your dream 100 customers that you want to work with or search engine optimization. The next is your sales conversion. And then the next step is determining your customer acquisition cost that means the cost of marketing plus your cost of sales equals your total cost.

The next step is to help you and to create a repeatable system and processes that you and your team will use day in and day out in your business. The next step is your management execution. And the final step is a step in creating you creating a sustainable and weekly schedule for you as an owner that you will follow as a regular routine to get you into the flow as a business owners that you can have scheduled time to work on the business and to live a life that you were truly designed to live. We can help you keep your life in Balance. The product of our time management system is having a system that you use every day that will be like a daily steering wheel for you that will keep you on your days and create you and help you to have maximum productivity.

Even if life happens when you get knocked off your schedule this routine this schedule will make it very simple for you to stay on track and handle any problem that comes your way. When you have a sister named procedure and place it will say so much about you and you will see results after the first couple of months. With working with the leadership initiative and Clay scares the advantages of having a coach of someone will hold you accountable and courage you motivate you and we will get you on the path to being able to truly be a business owner to make money and live a life that you want.

So give him something that you’re curious to know more information about? Did not picking up the phone and stop reading this article and call 918-798-0852 and you can also go online to read testimonials and reviews on our website To get more information about our time management systems and our proven pass as well as our professional development training Tulsa training program.

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