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This content was written for the leadership initiative.

With the help of play stairs in his professional development training Tulsa training he will help you create better habits to train your stuff in your manager so so they can be better off. You will never work with anybody better call 918-798-0852 to go to the website for the leadership initiative and the owners chief executive officer and Chief Operating Officer clay stairs at

Playing as team do a great job he has a whole team behind them that was ready and willing to help you with your sister Janiah optimization and accounting search engine optimization a writing and uploading accounting photography videography graphic design website design Website Maintenance and many more that are actually able to get in one place rather than having to find each individual artists or artists and indiba out there. If you want to save money to the best place to go with the stairs coaching experience you save my and you save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

So stop chasing individual people to get one thing and one product. By doing the leadership initiative you actually get all this for 1. You get one-on-one coaching each week at the same time every time and you actually get a whole team to work on the back end of your company. So what are you waiting for get us to call 918-798-0852 to get us more information we haven’t talked to you in about the about your team and how we can make it better and I’ll be more how can I run more seamless. Clean a 2-1 amazing what they do to your expense will literally be life-changing. The leadership initiative is a tremendous impact of Tourism business owner they use pruvit system couldn’t help grow numerous such as well companies with paper and help you and the owner stay accountable. And your team as well.

We went home to create good habits that will actually release you from having to micromanage and look over your constant shoulder of your company all the time. Rather than have me stay thin chain to your desk you can actually go out and have some time for you to enjoy your life we’re going to let that you were truly designed to live. Thank you very much for your time I know you’ll have a great phone call with mr. stairs to determine whether or not it’s going to be a good fit for you exactly whether or not you be a good fit for us. This will take a breather and not have to spend every waking hour with every waking minute in your company but rather be able to go out and micromanagement dismiss. That’s all Summit League whatever business owner wants. Did you know that business owners pictures of the fishes can serve them and not the other way around? Did you know that the business is there to make you money?

If you’re in a spot where you’re not really sure where all the money’s going or where it’s coming from the need to give us a call and we can actually help you set up more tracking is scheduling an organization so that you can be more organized so that you can actually know what money is coming in and what money is going out and how your and how your employees are providing and thriving within your company. We want to give you more information about this until you need to set up a business assessment phone call with Clay stairs call 918-798-0852 about the professional development training Tulsa training program at

Good vs bad that is what you can learn here at the leadership initiative and create those better habits so that we can be can a veteran leader in a better inspiration for your company with a professional development training Tulsa Transit that I’m Thai baht to tell you about in more detail usually find more information on our website at and 918-798-0852. Find out more information on the website you can also get some free resources free downloadable as well as get feeling that some information of your first name and last name in the best contact number for you so we can send you a free book written by Clay stirrers call Groth personal guide development so that is all there as well.

Leadership initiative has tremendous impact on small business owners like yourself. Were they held you accountable when hit make sure that you’re on the right path to success of the business owners that you’re able to have more money and more time on your hands so that you can have a better chance of running a business. Are you in a bit or are you in a position where you as a business owner running out of the passion that you have when you first started your company? During the place where you’re not really sure if you’re making money or if you are bringing money in? Are you in a place where you are so disorganized you don’t know if you have leave coming in or what jobs are doing and how long you’re going to get them done question

So the best place to start is helping you shift your thinking from a worker mindset into a business center mindset. I hope you spend more time working on the business rather than working in it all the time. A lot of business doesn’t we have worked with in the past or actually the ones with a hammer and nails in her hand or doing work on their hand and he’s rather than being able to have the time for them to live a life that they do not have to have their phone glued to their hands or a hammer and nails in their hand over time we’re living in a truck.

We’re going with the leadership initiative within the first month you will see a difference. If not we will give you all of your money back after the first 30 days. You are all about productivity and we are results-driven an action-oriented. We want to work with people just like that so if you are in a place where you are ready and willing to do anything and everything to get your business and you were ready to work like hell in order to get things done call 918-798-0852 I mean you might just mean have to put you working more hours and your company making trade-offs in the sacrifice is necessary in order to get your business up and running to be sustainable and running like a well-oiled machine.

Rather than having to do trial and error of whether or not things will work or not work and actually weighing the good versus the bad you need to give us a call so that we can return help you determine the right sisters and profits for your company and not just feel good questions about Gino’s encouraging you for a get-rich-quick scheme. We’re calling with Clay stairs and the leadership initiative we want to discover if there’s anything that mister Sayers can do with a business coach to hope you had more time and more freedom to enjoy your life call 918-798-0852 about professional development training Tulsa training at

Clay Staires