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This contact was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Professional development training Tulsa prgram will provide you the leadership that you have slowly been lacking in your company. Call 918-798-0852 or go to our website for a company to look up our Google reviews and our video client testimonials the website is If you want to grow in your company if you want to grow your cash flow and you want to increase the number of leads you were getting weekly or even monthly call us today and we can set you up with a free 30 minute phone consultation for Clay to do a free 13 point assessment of your business to see where your unique needs of stressors are so that you can create it to get you are beyond what you could imagine you’ll expect. So at the more you know about Clay Staires you can look up on the website he is a entrepreneur and investor as well as a well-known speaker and author. He has a book that he named Paul grow that is about personal growth so if you were looking to read something I would definitely recommend that you go and read the book.

OK so if you want to know more information about Clay kind of like his background he actually started out as a teacher and coach in the public and private school setting for high school students and he knew eventually if that would not give him as far as he wanted to go financially and time freedom wise so he left that behind and he began to work on his own business.

At one thing about Clay is he open six successful businesses in under five years. I want those businesses was known as the leadership initiative a business consulting for a firm. Where he develops and trains leaders to be the best they can be as well as to help their team so that they can drive better and better and be more sales and more revenue. The professional development training Tulsa is the real deal.

If this is something that you have been looking for but you never really knew where to begin calls today 918-798-0852 and she started doing that and Clay is probably one of the best business coaches out there. If you do not believe in God or a Google type in Clay Staires and his name will be the first thing to pop up so you can read all the positive reviews about Clay and how he has made a difference in the lives of business owners not only in Oklahoma but across the country of the United States.

The Clay Staires coaching experience will on average save you 80% of your marketing cost thousands of dollars and thousands of hours working in your business so that you can begin to work on your business. Sounds like the ideal situation if you are looking for or maybe you haven’t even thought about it and give us a call we can set you up with a free 30 minute phone appointment with Clay Staires or if you leave live in the Oklahoma area we can schedule you a date and time for you to come into our office and meet Clay face-to-face and in person. Clay does definitely want to work for people who are diligent doers who won who will be ready and willing to do the work to make sure that their company grows. We do not work with happy helpers happy helpers don’t get anything done. It’s all about implementation and getting results and doing the call to action for a company so if there is something that you want to do it that is the person that you want to be and who you want to make a successful call 918-798-0852 or go to get more information about how to get started program professional development training Tulsa.

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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Be your own boss and take initiative to do the professional development training Tulsa training by Clay Staires and his team here at the leadership initiative. Call 918-798-0852 or check us out on our website for a company it is online you just simply type it into your Google search bar or whatever search engine you use address is as follows it is

We can help you stop working in your business all the time and help you begin to work on your business. If this sounds like something that you have been looking for for a long time call us and we can switch off with a free phone appointment with Clay Staires if you live in the area where you are you come face-to-face with Clay and meet with him in person to do the 13 point your business as well as do an assessment of your website to make sure that it’s fully optimized to meet your needs and your business. It does not matter what industry you’re in it does not matter what product or service you’re trying to sell Clay can help you with the prison system that we use ourselves here the leader ship finished it. Clay Staires believes in implementation and taking action so if you are ready and willing to do the work we can get you started today if you were wanting more information just to let you know it is a month-to-month thing there is no contract so there is no obligation.

Clay Staires has a few different packages that provide value depending on what your unique needs are also you can just determine if this is going to be a good fit for your in your company as well as vice versa for us we wanna make sure that he would be a good fit as well. We want to help you be the enemy of average won’t you go above and beyond to beat your competition and blow them out of the water.

If you want to know more about Clay Staires isn’t how he got a start as a successful entrepreneur investor you can go onto our website it has a background about page about Clay Staires how we got to start and where he came from. He did not always start out as a successful business owner he actually started out as a teacher and football coach for a number of years. And during that time he won numerous awards for his efforts in teaching him young students. But he knew that he would hit a wall and not be able to have the time for tomorrow financial freedom that he needed or wanted for him and his family. So he branched out on his own and he created six companies six successful companies on my dad in five years. One of those businesses was a business consulting company, leader ship and it said and we are now helping companies and business owners all over the United States not just Oklahoma or in Tulsa.

So if you want more information about us call 918-798-0852 or go to our website and can tell you more information about professional development training Tulsa training by Clay Staires. It is a life-changing experience and it will not break the bank. On average we’ve helped businesses grow that 30% year-over-year while helping them get control of their company at the same time. If that is your main focus in your company growth and we are the business coach for you. So simply stop reading this article and dial the number on your cell phone or your rotary phone whatever kind of phone you have just dial the number today and we will get back with you within a day to set up a time for you to come into the office if you live in the area or find a time and day for you to call us or we call you.

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