Professional Development Training Tulsa | Wash Out the Dead Sea

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative. 

If you’re wanting to be a company that is growing and progressing, then you’re most likely going to have to have a lot of turnover. At the professional development training Tulsa Clay Staires and The Leadership Initiative team are going to be teaching about the importance of making sure that your employees are not holding you hostage. This can sound like a revolutionary idea if you are a company that pride yourself and being able to retain employees. You can get a hold of the team by dialing 918-798-0852 or you can even go online to Whatever platform you decide to get a hold of them, they will be ready to help answer any of your questions.

When it comes to the professional development training Tulsa with Clay Staires, you’re going to learn very quickly that he is dedicated to helping you as a business owner and all aspects. Not only is he trying to help you get time and financial freedom, but he’s also helping you with your own sanity. Have you ever had an employee that you felt like you could never fire because if you did all hell will break loose? Clay and his team want to help you avoid having any of these moments with your employees or anyone that would be on your staff.

At the professional development training Tulsa, you were going to be a cut with the new mindset knowledge of how to go about treating new on coming employees. This is going to come with you creating expectations very clearly beforehand whenever they come on as a New employee. What you will be learning at the professional development training is how to set those appropriate expectations when they come in. Many times, people think that they are communicating, would nothing has actually been set at all.

Clay Staires and The Leadership Initiative team are dedicated to helping business owners be able to communicate at the highest level that they can. Many of times when it comes to communication the simpler it is, the better. Clay is going to help teach you how to set the appropriate expectations for in a new employee comes in so that you do not have to continuously hope that you’re communicating the right thing. He will also teach you how to get rid of the people that are holding you hostage and not allowing you to let your company become what do you want it to become.

Make sure that you make room in your calendar to attend this training! This training is going to be very helpful in helping you, the business owner, get the freedom that you are really wanting up by getting a new team behind you. Some of you are thinking, that you love everyone on your team, but I guarantee that there is someone on your team that needs to be off of your team so that you can move forward and do what you’ve always wanted to do. Call Clay and his team at 918-798-0852 or go online to

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Speaking Truth

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative. 

To become the best version of you you’re going to have to speak truth of yourself. When attending the professional development training Tulsa Clay Staires and his fabulous team from The Leadership Initiative are going to be a clipping you with new Waze have a thing. You can check out more about Clay and his team when you go online to or you’re even able to give them a shout by dialing 918-798-0852. By attending this training you were going to be learning more about yourself and then also better ways of how you could be leading your team as a whole. Don’t delay on signing up but get started today.

I want to comes to speaking truth about yourself or even your situation, you’ll find that there is a big difference between leaders who are able to control their thought life versus others who do not. If you are unable to tame the way that you think, then you always have rapid crazy thoughts. Clay Staires is going to be teaching at the professional development training Tulsa on how to become the best version of yourself through the way that you think. This could sound like crazy I did to many people, but we all know that the way that you think dictate who you become.

The Leadership Initiative team along with Clay Staires and going to be doing breakout sessions forward everyone while they come and attend the professional development training Tulsa this time around. They are going to be having different rooms where you’ll be having different breakout sessions of speaking about different ways of how you can manage your life to manage your thoughts. This is very helpful, we have found, and people seem to get a lot more out of the smaller settings. This will be more intimate and you’re able to ask more questions and have them answered.

Attending this training is going to not only help you as a person, but I’ll also help your company grow as a whole. If you’re unable to be able to take care of yourself, then you’re going to have a really hard time being able to take care of the people around you. If you are interested in this training are wanting to learn more about it, then you’re going to need to give the team a call or just go check them out online. The location is going to be in Tulsa, Oklahoma where Clare and his team reside. You’ll be able to go online and check out different places where he could stay with her that’s a hotel or even Airbnb.

Like we said go check out clean his team online by going to You’re also able to talk to them over the phone, if you prefer. You’re able to contact them by dialing 918-798-0852. When you get into contact with the team they will be very helpful when it comes to answering any of your questions or even just helping you sign up for the training and love itself. They are very kind and very supportive when it comes to helping people, so don’t wait any longer and get signed up. Seat do you go quickly!

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