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This content was written for the leadership initiative.

Play stairs the owner of the leadership initiative is probably the most profound speakers offers entrepreneurs in adventure capitalist out there because of his professional development training Tulsa training course as well as his business coaching training staff training Management training and Leadership training. He helps you with your Commerce in your business to make sure that you’re actually thriving so in order to get started or at least get a quote determine whether or not the leadership initiative in our coaching program or our get all the training program is the best move for you call 918-798-0852 and

Plays the best speaker. He will be the best figured you fit here in a long time. So take them book him for your next speaking of it with your company better motivate your team your stuff in your managers become more energetic individuals as well as more productive people in your business. You will hear wonderful things and it will be the best experience he ever have. Clay he’s wonderful storytelling personal examples as well as humor to capture his audience and to be relevant while still using practical tools of self-discovery and business management. Clay is it really does make it a home run.

He deals with helps people deal with issues and Leadership issues and a subject matter that may be a very hard to overcome. He can give you ideas proven system that you can Implement immediately. It will be a great presentation for you as well as a great experience for a diverse audience. He is Brittany McCann engageny cares that you understand what he is saying and how it comes across. He can expand your skill set and your mindset and take a leap to help you go above and beyond. Clay is one of the best prisoners out there and he’s informative and helpful. The best thing about it is that you can figure out your leadership expression and how to develop your strengths and grow.

So consider hiring clay for your next speaking event you will not be disappointed. When you pee after speaking with Clay stairs weather through business coaching or his a speaking event that he was one of the leaders lead speakers that you’ll actually walk away and take the steps to change your situation. He’s great speaker that will actually help you feel energized to apply what he told you in the work and apply it into the workspace it into your professional life. So please presentation is very motivating and his presentation helps you provide provide you with useful tools for you to take you back to your job.

Call 918-798-0852 today at Professional development training Tulsa training can coach you more about how Commerce can really successful to Commerce can really change the way you see things. So book now and go online. Nothing will grow until you do that is something that clay always says. So you got to be able to be open-minded so that you can have a change of mindset from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. So what are you waiting for a? Call today to book of him for your next speaking event or hire him that has your business coach.

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Always and Forever

This content was written for the leadership initiative.

Always and forever professional development training Tulsa training is by far the most beneficial proven path and business coaching program out there today. If you do not believe me check out the leadership initiative the owner and founder of the professional development training Tulsa training program you can reach out and find out more set up a business assessment for free over the phone with Clay stairs he is the owner of the company at 918-798-0852 and also go online for testimonials free downloadable Zinda free book at

The Proven path here at the leadership Initiative for business coaching clients includes a well-thought-out business assessment path in bed at Mabel’s a business owner to have more time freedom and Financial Freedom. Take a look at it on the website for the one she below to walk you through the steps at that clay takes every day. It also help you establish your your goals for your face Kaylee friendship finest fitness and fun. The path includes at the first path is your goals at answering the question why what is your wife or the business also addressing the number of customers you need to achieve a goal and also addressing the number of customers to break even.

Many business owners that we speak in walking down the path with do not know those two numbers. And I can be quite distressing because with numbers and tracking and accounting that really stresses people out but when you go along the path with Clay staire’s it actually becomes very easy and easily manageable. The next step is addressing the number of hours you are willing to work on the business and when will you do that? The next step is helping you determine the unique value proposition. It must all the info to increase and net promoter score. The next is to improve your branding. Because everybody remembers the Tiffany box for the reason that it’s pretty and it’s always distinguishable from anything else.

So we want to create you that Tiffany moment and allow you to have a more memorable and iconic brand that people will choose over the competition. The next step is creative three-legged marketing stool that could be like a dream 100 list of potential ideal unlikely buyers that you want to work with or sell to the next one could be add words that people are Target that are targeted online and Ice could be retargeting are also the no brainer the one thing that makes you stand out weather be for example of money back guarantee, you know upgrade if your Builder or whatever whatever you think that would stick out amongst your competition we can help you manage it and produce it.

The next step is your sales conversions then where is the task to determine customer acquisition cost. That means what is the cost of marketing and then you add it with a customer sales and then you get your total cost. How much does it cost for you to get a client. The next is create repeatable systems and processes. And then management execution and then finally create a sustainable and weekly schedule that will keep you on track and on path to succeed your vision and goals. Call 918-798-0852 and professional development training Tulsa training at

Clay Staires