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You will know what success is in your sales team will benefit highly when you you take advantage of using the professional development training Tulsa training program from the leadership initiative that small business in Tulsa Oklahoma centered around helping small business owners have time for them in Financial Freedom. If you want to take advantage of this today or is just scheduled a free business assessment over the phone with the founder Clay staires call 918-798-0852 and also you can fill out a contact form on their website at

Play stairs has years of experience speaking motivating and coaching others. He has spoken across the United States for National Business conferences national sales teams, global companies, Statewide employee workshops, High School similes, leadership conference’s graduation and Baccalaureate, church services Chambers of Commerce, fundraisers, summer camps, national conferences Regional student council workshops and many more. The services he offers are missing as motivational speaker motivational speaker coach consultant trainer and more. This is something that you should not take lightly but if you are in a spot where you feel that you could really benefit from having a business coach call 918-798-0852 today.

He always brings high-energy no matter if he’s in a crowd of hundreds or thousands or whether or not and just a room of two. He really knows how to bring the Boom it comes to motivating and helping other business owners across the country have more time freedom and Financial Freedom. He wants to help you build a life that you can truly be proud of and live a life and lifestyle that you were designed and truly desire to live. So what are you waiting for? Give him a call today so we can find out more about you and whether or not that his business coaching program or the professional development training Tulsa training program will be beneficial beneficial to you and to your sales team.

You receive money services with the business coaching program that will not only benefit you but benefit your sales team so that they can strive more in their jobs and their duties in the business so that they can be become like a well-oiled machine so that use the business owner do not have to be looking over their shoulder you know 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you want to be able to micromanage your team and your Managers from a distance you can do so we just need to be able to help you input systems and tools into your company that will make that possible. But you have to be able to implement and be diligent and intentional with the systems and your time to make it happen.

It is now time and for you and your sales team to have Dynamic and intentional systems in place in your company so that your business can run well without you having to be in the office all the time. This is something that does not happen overnight or it does not take a magic pill for this to happen. It does take work it might take a month or so but within even a couple of weeks you will notice a difference when you begin implementing and being diligent and intentional with your time as a business owner so call 918-798-0852 and also check out the website About the professional development training Tulsa training. For more life-changing business coaching and more calls today.

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Relieving Others of Work

This content was written for the leadership initiative.

Professional development training Tulsa training and can provide you the reliever you need as a business owner to take your mind and take away Stress and Anxiety that comes with being a business owner and actually having to do with employees and just trying to bring in money to pay yourself and your employees. Call us today to set up a free consultation with Clay stairs the owner and founder of the leadership initiative at 918-798-0852 and also go to online check out information about us more and do your research at

There are should be more benefits than negativities. If you are just trying to really get buy or make sure that you’re actually getting the benefit of running a company and having a company that can help you have a better life and live a life that you were designed to lives and call 918-798-0852. It if you have the drive the diligent the discipline and the consistency in order to make it happen and you want the two things that most business owners have SSX like success and money then call us today we’d like to help you get on the porch that path to getting you to the where you want to go.

Professional development training Tulsa training can help you to have better reliever in your company so that you can spend less time in the office and chained to your desk or having the phone glued to your ear and actually go out you know take a vacation and more. It really does determine whether or not you want to have a business that is successful and always on the uptick of a be more leads and more casual coming into your company. It is all up to you the ball is in your corner. You can hire play stairs as your business coach and take on the development training for program that we also offer here. Building your ship and ship was designed to help small business owners across the country.

Play stairs is known as a reliever for small business owners who are stuck in their ways of Stress and Anxiety. He help small business owners, mom and pop shops to get out of the current. Or Arena that they’re in debt you know a doom loop I should say. People are struggling just to get by or keep their doors open in this current season of economic uncertainty. We do not want you to be one of those people we want to help you get by and I’d only just get by we want to help you succeed. We want to help you beat your competition. The way we do that is through a proven system that is designed to help you get control of your time your employees in your revenues.

Call 918-798-0852 and also check outside online for information about us more and how we can be the reliever of your pain and check us out online at Professional development training Tulsa training. Cloisters and Leadership initiative are here for you to help you navigate the choppy Waters of owning a business. And we can help you get to your goals a Time freedom and Financial Freedom.

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