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Play stairs and the leadership initiative and his wonderful Majestic beautiful beautiful incomparable life-changing professional development training Tulsa training program is the confirmation you need that will get you onto the path to financial success. In order to take advantage of this in to get a free no-obligation business assessment of your company called a number 918-798-0852 and also you can fill out a contract form online to for to schedule a morning or afternoon at For search engine optimization writing and uploading, accounting graphic design photography videography website design Website Maintenance one-on-one Executive coaching public relations and so much more play stairs in the leadership initiative the place.

We here at the company help small business owners like yourself to navigate the choppy Waters or the hard days of running a business. We understand because play himself has been there before. He was not always be successful entrepreneur that he is today. He actually started out as a Gym trainer, the school teacher and so much more before he came to find his truly his one passion and that is helping business owners like yourself. He had to go through a few hard times and that was able to get him to where he is now. Today he is known as America’s millionaire school teacher and was voted number one motivational speaker in Oklahoma.

He really knows how to Captivate individuals and groups to help them navigate through hard seasons and be hard decision making processes. Business owners have a hard time creating a culture or environment in which their staff is truly thriving and truly succeeding at what they do. That is one of our main jobs here is helping you as a business owner find the right people for the right seat. So that you as a business owner do not have to carry the load or to pick up the slack of your employees. That is one thing that we will help business owners that are definitely dealing with right now. Another couple of things that they’re dealing with in this uncertain time is cash flow and leaves.

A lot of business owners that we start out with are in a place where it with that when it comes to their cash flow they’re getting jealous but they have no idea where their money is at and where it’s going. Another one is just the amount of people or the amount of phone calls they’re getting to from new jobs or getting jobs that are higher pay. That is something that we deal with a lot we had business owners with that certain problem we’ve been able to help them navigate through that and to do the necessary steps in order to get those bigger paying jobs and to get more money in their bank accounts.

It is all about how you managed it and we do that through accounting and tracking and scheduling an organizing. You as a business owner need to be aware of all things going in your company without having to take on everything and become the bottleneck of your business. 918-798-0852. The first place for you to begin is our website In regards to professional development training Tulsa training and executive business coaching.

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this content was written for leadership initiative.

professional development training Tulsa contact 918-798-0852 or check out a website And continue your development training with the growth 102 Workshop. if you enjoyed the growth 101 workshop and want to continue your journey for personal development then check out our website For information. The second installment of the growth Workshop is an overview for Clay’s book called grow and goes over the five principles required for ongoing personal growth.

This Workshop goes over Topix such as how to prepare the soil, how to sow good seeds, the miracle of water, the purpose of pruning, and the Art of harvesting. Guava sounds like a book on how 2 grow plants at is actually about how to grow yourself and your company. In this book clay Compares a company to a greenhouse and the employees to the plants and gives me any tips on how to be successful in your company. This book goes over topics on how to grow yourself grow your team and grow your business all while comparing it to gardening.Multiple take away schools that dance Workshop provides include evaluation, educational, and experiential tools as well as tools on how to prune and harvest. once this Workshop is complete the participants will be well equipped on how to be successful and accomplish their goals for life and also for a business.

We want our clients to grow and become the most successful that they can be in this professional development Workshop can help you do just that. If you as a business owner want to gain more control of your time your employees and your revenues then becoming successful as an individual’s the first step so then you can pass on that knowledge to your employees.

In order to get a good harvest of cash slow, Leeds, more time, and better employees there has to be good seeds sown. All of our material for the growth 102 Workshop can be found on our website and if you have any other questions Clay would love to talk to you on how to grow your business. He loves seeing businesses succeed and also develop. if this is something you’re interested in also check out the growth 101 Workshop that gives the basic foundation for personal development and all of the tools that comes with that and then you’ll be able to follow up with the growth 102 Workshop and check-out clays book called grow okay. This workshop last approximately one hour and he lays out the five principal requirements for ongoing personal growth in a fun humorous way and outlook on how to tell if your self personally. Again if this is something that you’re interested we would love to give you the tools that you need to complete this Workshop to the best of your ability and also get the most out of it. We know that personal development is not something that is often discussed but we want to make it a new normal.

professional development training Tulsa contact 918-798-0852 or visit our website And check-out our great workshops and other products that we have to offer. Again if this is something that interests you contact 918-798-0852. we would love to meet you and talk about what you’ve gotten out of this Workshop.

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