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This content was written for the leadership initiative.

Play stairs and Leadership initiative and his professional development training Tulsa training program as a useful tool call 918-798-0852 and also follow us on social media platforms and go to our website for testimonials and reviews at You can have it all by taking advantage of useful tools like the leadership initiative and business coaching. Clay stares at the owner and founder and chief executive officer of the leadership initiative and five other businesses in Oklahoma area. He is also regarded as the number one motivational speakers in Oklahoma because of his ability to help people understand and to navigate how to make big decisions and to destress.

Or she can find out more information about is biography mobile detailing reviews about his past on our website and we have plenty of online video testimonials from people reporting speak or and also people who have taken advantage of his business Consulting for room as well. Mainly he do not work with just one story industry. We work with all types of business owners and their Industries no matter what product or service you were trying to sell or try to getting out there. We want to help you be consistent and we want to help you make some noise in your community to become one of the best in your industry so that your competition has no chance. We want to make sure that you are on board and that you pull a commit.

Because we do not work with everyone who comes through a door or at doesn’t business assessment with us. Because believe it or not not everyone is a good fit. We want to make sure that you’re a good fit for us and that we are a good fit for you. We want to work with people who are diligent who are go-getters and ones who will do anything to improve the odds of success for their company. This is not just a come as you go type of thing but it more along the lines is for long-term success not just something success for a week or month. It really needs to be a new attitude a new mindset that you need to take on who dismiss owner.

We can only do so much for you but you as a business owner have to be willing to do what you need to do in order to be successful. We have the basic information that a lot of business owners do not know. And we made that into a successful path that is help small business owners across the United States. We may be located in the center of the universe Tulsa Oklahoma that we work with small businesses all over the United States. So now is the time for you to move upwards and to take advantage and become a good Steward of this valuable information that so many other business owners before you have taken advantage of and have been able to work for them to get them to their financial and time first.

So what are your desired goals do you have a certain Financial goal that you want to reach by the end of this year? Or are you just trying to keep your head above water? If the answer is yes then call us at 918-788-0852 for more information about professional development training Tulsa training and a best way to have useful tools such as the leadership initiative in a business coach in your corner getting off to go to our website

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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Professional development training Tulsa training is just what you need to get you in a place where you will never stop and you will never look back. Call 918-798-0852 to schedule a morning or afternoon for a free business assessment via phone call with our owner and operator clay stairs owner of the leadership initiative you can also find Us online at You can have it all by simply picking up the phone and calling to schedule a free business assessment over the phone with Clay stairs. He is a man who knows what he’s doing he works hard his you want for your venture capitalist author motivational speaker. Of course he’s someone that did not get to where he is overnight. He had to work hard and be diligent and he would have to put in more than eighty to a hundred hours every week just to get where he is now.

But now he’s in a spot where he is satisfied with his finances and his time freedom and now he wants to be able to help other small business owners get there as well. So if you are a business owner and you are in a place where you feel stressed out and you’re maybe looking for resources outside of business to help you get to where you want to go then the new resource is the leadership initiative. And you have desired outcomes or you have desired financial goals and time goals then the leadership initiative in Cloisters is the first place you can start we will help you improve your ranking improve the odds of your business being found online and helping you beat your competition.

It is all about your consistency and your diligence as a business owner because if you want to get somewhere you actually have to put in the work yourself in order to get there. Do not rely on anyone else but yourself. If you want to stop working in the business and rather begin working on the business then and now is the time. And intelligent way to get there and intelligent way to get to financial goals and time for him is through the leadership initiative and our business Consulting program as well as our first professional development training program.

Now it’s time to cut the cord and stop relying on other people to get to where you want to go. We are located in the center of the universe Tulsa Oklahoma and we are a place where small businesses can Thrive. But you have to make the first move. The ball is in your court. So no time to stop never stop doing time Freedom Financial Freedom. That’s a business owner your main goal should be to grow your business and make more money. That is why businesses are in businesses a business in the first place.

So come on down call the number 918-798-0852 get more information about the executive leadership training program staff training program professional development training program and executive business coaching and so much more. It really is something to behold. To hear the leadership initiative there is no messing about. We take her job very seriously and we will make sure there were able to help small business owners like yourself get to where we want to go. Professional development training Tulsa training at 918-798-0852 and also finding us on our business website

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