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This content was written for the leadership initiative.

Professional development training Tulsa training is brain food for you and for your business. We will help you navigate the choppy Waters of running a business. We understand that running a business is often like riding a bucking bronco. 918-798-0852 and I’m sure you are not just sitting around reading an article or waiting for the phone to ring. We are reaching out to business owners both small and large to provide value to your business and to you we’re also looking to discover if there’s anything that mister clay stairs owner and founder of the leadership initiative can do as a business coach to help you gain more time and more and more control of your time your employees and your revenues.

If any of those sound familiar or maybe those are some struggles that you’re having to deal with calls today. We would love to hear from you. We help business owners that are feeling frustrated or maybe overwhelmed with their company. That is why the leadership initiative is in business that is why we are the Consulting program for business owners like yourself. Majority of the people that we work with or at least talk to they are usually looking to have more leads more cash flow more time better employees or just more structure and their company but they are not sure how to get there.

Do any of those sound familiar? If so give us a call 918-798-0852. This really is a bring food for any business owner who is looking to grow or change. I know change is a big thing and do not a lot of people like that word but in order to grow a change is going to be involved. And I have to put in more than 40 hours a week usually it might lead to you putting in $80 hundred hours a week every week this will improve the odds of success. We are surrounded by people like that Millionaires and billionaires we take from them these for people that were doing it before us and have been way more successful and after learning from them we wanted it then impart knowledge to others.

So give us a call on average we have helped our clients save a hundred eighty percent on their marketing costs As well as helping companies grow as of two thousand nineteen grown average of one hundred and four percent while helping them get control of their companies at the same time. We have a proven path or a business assessment path that allows business owners to walk down with their coach every week once a week on the. And I’m also you get it back in team as well that will help you with Website Maintenance website building accounting SEO management search engine optimization content writing uploading as well as reviews sales call lead for conversions accounting human resources in recruiting and so much more.

And this might seem like a lot but there’s so much more that we offer such as photography videography Drone footage public relations graphic design and so much more. You can get all of this as well as one-on-one coaching for the same amount it would cost you to hire a full-time employee and pay them eight dollars and fifty cents an hour. Professional development training Tulsa training is the brain food that your company needs call 918-798-0852 and also look up Us online at

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This content was written for the leadership initiative.

Professional development training Tulsa training is the perfect growth to get you where you want to go Miracle-Gro for your company all you have to do is simply call the number for a phone appointment with Clay stairs or if you’re in the Tulsa surrounding area you can come in person play face-to-face just simply pick up your phone and call the number for our office 918-798-0852 and also phone was online and social media or website for the company is Need the phone number I gave you is our office but it is also Clay’s direct line so when you call that number you’ll be getting clay directly and not some just Indian guy from a halfway across the world who can barely speak English.

So if you want to set up a phone appointment I highly suggest you give that number a call or if you are still unsure if this is something that you want to do go to our website and I highly suggest that you go to our website and see all the things that we have going on and also I’ll watch our client video testimonials as well as the Vdara reviews. You can find her reviews for simply typing in his name clay stares into your web browser and it will be the first name that popped up especially in your Google search bar and just if you’ll go to the look on the right hand side of your internet page you will see our business page on there and you can also put the button that says reviews we have over 350 positive reviews.

Of people both through his speaking engagements and through his coaching that it is a highly valued program Consulting program that is actually a lot of business owners like yourself o small and large have time for him and Financial Freedom is that something that you’re looking for a highly suggest that you polish today and also just do your research on us and then you can go to our website and fill out the contact form with your name your phone number your email in the best time to contact you and what your service you’re looking for and someone on the leadership initiative team will get a hold of you as soon as possible.

If you are looking to make an appointment and you are not sure of when what time works best for you you should know that are hours of operation are Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday closed on Saturday and Sunday we’re open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. so if those hours work for any of those hours from 9 to 5 work for you go ahead and give us a call and get that set up for you on your own calendar as well as Enclave calendar so that you guys can have it about thirty minutes out of your day to talk with clay and so that he can give you facts and figures of what’s been working with business owners that we’re working with currently and see if this isn’t value to you in any way shape or form.

Our company has been seen on the Thrive time show business podcast ABC affiliate CBS Affiliates Fox Affiliates businessinsider Forbes pandodaily and many more. Call 918-798-0852 and also go online to To gather more information for yourself regarding professional development training Tulsa training. Your life will get better when you do. It really is Miracle Grow for businesses. You simply have to take the leap of faith in order to get to your goals. We help business owners have time freedom in Financial Freedom so that they can live the life that they were truly designed to live. Make your move.

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