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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative. 

There it is plain and simple professional development training Tulsa program by Clay stairs and his team at the leadership initiative are by far the best in the business. 918-798-0852 or He is like one of the greatest of all time when it comes to development training staff training and business coaching. He offers executive business coaching website development marketing advertising human resource routing accounting and so much more. A lot of business owners are constantly having to work in their business all the time rather than work on their business and that is a problem.

 Did you know that 90% of the senses fail in the United States? That is a big number and that is what play is trying to prevent. He wants to make sure that the United States is a membership and for investing. He is a successful entrepreneur investor author and motivational speaker. And he must make sure that every business owner or startup is well equipped to handle the daily stresses and anxieties that come along with me being a business. One of the business owners that he works with don’t really have a measure or tracking system for their daily needs cash flow and employees. And that is one thing that he uses himself and that is what he passes on his business coaching, and that’s really what sets them free. 

From having to work in the business on the time. 918-798-0852 or We will help you learn specific steps to not only starting but actually growing a business. Clay and his partner have sounded and invested in 13 multimillion-dollar businesses that help business hours to generate more annual sales. Will make sure that if you feel stuck you have a place or person to go to to get you out of that rut. 

This is a proven system for entrepreneurs or would be on tour. Let our team help you generate leave the cash flow and we can also help you with your operation, sales, streamline your accounting Optimizer website that and even build you a new website and Hampshire graphic design transform your marketing and help you create that much-needed time and Financial Freedom that you have been longing for. We give you real systems and real marketing that will give you Real Results. What are you waiting for? Call us today for free consultations play stairs to do a 13-point assessment of your company. We can help you reduce at your marketing costs by about 80% and save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. No other development training program or business coaching program can offer you that.

 There’s so much that we do is so much that we want to do to help you get out of red that you’re currently in. But you have to be the one to call us and reach out set up a free consultation. We’re open Monday through Friday closed Saturday and Sunday Monday through Friday where are hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. so anytime between that time for your phone call just let us know. Morning or afternoon whatever works best for you reach out to us and let’s get you on the path to financial and time Freedom. Professional development training Tulsa. There it is very simple and straight to the point 918-798-0852 and our website 

Professional development training Tulsa | For Sure

This content was written For The Leadership Initiative.

Who are for sure going to learn and take away something with Clay stairs and Leadership initiatives program professional development training Tulsa train. 918-798-0852 and also on our website you check us out for more information about the program and business cocaine It is so simple there’s no space between us and you. Because we have been there where you are currently at right now if you’re constantly chasing your tail or digging yourself a deeper hole than call today for free compass consultation with play stairs and the team. The stairs was just like you he was working a job that didn’t seem to have an end or there was no room for growth anything like that. 

If you were wondering what that job is it was being a teacher and his pay was capped so he didn’t never really had any potential growing as income. So he decided that in order to fix that he would have to go on as I will become his own balls and create his own business. You know who created one business but he created 66 Cecil businesses in five years after leaving a teaching and coaching career behind. So this is a minute you want in your corner this is a minute you will need to talk to you and get to know. He has had the success just before we left that has helped him be able to sustain it. 

So if you’re looking for sustainability in your company whether if you want or if you have multiple irons in the fire and calls today for free in leadership initiative. It is by far the most invaluable and practical and useful information that you can get. Not even College teaches you this stuff when it comes to business. We can guarantee you most of the people that are teaching business classes in college have not had a business or never even run a business before in their lives. So trust in the most knowledgeable that there is. Clay stairs. 918-798-0852 or 

Play gives you practical and useful information that will help you achieve time freedom and Financial Freedom for yourself as a business owner. So that means you have more time for yourself more time working on the business rather than working in the business. And it allows you to spend more time outside the office to do things that you love to do likes for example spend time with your family or go on vacation without having to worry that your phone will be ringing off the hook or when you get back from vacation it will all be there waiting for you because your employees did not do anything that they were told to do while you were gone. If that is something that you have run into where you’ve gone on the office for a day or maybe even a week and you seem to just have left it the way it was and be the employees didn’t even pick up any of their work to do so that you could come into work and not have to stress out about picking up people slap that should have been done while you were gone. 918-798-0852. 

Professional development training Tulsa training is by far the most useful thing that a business owner could invest in for sure. and our phone number 918-798-0852 for a free consultation by phone or in person with clay. Not only investing your money but it’s also investing your time. And we understand that that the highest value of time. This is Kendall love. 

Clay Staires