Professional Development Training Tulsa | Count the Time

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Do you live in a perpetual state of being frustrated with the amount of time that you feel you lose every day? This is a common thing that we have found the most business leaders here at professional development training Tulsa this year. We have found that mini of business owners and leaders are letting the day run them versus them running the day. Meet Clay Staires and The Leadership Initiative team by going to or even giving them a call at 918-798-0852. This training is going to be geared towards helping people like you manage their time and schedule so that you can have a life you want to live.

Clay Staires is a while articulate man Who is very funny and his delivery of teaching anything. At the professional development training Tulsa he is going to be teaching on how to manage your day. Yes, this sounds very simple, but if you currently feel like your day runs you, you will need to attend the training. Clay is going to go over how to create and build a calendar while also making sure that it is being used on a daily basis. Many people may create a Google calendar, but they would never use it. So, you get more information on this when you go check them out online.

The second thing that Clay and The Leadership Initiative team will be going over is how to manage the tasks That need to be accomplished within that day. This is going to be a more detailed list versus hour by hour where you need to be. This list is going to contain all the different information of what you may be needing for a meeting or what you need to get accomplished for certain things to happen. These two essential items, your calendar and your to do list, need to be with you at all times. Because The pen is for remembering and your brain as for critical thinking. Do not except the two.

The whole purpose of the professional development training Tulsa is to acquit been a senior leader like yourself on how to be better. If you are wanting to be developed in the skill of time management, do not hesitate to sign up for this training. The training is going to be geared not only towards helping you manage your time but is also going to help you manage your people and also manage your accounting numbers. Yes, this could sound like a lot and almost impossible, but make sure you go check out the testimonial videos of people Who have attended all of this training and have it wrapped them.

You can sign up for professional development training Tulsa when you go online to Or if you’d rather talk to Clay Staires or one of the team members from The Leadership Initiative you are always able to call 918-798-0852. When you get hop on the phone with these guys, they will answer any questions that you have pertaining to this training but then they will also help you get signed up if you want to sign up over the phone. Whichever way you decide or prefer to go about all of this, don’t delay on signing up for this training. Tickets and seats go fast.

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Training New Hires

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative. 

Have you ever felt like you have no time to hire on new people or that you are just behind, and you need tire on new people? At the professional development training Tulsa you will be well educated on how to not only create time freedom for yourself that how to hire on your employees and take them through a system that will relieve you of a lot of time. Clay Staires and the leadership initiative team will be teaching on the basic how to use of this. Go online to find out more about Clay and his team by going to You can also call them at 91 87980852.

Getting a new employee can be very exciting and also very stressful. Clay Staires is going to teach you the different systems that you need to put into place for this new hire to alleviate stress on your end. He’ll be teaching on this at the professional development training Tulsa. He is going to do a step-by-step walk-through of all the different paperwork of all different systems and everything that you will need to have in place for this to be a successful new hire. You will also be teaching on how to look at a lot of different people in a short amount of time.

at the beginning you’re going to first want to make sure that you are an awesome person. Many times, we will just hire someone based off of the resume or the fact that they just showed up to an interview. That is both very poor reasons as to why to hire someone. You’re going to want to hire people through a process that you will take them through. You’ll start out with your group interview, do a shadow, do a personal interview, and then iron them. This will help save you, the business owner, lots of time when it comes to hiring and firing people. This will also help you not be held hostage by your employees.

Many employees or people who are looking for jobs are people who are not the highest of quality humans. They are people who are looking for something new because they do not how to stick in things for the long term. Most people are looking for something new because they either have a terrible manager or they suck at actually working. These are the things that you want to find out as a business owner before you higher than mine. And the way that you do that is for the system that Clay Staires is going to walk you through at the professional development training Tulsa this fall.

Want to go to the website for Clay Staires in the leadership initiative team and get more details. They will have their itinerary on the website about the training that they will be doing. if you are a planner, this would be very helpful for you and if you are someone who does not trust easily, we suggest you go check out the testimonials page to watch the videos from other real people who have attended the training as well. If you’re not satisfied with the website, then you’re able to call the leader ship initiative team when you dial 918-798-0852.

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