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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative. 

Are you looking for a better ways of how to grow your team and build trust? When you attend the professional development training Tulsa with Clay Staires and The Leadership Initiative team you will be well equipped with different ways of how to do this amongst your team of employees and managers. If this is something you want to grow in and even learn how to do so that your team is more cohesive and get along better, you can go online to or you can even call 918-798-0852 to speak with our team. Don’t delay or not think about coming, because this will be one of the greatest investments that you have done this year.

When it comes to finding a great program or training team, Clay Staires and The Leadership Initiative team are the best. They are a team of people who are dedicated to helping business owners and managers and positions that are hard to lead and I want to help them get the tools that they need to leave their teams. Clay Staires is a businessman who comes from a teaching background. He is very entertaining when it comes to speaking in front of other people because he has many years of practice doing it. He also has a phenomenal ability to communicate things that may be hard for other people to understand but he breaks it down very simply.

While you are attending the professional development training tulsa you will be learning information about how to build teams. Team building to be very hard if you are not a natural team builder. Many times, people are amazing managers at getting the job done and making sure that things are happening, but it can be really hard for them to be great at making sure that the people on each team or project to get along and work together to make sure that everything gets taken care of no matter the aspect or side of the project.. Clay and his team will teach you how to do this.

Team building has a lot to do with being able to have a good attitude, be able to read the people around you, and also have very self-awareness of your own self. Clay Staires is going to be teaching you how to do all of these things. He’s going to make sure that you have a new mindset going into being the leader of the company and even being a manager. Having these tools in the skill sets will be super helpful when it comes to building a company. It’s one thing to have employees who do their job, but it’s another thing to have a team who accomplishes goals every day together.

Check out more information about Clay and The Leadership Initiative team by going online to At this website you’ll be able to learn more about the team, Clay, and who they are as a whole. You can also get into contact with them to learn more about the professional Development training Tulsa by dialing 918-798-0852 to speak to one of the team members over the phone. That will be very helpful because I will be able to give you a more in-depth rundown of what you can be expecting and also what you need to bring in all the essentials for this trip. Get on the phone or check them out online today.

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Triple Your Growth

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative. 

Do you want to double or even triple your growth? Devotional development training Tulsa and Clay Staires and The Leadership Initiative are going to do just that. Many people think that this growing and growth is going to be mainly your company, but we all know that if you don’t grow as a leader, and then nothing around your grill. Check out more information on this training by going to or even giving the team a call at 918-798-0852. When it comes to getting the right training with the greatest Mindsets and best practices out there, this is going to be the training that you want to attend.

When people hear the concept of tripling their growth, They don’t believe that that is something that can be real or even a reality. Clay Staires and his fabulous team from the leadership initiative are going to be teaching on the best practices of how to grow your business. Not only will they be teaching on strategic ways of how you can grow your business, but they will also be teaching you, the business owner of how to grow personally. 

Clay Staires is highly dedicated to helping business owners grow and get the Time in financial freedom that they want. By doing this, he teaches on different aspects of how you need to have a calendar to be organized, you need to be reading, listening to podcast, or doing something that is causing you personally to grill. Again, we know that if you are busy is this when I grow. Do you want to make sure that you were continuously immersing yourself into different atmosphere is that our ones that will cause you to be stretched and prune in the way is it you need to. A lot of times this looks like putting yourself in a very environment with people who are better than you.

 One of the greatest ways you can do this, is by turning the professional development training Tulsa because this is where Clay and his influential friends will be. Clay has is a multimillion-dollar school teacher who has failed the dues and downs when it comes to business. If you want to keep going on the check that you were going down, you’re more than welcome to, or you can learn from people of already been there and just do not do the mistakes that they have done. Sounds like a genius idea, because it is.

Sign up for the professional development training Tulsa when you go online to When you go to this website you’ll be able to learn more about Clay and The Leadership Initiative team. Clay Staires is Very excited to be hosting you all. You can also get in contact with Clay and his team by dialing 918-798-0852. When you get a hold of them you are more than welcome to ask questions that you have and you were also able to reserve your seats for the training over the phone. Whichever way works best for you, we suggest that you do that.

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