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This content was written for the leadership initiative.

I’m going to get in place years proves that professional development training Tulsa training is just what business owners need to get their businesses back in line. Call us today to take advantage of a no-obligation phone call with Clay staire’s owner and operator of the leadership initiative The number to call that is very simple and very straight to the point it’s 918-798-0852 and also our website for information if you want to gather information and symptoms research go to

Time Me Again Clay proves that business coaching is what every business owner needs nowadays. It is not just about wanting it’s about actually doing and putting in place an action plan for you as a business owner begin experiencing time freedom and Financial Freedom. Now what you think and what you do is the most important thing about you. You can think all you want you can sit in your chair and sit on your hands waiting for something big to happen work for a big deal to come in or wait for the phone to ring but you need to be a person of action you to be a man or woman of action who will do what it takes to do what is necessary in order to bring leaves and more traffic and more Cash Warren do your business.

There is one person that can help you do that get you on the place where you need to be at its new place Terrace. What are you waiting for? If you are tired of continually having little leads and foot traffic into your business if you are tired not having enough money to pay yourself or pay your employees if you are tired of the Endless operational details and endless fire that you have to put on a daily basis because your employees are not doing their jobs and call 918-798-0852. There is a remedy to this. and the simple way to get a remedy for this disease called inefficiency is play stairs and the leadership initiative.

It is not just a new one tile fixes something that will have to do change inside and out an order for your business to truly be profitable and to really gain momentum. If you want momentum if you wanted to be able you want to be able to statement while after working with play in the team then that’s something that you need to look into and if this is something that could be beneficial and have a lie to you then give us today at 918-798-0852 for more information in regards to the development training staff training business coaching program and a lot more.

Play does not just stop with you know getting you a couple leads into the door he actually helps you manage better so that the more leads come in the more you can easily manage them off to employees that you as a business owner did not have to be the bottleneck of your company anymore. Professional development training Tulsa training time and again has proved itself to be the most beneficial things out there today. Give us a call today at 918-798-0852 and also go to our website

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This content was written for the leadership initiative.

Again and again Time and Again Clay proves that professional development training Tulsa training helps business owners of all shapes and sizes have time frame and Financial Freedom. Give us a call today for no obligation phone business assessment with Clay stairs at 918-798-0852 that is will follow us on social media platforms as well as get information as much as you can handle Allen our website at That will help you get to where you want to go as a business owner is simply by researching play stairs owner and operator of the leadership initiative.

He is a business could business consultant trainer coach entrepreneurial venture capitalist author and motivational speaker extraordinaire. But do not just take my word for it goes and Gale Online do your own research you can type in his first and last name and cheer search Barb and he will be the first one to pop up and you will see that we have over 300 positive reviews of people saying telling their personal testimony to hearing him speak for working with him personally as a business coaching client. The reason for their reach out or probably for the reason year reading the circles that mr. steers would like to set up a quick phone assessment with you to talk about your business has teeth and there’s anything that he can do to help you grow in any way. We are reaching out to people in small business who are small business owners or even large corporations who are looking to better their team and better their leadership. We want to see if we were able to add value to your business.

We are looking to discover if there is anything at your clay staire’s can do as a business goes down if you gain more control of your time your employees in your Revenue. If you are the owner of the company give us a call at 918-798-0852 and let us know how long you’ve been running it what your biggest limiting factors in your business are right now and see if this is something that can work for you and it’s it will be of benefit to you. You should know that are Consulting program how’s business owners that are frustrated overwhelmed with their company. They either want more beads more cash flow more time better employees or just more structure in their company but they sure how to get there.

A lot of them say that all of the above by to them or just one or two apply for them. If that is you it’s either any of those not going to leave it all give us a call I would like to do a business assessment as well as a free website report to make sure that you were not being held hostage by your company or that you’re being held hostage by toxic employees. He should know when a fun fact is that in the last year we are at the client to 104% while gaining control of their businesses at the same time.

That is hard to do most business owners want to grow but when they experience commence growth they aren’t able to keep the business in check or in line. If that’s something you’re experiencing if you are having almonds grow if you’re getting a lot of leaves and cash flow into the business but you’re not able to maintain the structure that you need or want give us a call at 918-798-0852 we can you discuss with you our business consulting firm as well as our professional development training Tulsa training program and you can find out more information you can read reviews and watch client video testimonials on our website at

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