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Professional development training Tulsa training from the leadership initiative, try it. What do you have to lose you can help guide your business to having more bleeds and more cash flow than you could ever deal with her hope for call 918-798-0852 to help facilitate growth and change for yourself and for your business and I’ll choke go online for testimonials see a list of Clay’s recognitions and more at his website

He can to help you facilitate growth and more lead production as well as revenue for yourself and for your company and well as well as help you change yourself personally and professionally. He wants to help you become a more inspiring effective and efficient leader in your company even though you he wants to get you he wants to get you to a point where you’re not having to work in a business that actually get to get you to a place where you can work on the business. He has had public include public access to Athletics athletes business leadership classroom teaching Sports and personal development.

He has gone through the pain and struggle of losing it all and gaining it again getting his dream job and then getting fired a failed marriage and really having to go through the process in the the hard times in his life but through those times he actually found his true calling in his passion and now he had that has enabled him to become America’s millionaire school teacher, venture capitalist, author and speaker. He was voted number one motivational speaker in Oklahoma died by He has 15 years of teaching and coaching experiences for high school kids teenagers and young people. And you think what kind of experience is that well I can tell you if you’ve been around teenagers for a long time you really do learn something and you can learn to manage anybody. So give him a call today and find out more about how he established himself as an entrepreneurial venture capitalist author and speaker.

He has been part of a nonprofit organization and has enabled it to go to an award-winning status and get it through its 40-year trance hits biggest transition in a 40 year history. And he allowed to that allowed himself to be able to embrace the opportunity to grow and leave the comfort of a salaried life in public school system to personally launch 6 successful come is an under 5 years. He is located in Tulsa Oklahoma and this is the center of the universe for entrepreneurship really thrives. Now he works alone mind mainly with small business owners to get them to where they can actually run like a well-oiled machine rather than having to professional development training Tulsa training. Try it what do you have to lose? If this is something I think anybody can learn from especially the leadership initiative that enables you to become the best leader or the best manager worker.

We want to elevate your business and we want to elevate the team that worked under you to be able to thrive and grow and the place that they are at. Which will enable you as a business owner to be able to work on the business rather than work in the business. No one likes a business where the workers are running wild and the business is doing all the work. So we went to get you to a place where you can have vision and go for your company and actually achieve those goals in a timely manner rather than wishing and hoping things would change. 918-798-0852 and also Professional development training Tulsa training try it.

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This content was written for The Leadership initiative.

You will be able to capture a rate of 10% or more of in your industry than you thought possible by the opportunity of working with the professional development training Tulsa training brought to you by the leadership initiative to help you bring in the lead increase that you need in an order to make your company run well. Call 918-798-0852 and visit the website for more information about how to get more lead increase as well as cash flow into your company to then be able to spend more time working and looking for a player employees who are highly qualified for the job but also have great character and want to have an upward trajectory of personal growth.

We want to do it through repeated addition to processes management execution and helping you create a sustainable and weekly schedule. Three-legged marketing stool dream one hundred AdWords retargeting no-brainer wow factor in proof branding determine the unique prop value proposition. Lead increase as well as time management system. Clay can help you keep your life in Balance if you put in over 60 hours per week building your business or businesses you will not there sometimes people who are feeling themselves to be stressed out or burned out? Is that your secret? We have a system. You can use it everyday and you can call it your daily steering wheel that will keep you on your days and keep your productivity at the max.

So when life happens or even if you get knocked out at schedule you could always go back to your daily steering wheel but makes it simple and easy to get back on track and handle a problem without getting bothered or buried in the issues. You can stick to your skin schedule will help you get things done. You will be more organized and you will know where you are and to get organized together with your team so that everybody knows exactly what they’re supposed to be doing and how they’re supposed to be doing it. You will be playing this job site will be clean your office will be playing you’ll be more forecast it will allow you to do things in the office and work on the just rather than be out in the field or have the phone glued to your hand 24 hours a day.

It would make your home like a lot better and well with your family and your friends and you’ll be able to delegate responsibilities to your workers so that you can actually begin working from home or micromanaging from a distance while you’re at the beach or something. When you work with clay for a lot even about two months you will see a Transformer Nation on the way the company operates in the way you were thinking as a whole. We will keep you on track plays energetic he hold you accountable he mentored who encourages you and provides wisdom.

You will be very excited about the future that it will bring for you and for your company as well as your family. The team at the leadership and initiative really know what they’re doing and you will not take it for granted. Call 918-798-0852 and I’ll check them out online for more information about how to add lead increase and cash flow increase in more than you thought possible or imagine. Call us today at 918-798-0852 for more information in regards to business cookie program as well so professional development training Tulsa training also go online for more information about our testimonials that we have on there and also learn more about the clay stairs coaching experience at

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