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This contact was written for the leadership initiative.

Mature decision as a mature business owner who is struggling by getting more information regarding Clay in the leader ship initiatives program known by the name as professional development training Tulsa training. Simply just pick up your phone you know just kind of like how you ever want to whatever you wanna do whatever your schedule is like by calling 918-798-0852 and also following the business that we have on the web for our company website at

It is very straightforward process if you want to know more information guarding this program then you can either call or we have a form on our website that you can fill out with your name phone number email and reason for reaching out and someone on the leader ship and the ship team will be in touch with you as soon as possible to go ahead and get that on the books. We are open five days a week we are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday we’re open 8 AM to 5 PM. We are located in the center of the universe known as Tulsa Oklahoma where we work with businesses all over the United States.

We do not have one in particular industry that we like to work with. We understand that every business is different every business owner thinks differently and we wanna make sure that we’re working with a business owners who are coachable and who will I want to go from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. If you were in a position as a business owner where you’re constantly having to put out fires or carry the weight of your company because your employees are not helping then call 918-798-0852 or go to our website. You can also find us on social media on Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter.

We’re always putting out content out there that will hit home for a lot of business owners. And also give you a good laugh. Of course our main focus is to help you as a business owner save time and money and we do just that. We can help you save 80% on marketing costs as well as on average we have been able to help business owners grow 30% year-over-year while helping them get control of their business at the same time. So stop pulling your hair out stop wishing that your day would be done before it even starts.

Five getting more information regarding our professional development training Tulsa training program you will begin to go on the path with Clay or another qualified coach and go down the path to more time for him and financial freedom. The phone number to dial is 918-798-0852. Of course we highly recommend that you look us up online www.claystaires or you can simply type in Clay Staires into your browser and he will be the first name to pop up and you will see that we have over 300+ reviews of people saying how much they love Clay.

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Thrill Ride

This contact was written for the leader ship initiative.

Professional development training Tulsa training is a thrill ride that you will never forget. If you simply call the number that I’m about to give you and to your cell phone or your rotary phone just dialed the number 918-798-0852 and also visit us on the website for more information and you can also get us in contact with us via contact form on our website it’s

It is something that will amaze you altogether. If this is something that you’re looking for maybe you know someone who needs this then simply call us today. Professional development training with Clay Staires is something that you will be amazed by. The reason for your amazement is because no other marketing firm out there really does what he does. And that simple fact is that he gets results that are sustainable and attainable.

A lot of marketing firms out there will tell you to pay thousands and thousands of dollars and they’ll do some marketing campaigns for you but they never really get the results to bring in that business for that foot traffic into your business. So if you’re in a time where you’re feeling like you’re just suffering day today just trying to make ends meet and bring people into your business so you can earn money and put more money then you need a business coach. And Clay Staires is that man for you. He is the owner and founder of the company the leader ship initiative and he has five other successful businesses.

Now his main focus is just mainly the leader ship initiative and his business coaching program. A lot of what he does is help business owners become better leaders train staff and also management training as well. Of course we can help you with accounting marketing advertising building your website and also maintaining your website hiring and recruiting practices saving you time and money so that you as a business owner have time freedom and financial freedom. What more could you ever want. If this is something that you’re curious about or maybe there is a family or friend that is a business owner and they need help they seem to be struggling with the day-to-day operations of their company have them call 918-798-0852 and also find us online at for all the information they need about the business coaching and the professional development training Tulsa training program.

So come on down to the thrill ride of a lifetime with Clay Staires and the team at the leader ship initiative by simply picking up your phone and putting in the numbers for this business you just simply do it it’s not rocket science it’s not brain surgery so what are you waiting for 918-798-0852 or go online to What are you waiting for? Wallace today and get a free consultation with Clay and the team here at the leadership initiative and see what we can do for you.

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