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This content was written for the leadership initiative.

Create a more growth minded environment in your business by the help of clay stairs and Leadership initiative in the professional development training Tulsa training program. Cloisters is the owner and founder of the leadership initiative who was first a teacher then he ran his family ministry then he became an entrepreneur so to find out more information about him and how he has grown to the next level that he is today call 918-798-0852 and also go to his website for information and other materials at

You’re probably wondering how clay came to be the accessible entrepreneur venture capitalist investor author and speaker that he is today. It first came through the challenging aspects of a having a mindset transformation. First for the first 25 years of his life he was working in the you know government industry and also in Ministry. He had no idea how to think when it came to entrepreneurship are thinking like a business owner. So he was at a pace of thinking and problem-solving then that he never experienced before. And it was a lot to keep up with. He had to recognize the struggle of transformation in the mind was going on with clients that he actually worked with in the beginning as well. The pace of Financial Freedom and time is very important things establish.

So he had to create a whole new way of life in a new way of thinking for him to be successful. You can be a success successful and go at your own pace but your own pace will never get you to that financial and time Freedom. It is not just putting in it is not just about putting in town of a ton of hours every week it is about getting your head up above your business so you’re able to resist the constant pull down into the weeds everyday. What does that mean? That means getting pulled down in the business having to be on your hands and knees doing all the work but actually elevating yourself as a business owner to be able to work on the business. Many business owners including clay in the beginning we’re not able to set the pace and maintain a level of discipline.

That is most important and that is one of the thing that Clay likes to drive with his clients at the disciplining diligence in order to rise above the mundane of the weeds and actually rise above it so you can begin to set a pace for yourself to where you’re working on the business and seeing growth in the business. Close main assignment as he would say it is his passion to help set people free. He was a teacher and high school and private schools and he was also A discipleship person and Ministry. He is now taking that over into the business side where he’s helped people who feel trapped in their own company.

There’s a lot of business and a lot of bad toxic employees and even some crazy clients and always the constant up and downs. But being a business owner has taught clay that you can make a lot of money with a company but at the same time you can have time to create opportunities to travel more to enjoy other passions and pursue other things in your life so you feel more balanced. Call 918-798-0852 to create a lifestyle that can give you more freedom and more finances than you thought possible professional development training Tulsa training

Professional Development Training Tulsa | This is a Move

This content was written for the leadership initiative.

Going with professional development training Tulsa training a new leadership initiative this is a move. This is a move in order to get you to a place where you have upward trajectory rather than downward And in order to get there you need to set up a business assessment over the phone with Clay stairs that is absolutely free and call the number today to get that started or get that scheduled at 918-798-0852 and also go to

What you gain from the professional development training Tulsa training in the business coaching program from the leadership initiative is the ability to implement systems into your company that give you the skills and the talent in the problem-solving in order to get you out of working in the business and working on the business. A lot of things that businesses run into right now is the the time they never have time to get anything done they they’re always just organize their always see no having their phone glued to their hand or they’re always having to be in their car going back and forth from job site to the office and they never really have time to stop and think about the growth of the company because they’re just trying to keep the business afloat.

How clay can help you and help you build a business is around the idea of gaining a weekly schedule phone scripts employee training to do list file creation accounting for freedom in so many many more. We the leadership initiative has over 300 written systems in their company right now to ensure that the company and the employees not only know what to do but how to do it the way play once it. You can have the exact same thing. And you get this all of this for one monthly fee a month. You get one-on-one coaching plus all of the 300 systems. So the idea for clay is that he really wants to help business owners Elevate the quality of the services that they offer.

By helping them create marketing legs so that they can Market themselves to a wide variety of people so that they can cast a wider net and find their ideal unlikely buyers. Taupe clay what describes himself as Yoda and his clients are like Luke Skywalker. You can he can help you connect to power and potential to change not only the business to change the world. If you have a dream and you do not have a team you either have to give up your dreamer build your team. So which one are you willing to do? We can help they can help you choose and build your team and maintain your team and they can also help you train your team. So that you as a leader can become more effective in showing people your expectations of what you want in your company.

He also wants to help you address your core values. What are the core values to your employees fit these core values? And the leadership initiative also can teach you what I mean they also run on this principle is that you do not hire for skills you hire for attitude you can teach skills. We want to help you also be more organized. We want to help you be more certain that we want to help you grow personally not just the business. Because if you feel better and your character and your mindset is better your business will be are. Call 918-798-0852 and And this is a move professional development training Tulsa training.

Clay Staires