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This contact was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Clay Staires the leader of professional development training Tulsa program is a recruiting genius. If you don’t believe me go to our website to read more about the improvements he has made in businesses around Tulsa and also around the United States or go to 918-798-0852. Read more about him you can also look up our video client testimonials that we have on our page we have a ton of them and they keep growing because of the real change in the positive growth of the business. He does provide you the business know-how without all the BS out there in the world. Doesn’t matter if you have a bachelors degree in business and you have a masters degree or a Ph.D. in business there’s always something to learn from Clay even though you may have gone to college it doesn’t really matter how many degrees you have business school doesn’t really work especially for a working entrepreneur it’s about working hard, being consistent and being intentional with your time.

All millionaires and billionaires can tell you that they work hard they were consistently kept a schedule and they were intentional with others in the day. If you feel that you’re just going in circles and you can’t really seem to get it moment by yourself at work because you’re constantly putting out addicted to me hey sissy. I feel that if you can’t your business dangerous trying to find one person. Make your business. Better than it was in better than you can shake or imgine. Also call 9187980852. Professional development training Tulsa by clay stairs. is the truth most of my pastors. Is out there there’s no way get a new business bunch of appointments this negative crap for the stats and you can eat in the business the next day. Because it is a word that in any business in his don’t want to try to find out what.

If you do not think it is possible for your business to succeed while I’ve got a newsflash for you it is possible but you first have to be willing to take action for your business. Went into business for one reason is to make money. I need to do an overhaul of the structure in your cash for assistance make sure that you’re getting paid and that you are making a profit. If you feel that you don’t really know where your money is going to be done we need to know the number so that you can get on the credit card to make sure that you were spending the next year.

If this is something that you’ve been struggling with for a long time go ahead and call us 9187980852 to get more information we found an appointment is 30 minutes long and McQuade. There’s a free consultation so make the first move by giving us a call so we can set up an appointment with you and Clay by phone. It’s only gonna get better when you choose to make the first move so give us a call now or more information about professional development training Tulsa program by Clay Staires and leadership initiative.

I’ll come on pick up the phone and dial the number 918-798-0852 or go to Do not wait for life to pass you by. 90% of all businesses fail because they didn’t put in the time or they weren’t in control of the time and making your business better. If you don’t know where to begin I help you out with the training Tulsa program at Clay Staires it will get better when you do so if you want time freedom and financial if we don’t go ahead and give us a call now it is a limited time offer we only have a few seats left so don’t listen chance to meet Clay Staires and the rest of the team to make this happen to make growth.

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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Are you finally ready to hear the good news? Professional development training Tulsa training. I play skins and are finally here and ready to get two tickets to this incredible workshop. I can guarantee that with an even the two days you’ll notice that your eyes have been opened in your socks and been blown off. Now if you want more information call 918-798-0852 or check learn more about the training process and more information about Clay Staires and the leadership initiative and what their business coaching does for business owners around the country. If you’ve been thinking about business or how to get started or if it’s really worth the time and we definitely want to talk to you to explain a little bit more about what our business what is the small business with the workload large populations it can help with any size that your business is.

It’s not a one size fits all we do know that everybody is different so we cater on a 13 point assessment to your individual unique needs and stressors as a business owner. If you could strengthen your leadership skills as a businesswoman and not racial to begin Clay can definitely walk you through a path I hope you become a better leader so that your employees will begin to fuel growth in the company and will not keep leaving because every business usually is a revolving door boy come and go we wanna help you find employees with a stick with you for the long-haul because they know that we’re there working with you that they are experiencing growth and they are also winning big.

If you don’t have a place like this but you can’t seem to find the right ones or the best fit for your company or as I like the phone the unicorns basically we definitely have a recording and hiring system that we have used ourselves and we also have our clients do the same and it saves them time and saves you money. No I’ve never come into contact with anybody who doesn’t and save time and money time and money is a precious commodity nowadays and we want to help you minimize the time that you have to work in your business by helping you find the quality employees who will help your company grow and the ones that you can trust to keep the engine going even when you might be on vacation for a relaxing trip.

If you have never been on vacation because you don’t feel that you can trust your business to run smoothly without you or you have to keep possibly put out fires you can’t really truly relax and we want to help you with that as well because every business owner deserves to be free enough to where they can live the life that they were truly designed to it. A business owner states a business because they want to go to the business for themselves and they want to make money without having to put in other words.

So the first step to gaining time freedom and financial freedom is calling Clay Staires to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with him by phone. The number to call is 9187980852 and you can also go online to our online website to read more about Clay Staires and the leadership initiative and how we have become successful in helping small businesses into even large corporation succeed in every area of their company. Professional development training Tulsa training by Clay Staires is probably one of the best rated highest-rated programs out there you will not find anything like it it will definitely blow your mind and make you think how you have not had the systems and procedures in the past.

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