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There’s more to it than just feel good quotes and reading a book that’s 8800 pages long with professional development training Tulsa training he will get hands-on coaching with a world renowned coach as well as Beck and team that will serve all your needs with marketing advertising accounting human resources recruiting and hiring and so much more. Of course the simple way to actually get to know more information about us is going to or simply calling 918798085 to schedule a free consultation with our owner and founder of the leader ship and the ship and other five successful businesses his name is known around the country as America’s millionaire school teacher Clay Staires.

He was voted number one motivational speaker in Oklahoma for his ability to reach large crowds and even small gatherings to get to a point and to help them understand so that they can take in the all the information that they gather from him didn’t take it back to their business or them back into their work environment with and implement and have a growth and a better culture within their work environment.

So why would you not want someone like this? Clay Staires really does know what he’s talking about otherwise he would not be in business and he would not be a millionaire that he is today. He is a successful entrepreneur investor author and speaker. He and his Business partners have invested in 13 multi million dollar companies including a bank. So obviously if he has a track record of success with multiple businesses what do you think you’ll be able to do with yours? He’s not gonna buy your butt your company he’s not gonna sell it either he’s just gonna make sure that you are able to elevate your business to where you want to go so you can actually meet your financial goals.

Time freedom financial freedom is the way to go. So if this is something that you’re needing to really get more information on that call 918-798-0852. Professional development training Tulsa training is the way to go. Especially for anyone who is struggling day today with the operations of the company.

So really this is needed. Of course this is something that you need to think about so we highly suggest that you go to our website to watch all of our smorgasbord or plethora of client video testimonials on our website of the other tab that says testimonials grow your business and also you can just type in Clay Staires into your web browser and his name will be the first one to pop up obviously and you can go look to the right and go to the business page and you’ll see that they have reviews we have over 300 positive reviews on our Google business page and you can actually click it and read it and there are plenty. So what are you waiting for? Call the number today for free consultation with Clay Staires to get to know more about him and what we are offering 918-798-0852.

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This content was written for the leadership initiative.

The proof is there professional development training Tulsa training is by far the best business consulting program out there. Call 918-798-0852 and also if you want to see it where the proof is then go to our website In the tab testimonials if you go down click the tab testimonials and then you’ll see another tab that says grow your business click that button and then I’ll take you to the client video testimonials on our website. We do work with real business owners. These are ones who have been in business for years or maybe even just starting out.

A lot of the times that can that’s how it feels. And we help them get back on their feet and actually get them towards their goals. Out of 327 million people 60 million people of those actually own a business and 96% of those people feel that is nine out of 10 business is failing within the first 18 months.

If course if you’re reading this and you’re thinking now I’ve been in business for more than a couple of decades and congratulations to you but that doesn’t mean that you’re doing it the right way and actually giving yourself more time for him and financial freedom. So get more information regarding the professional development training Tulsa training and Clay Staires the owner and operator of the leader ship initiative and five other businesses in the end. So the proof is in the putting the proof is there.

We want to prove it to you that’s why we offer potential clients a free consultation with Clay Staires by phone. If you are out of the Oklahoma area until like another state and we can do it by phone but of course if you are in the Tulsa or surrounding area you can come to our office in person and meet with Clay face-to-face and also meet the team behind the leader ship initiative and also get a vibe of what our culture is like and how we really do produce results. So if timeframe and financial freedom of the goals that you want to meet or you even when I see the scores in the best way to do that is business coaching with the leader ship initiative.

So stop wasting time. Stop twiddling your stuff sounds quit sitting on your hands and then just give us a call it really isn’t brain surgery. You do not have to be a person with a PhD or a masters in a business. Because let me tell you Clay Clay dropped out of school and he is still as successful as he is without a college degree. So he learned more in the business actually going out and building the business himself rather than sitting in a classroom listening to a professor who never owned a business in their life. Professional development training Tulsa training 918-798-0852 and also check us out online for more information and testimonials from clients at

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