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Discontent was written for the leadership initiative.

Professional development training Tulsa contact 918-798-0852 order go to the website For more information. Need a podcast? Well we have a few suggestions in mind. Clay Staires Is a business coach who runs the leadership initiative and has made an appearance on several different podcast all talking about how to best grow a business. One of the biggest podcast that he is a part of is called the Thrive time show podcast with Clay Clark and is all about the business school but without all of the unnecessary parts. This podcast has been extremely successful and is ranked in the top podcast on business in the country. When clay goes on the podcast he talks about how to grow your business, grow yourself, and grow your employees and other people that you work with.

He knows what it takes to grow your business and do become successful and he wants to get those tips and techniques to you. This podcast is great to learn how to be successful in business since not do all the unnecessary things it’s so many people in business get caught up in from time to time. While on the Thrive time show podcast clay has had the opportunity to interview multiple successful business owners and CEOs of companies Across the Nation. He loves to learn from those who have been successful in the past and are successful now and loves to give what information he learns from them to those that He coaches.

Another one of the big podcast that Clay is a part of is the thought leader Life podcast with socks all about how to be a leader throughout your life. Clay’s big on leadership and how to be a leader, and how to be a servant leader at the same time, so this is one of his big podcast that he likes to be a part of. He goes over many details and tips on how to be a successful leader in your business and in your life. This is one of the things that he loves to teach about most with companies and those that he’s in contact with on a day-to-day basis. He strives to be one of the best leaders that he can possibly be in has successfully done that in the past.

All of these podcast that he is part of our available on Spotify or through the link on our website. If any of these are something that you’d be interested in listening to then go to the website And check out these podcast today. If you want to learn how to have a successful business or how to be a successful leader in your company the list of the podcast you need to be listening to.

Professional development training Tulsa contact 918-798-0852 or go to the website And check out the podcast. Eater podcast? Then we have those podcast that you’ll want to listen to to help you become a successful leader and a successful businessman. Again it’s a sign that you’re interested contact 918-798-0852 and start listening to the podcast today.

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This content was written for the leadership initiative.

If you want to close deals if you want to grow your checking account and your wallet then call 918-798-0852 for a game-changer known as professional development training Tulsa training by play stairs and the owner and operator of the leadership initiative. Take you to a whole nother place and call us today for a consultation also find Us online at It’s all about time management that’s one thing here at the leadership and assured that we helped business owners do and what will really change your life and changer how you spend your time. You will be in a completely different place and it’s it is going to be a lot of hard work but it is hurtful for your company will just fly from the roof if you were willing to implement and being his usual with your time.

The time management info and so much more is it will come over perfect time. I will be just what you needed. It would make a huge difference for you. And it would do the same for your employees as well. Your clients well thank you for doing this so that your time is more organized than you can concentrate your time on helping your clients rather than having to babysit your employees and staff. Now there’s so much more that goes into it and a healthy marriage focus on managing and leading her company instead of having to work in the company and constantly have to put out those pesky little fires every day. And it will help in it can even happen within a month.

You should know about us that we are left in the service we are no contract involved if after the first month once first month you are not satisfied we will give you all of your money back guaranteed. That is that wow factor that is our no brainer and people love it and really do people take advantage of it because after the first month are really seen the changes in their company for the better so they stick with us. We’ve haven’t we have had business owners that are with us for a couple of years because they know the value and they see the value you need actually seen it in a company and they’re actually making more money than having to pay us. And I’m using this table sets you can go from broke and freaking out to actually making a profit and being able to live life more designed to what your or making it a business.

And the calendar will help you as well and it’s a managing tool that makes it easier for you and then work day to know where your time is being spent and how long you spend on certain things. It’s all about an innocent administering your vision. And having goals. Because if you have goals it will help you see long-term and actually give you something to work toward. It’s all about mastering leadership as well. You can work with business owners who have been overwhelmed with all the details of running their company or the business and it is sad to see that their Vision has taken a backseat.

A lot of times they’re over struggling to get up or get going many times you know the idea of trying to succeed is just crushing them and giving them stress. So we helped encourage hundreds of business owners and CEOs everyday with our executive leadership training and our professional business training as well so call 918-798-0852 to get more information about professional development training Tulsa training as well as our business coaching program it really can change your life. So what are you waiting for calls today and would love to set up a phone appointment with between you and clay at

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