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Get the six steps to professional development training Tulsa training program brought to you by the leadership initiative and Coach consultant speaker trainer venture capitalist entrepreneur and author clay stairs founder of leadership initiative. Call 918-798-0852 and go online to

Play stairs companies have been featured on Fox Affiliates ABC affiliate CBS Affiliates Pando daily forms Bloomberg and Business Insider. It is all about how you say. How you think is the most important thing about you says clay. He is well known as America’s Moon their school teacher and is ranked number 1 motivational speaker in Oklahoma by He is the speaker and leader who has the authority and expertise and helping Business Leaders process and make decisions with frustration and difficulties that that accompany them as a business owner.

He has worked with thousands of people over the last few decades and he has been able to help them build an effective leadership regiment and processes in systems that enable them to become better leaders and more effective and compassionate and unique people. He has Todd on University campuses High School’s small businesses non-profit board rooms and more. Call 918-798-0852 to find out more about hot the high school teacher and head coach. He is also receive donor for Teacher of the Year in Missouri State coach of the year he is also been an executive in the nonprofit sector for almost 10 years where he led and a company through a big big transition in there 40 year history. He also has started successful businesses in 5 years.

Today clay spends the majority of his time as the chief executive officer of the leadership initiative and he helps create confident business owners that are able to produce winning results for their company so that they can have more time and more money to enjoy the life that they want. He has also spoken all over the United States and has shared the stage with top CEOs authors and more. He was locally named the Skiatook Chamber of Commerce citizen of the here for his impact on his community and all those around him that he meets. He is a energetic individual Who can capture your attention and keep it. So no matter what he’s talking about he can hold you in the palm of his hands. He was ranked number one motivational speaker in Oklahoma by if you’re not sure what that is it is a national booking agency.

He has shared the stage with Gary Vaynerchuk and more. He is a best-selling author he provides a great experience filled with fun and entertainment but also at leaves you with the personal impact and walk away with teachable and easy to implement systems. So we can talk more to you about what are six steps of business growth is you just if they have to pick up the phone and call 918-798-0852 to find out more information about professional development training Custer training at

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Proven Pathway

This content was written for the leadership initiative.

To continue on a proven path to growth for not only if your personal life but your business life professional development training Tulsa training is the best place to start and the leadership initiative is the sponsor of this program in the event and Cloisters the owner and founder of leadership initiative. Call now to learn how to be better at eleven liter and work shopping year of employees at 918-798-0852 and

Clay and his development training program in his personal growth program can help you have a proven pathway to become a better human being. He wants to help you prepare the soil so the good seeds understand the personal purpose of pruning and the Art of harvesting. Do the workshop you will have to get and receive and take away evaluation tools Educational Tools experimental tools pruning tools harvesting tools and much more. Upon the completion of a program like the professional development training Tulsa program you will be equipped to make decisions and accomplish your goals to maintain or obtain the freedom happiness and success that you desire is a business owner.

You can actually go and plant a garden that will be fruitful and buy fruit filling mean your employees will be able to get thriving in your company and you will be able to micromanage from a distance rather than having to look over the shoulder of your employees wearing that things are not getting done. Approaches this program in this pathway with humor provoking ideas and non-threatening participation. You will be empowered and you will have it because he has a unique delivery and a way of making things easy to understand so that you can then take it away from the workshop and easily implemented in your company with no problem. Of course sometimes a lot of business owners have some push back on with their team and their managers but you being the boss you can do whatever the heck he want.

Clay understands the switch situations that business owners find themselves in. Because he has been there before. He is always energetic he has an attention to detail and it’s always helpful to have someone in your team or in your corner was able to show you a fresh perspective of your company and where things could change without having to turn your whole world upside down. You won’t understand what you talked with clay and do a free business assessment with him you will understand how much of an impact they can have on your life by just doing some simple accountability and reproducible policies and systems and your company.

You will find yourself more engage in your company and more of an inspiration and more of an effective leader from your team because of working with a business coach like clay stairs. But let him prove it by calling 918-798-0852 to set up a free consultation with him. We are open Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday except Saturday and Sunday we’re closed on the weekends are hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 5 PM. You can also visit the website for downloadable resources a free book a Media Kit and more at Professional development training Tulsa training.

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