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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative. 

When it comes to gaining or growing in your own development, you need to get a different viewpoint. This is the whole purpose for the professional development training Tulsa that Clay Staires and The Leadership Initiative Team will be teaching on this fall. Clare will be showing you the differences of different ways of how to look at circumstances that are going on your company and how you can approach them differently. Check out plane is Team by going to or you can call them by dialing 918-798-0852. Don’t delay in getting a hold of them are attending, because this will be a life changer.

Many times, people want to change, or they like the idea, But the reality of making a change happen is for you and far between. If you are an entrepreneur or someone who is looking to grow in your personal development as a leader, then the professional development training Tulsa is going to be exactly what you need. Clay Staires is going to be the main instructor of this event and he’s going to be giving you a completely different viewpoint of how to go about running your day.

The reason we talk about running your day is because many entrepreneurs are running around like a chicken with their head cut off. Yes, this could sound vulgar, but it is true because many entrepreneurs are running around putting out burning fires instead of actually being in control of their day. The professional development Training Tulsa is going to equip you with a practical tool that you need, like a calendar, to do list, and time blocking, so that you can be the most effective in your day.

Like we said, Clay Staires is going to be the main speaker for this event, but he is going to bring in his leadership initiative team to come and do some things with him as well. There will be different breakout sessions so that you’ll be able to be in smaller groups and be able to ask more questions to one of the instructors. If you are someone who is sick and tired of attending a training where it’s a lot of fluff, you will not be attending the professional development training with that happening.

You can sign up online or you can do it over the phone. When you sign up you can go to where you can also learn more about Clay and his team on this website. You were also able to call the team, The Leadership Initiative team, when you dial 918-798-0852. Clay Staires will be very excited and thrilled to help you as an individual and also as an entrepreneur and leader. Do not fret, because Clay Staires and his team will make sure that you were entertain and have a great time. Change your views of dread into views of excitement and passion to attain your goals.

Professional Development Training Tulsa | New Streams

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative. 

Growing in your ability to be developed as a leader can be hard if you do not know who to trust in your development. Clay Staires is going to be teaching at the professional development training Tulsa with his team this coming winter. If you are looking at for a way to grow personally as a business leader, entrepreneur, or in your business skills at all, you’re going to want to make time in your schedule to be here. You can go online to or call 918-798-0852 to sign up. The sooner you go to sign up, the sooner you have a chance to make it into the training.

When it comes to growing in your personal development, it is vitally important that you find the right stream to pour into you. We highly recommend a professional development training Tulsa because Clay Staires is a phenomenal leader. He was a bit of a teacher for about 15 years, a coach, then he took over his family‘s nonprofit organization, now he is an entrepreneur. Throughout all this time he’ll learn the different dues and downs when it comes to leading people. This is the wisdom that he wants to pass down to you and leaders alike.

When you attend the professional development training Tulsa you will notice that there will be different aspects in ways that Clare and The Leadership Initiative negative Team will be teaching. They will be showing having a main session, and then they all will have different Breakout sessions where you can learn individually from one of the leaders on his team. They will break you up into different groups and some people even go into different building so that they can have more peace and quiet.

The curriculum that Clay Staires and his team will be going over at the professional development training is going to be curriculum that they have created. Clay and his team are highly successful and capable of helping business leaders get the new streams of knowledge that they need when they attend this training. Clay is very professional and his ability to communicate. Do not worry, he will keep you laughing the entire time and also keep you on your toes when it comes to thinking.

When it comes to signing up for this training, all you have to do is go online or call over the phone. Go to to learn more about Clay, The Leadership Initiative team, and find out more details about the training while also signing up or you can call Clay and his team at 918-798-0852. Whichever way you go about learning more information or signing up, we just suggest that you sign up as soon as you can because it’s 10 to run out pretty quickly. Clay will be the main event entertainment and we guarantee that he will not disappoint on the delivery of knowledge and laughs.

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