Professional Development Training Tulsa | Low to High

This contact was written for the leadership initiative.

Can go from low to high just like that. If you’re wondering how you need to be doing that or where to start the first place to start as professional development training Tulsa training. 918-798-0852 and also go online to the website for more information regarding the leader ship initiative and Clay Staires the owner and founder of this incredible training program It is a dynamic and energetic program.

A lot of business owners like yourself I’ve been in this position before where they’re struggling just to get by and they’ve had so many lows but they’re wondering how they can get to the place where they have many many more highs. If I’m speaking directly to you if you’re in that position where you can’t seem to keep employees or the employees that you have just really suck at their job and they can’t seem to do what you ask them to do then call 918-798-0852. We understand we’ve been in the exact we have been in the exact place you’ve been.

Clay Staires is a business owner just like you starting out just trying to get by and even just working himself to the bone because he was the only one in the company at the time. He of course got through that he went got over the hump he had a lot of those himself it from low to high was worth it. He was eventually able to start five other successful businesses and the sixth one is the leader ship initiative. It is a company that is directly created for helping small business owners just like yourself. It’s not businesses need to thrive in the United States.

If not then our economy is song. Did you know that 96% of businesses in the United States actually feel after the first 18 months? We do not want you to be one of them that is why we are doing what we are doing. We want to stop at trend of failing businesses across the United States. If you want help if you know somebody who owns a business and has been struggling for a long time they’ve never really been able to make ends meet call us today for a free consultation by phone with Clay Staires. He will not be talking with someone in India who can barely speak English she will be talking directly to Clay Staires. I’ll tell you exactly why business coaching is the best way to go.

Of course he is someone who’s just like you he was a small business owner and he himself got himself a coach and Hannah’s coach still work together today. So business coaching has a lot to offer. Professional development training Tulsa training is the first step in order to get your business where you want to go. If you’re a business owner and all you want is just more money in the bank so that you can live a little bit more comfortably in above your means then call 918-798-0852 or follow us online at

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Level Up

This contact was written for the leadership initiative.

Now is the time to level up professional development training Tulsa training is the next step for business owners both in the small business arena to large corporations to get their butts in gear. 918-798-0852 or go online to Can you ship initiative is probably the most dynamic business coaching program out there because we actually get results. And we swear by it because if you are not satisfied with the results that we’re getting you after one month we will give you all of your money back. Of course we are a no contract service so you will not be bound by.

And get through the tough times of being a business owner. He completely understands what it’s like to actually be starting out or even struggling to stay afloat. He’s been in those spots and he wants to help you get through it as well. So give us a few minutes of your time. How we do that is we schedule a free consultation by phone for you to speak with Clay directly instead of putting you on the phone with someone who can barely speak English or anything like that. I can guarantee we are real people we are real flash and blood.

So go ahead and give us a chance go ahead and put your foot out there you know. Take a chance because if you want to succeed at business you actually have to put in the effort. So now is the time for you to level up it is time for you to get ahead of your competition and blow them out of the water. No matter what product or service you were selling we can help you. We don’t work with one specific industry. We work with every industry out there of small business whether you’ve been in business for one year or maybe you have been in business for several decades. A lot of business owners are doing it wrong and I have no problem saying that because it’s true.

96% of businesses fail in the United States. Do you wanna be one of them? Course you don’t. So make a mature levelheaded decision and call 918-798-0852 or go online to get more information and I’ll have one of the team members reach out to you to set up that consultation by phone at Time is right professional development training Tulsa training is now.

You’re not the only one out there who is in need of the service. Of course we do not work with just anybody. We want to work with people who are coachable who are intentional with their time and who they spend it with and what they do with their time as well as if they are looking to have a business that is sustainable. We don’t want to be impractical and of course we want to be truthful with you and if for whatever reason you’re not a good fit we will let you know and of course we want to make sure that we are a good fit for you as well as are you being a good fit for us. and also Doug 918-798-0852.

Clay Staires