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There is a lot in store for you with professional development training Tulsa program hi Clay Staires. If you want to get involved with this program with the training that is involved for you and your staff call 918-798-0852 you can also fill out a form online with your information like your name, phone number, email as well as the reason that you are reaching out. The web address for our company the leadership initiative is There is a lot that we go over it’s not just information that you forget about within a day this is practical and useful information for you than to use and implement into your company.

So why are you still sitting on your hands? If you want to make a change in your business if you are looking to create a new path of the business maybe you been running into a wall for the last few years maybe you’ve been business more than a decade or maybe you are just starting out but you still feel kind of like you’re coasting or drifting in anyway, it’s 918-798-0852 and we can set you up with a 30 minute phone appointment with Clay to talk about a path to growth for your company. Claire will do a 13 point assessment of your business to see where the changes need to happen and where there could be improvements.

There is a lot of information out there in the world that tells you what to do what not to do in business. Dave and tell you gibberish in college but it’s never information that can be utilized systemized for a business. Did you know that according to Forbes magazine ninety percent of businesses fail. That is a big number especially for how big our population is here in the United States. So if you want looking to systemize grow your company so that we can gather more leaves which will then intern increase your cash flow call us at 918-798-0852.

Clay has become known as America’s millionaire schoolteacher. He was a high school teacher and sports coach football and track for about 15 years until he realized that I have to get to the freedom and time freedom wise he needed to go down a different path. And that path then helped him create six successful businesses in five years. That is a lot in six years. Of course he has help as well he has a coach and he believes that every successful visiting needs to have a coach. They keep you accountable to encourage you they motivate you and they take you along the path to economic growth.

Professional development training Tulsa training is by far the most celebrated training out there for business summers both small businesses and large corporations. So if this is something that you have maybe thought about once or twice or maybe you have given up having a successful business and maybe just wanting to close the doors call 918-798-0852 or go to our website and will set you up with a free 30 minute phone appointment with Clay of course if you are in the Tulsa or surrounding areas you can even come to our office and meet Clay face-to-face and he will do a an assessment if your company to see where you need the most help.

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This contact was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Choose professional development training Tulsa training before you disappear forever. Call 918-798-0852 or go to The reason why so many businesses disappear because they don’t have the right systems are path to help then on the road to success. Is our a feeling it’s 90% of business owners don’t last after 18 minutes. If that something that you feel that you have surpassed maybe you have been in business for 20 years that is great however we have a new way of doing things most business and don’t realize how much stress and anxiety to put on myself but with the leader ship initiative and clays business coaching and development training you can sit yourself free to without having to take time to put out burning fires.

Clay is probably one of the best motivators and encourage her. She worked with students for a number of years with training and coaching to become better humans and better results and become successful in whatever they choose to do. Now he has transitioned that into making an actual business. He had created six successful businesses in five years. One of those successful businesses what is the leadership initially. This business is primarily to help with the life that they were truly 918-798-0852. This is one that you take very seriously just make sure that you were diligent do was not happy if this is something that you are ready to do you are just waiting for the right person to come along to help you call us and will get started and we can get you on the path to freedom and the life that you have.

Clay Staires is known as America’s more schoolteacher. Because he was a teacher for about 15 years and then he realize that that would only get him so far and create the life that he truly desires do more work. So call 918-798-0852 and appointment with Clay back on and just to be straight facts I’m on average we have a 30% year-over-year while helping them get control. Able to find anyone Who helps get you to your goals then call us with such a put that appointment in Clay or at the time so that you’ll be able to verify all.

Do you not take my word for it though go to and watch our client video testimonials. You can go to our website and click the tablets as testimonials and then it will appear to you testimonials your clients who have had we’re just like you they were struggling but kept working in the business rather than being able to work on the business and have a true time freedom and financial freedom. So if you were like them and you can totally identify what they were dealing with at the time calls today with a free appointment it will take about 30 minutes of your time so you can easily schedule that into your ass your day. If you do not have a calendar to do list write it down cost to forehead write it on your four head do whatever you need to do in order to remember that phone call with Clay Staires because it will change your life.

Professional development training Tulsa training is by far the most beneficial program out there. Call 918-798-0852 or go to our online our company website We want to help you get the victory you want to help me get the freedom. If that is something that you’re striving for that is something that you’re willing to work for in call 918-798-0852 the schedule but the free 30 minute phone appointment with Clay I just for you to get an idea of what the path is and what it will require from you. Yes it will be so apart. Because this is your business and you are the one that’s responsible for making it happen making it if you want success in your future call us and will set you up at the appointment with Clay.

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