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This contact was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Create that fairytale that you’ve always wanted fruit company and shoes professional development training Tulsa training. Call 918-798-0852 to get yourself set up with a free no-obligation 30-minute phone consultation with Clay Staires owner and founder of the leadership initiative and five other successful businesses. Check out our website at to click the big red button says contact us or fill out a contact form with your email, phone number, name and reason for reaching out.

A lot of the times people believe that they’re doing just fine and I don’t need a code that would make you think that you didn’t need one. Well, fun fact eight out of 10 businesses fail every year. 90% of startups now if you have any business and you know I feel like you are coasting I just drifting along not really having major growth in your company then you might want to talk to us about coaching. Now your life will get better when you do what I hope you become the enemy of OK or the enemy of average. With us it is all about being coachable, implementation, accountability and diligence. Those will really make a difference in how your company will go after a few months or even a year. We reach your goal of financial growth comes time for you. That is all business owners and strive for.

Go to our company website to check out the video testimonials from real clients. They have had real success and you can be one of those business owners that has success as well. This leadership initiative we helped us break the bad habits that most entrepreneurs have and that’s why they are not successful. If you feel stuck or you are seem to be chasing your tail all the time it’s probably because you have been too comfortable in your ways. Over the years we have tracked it to where we are now saying that plays clients have seen an average of 30% growth year-over-year while helping them get control of the company. Now we can help you find a good solid leads, I’m organizing our account for your cash flow where it’s all going also we can help you with your team improving it and we can help you with your business structure so that you don’t have to spend all your time working in the business for me up putting out fires.

Now I will say that I’m getting to go if you want or not it would be easy it will not always be the fairytale. To get this one to even get to super six so there’s gonna be work hard work. There’s also going to be some trade-offs going to get there. Could because believe it or not success is a choice. With success there is a choice of traders what are you going to sacrifice in order to get to your goal. To get to success and growth that will have to come through effort and struggle.

Homeowners emotional about professional development training Tulsa program Clay Staires call 918-798-0852 or go online to our business website for more information or Now let us help you and our team is ready and willing to help you in any area of your business to what you feel your struggle. Or if you want to improve on. It all comes down to you and choose to have a visit. Call us now starting today by our first setting up with an introductory phone consultation that will last about 30 minutes and we will talk to Clay and he will fax and figures so that you can know that I truly do is set business owners free.

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This contact was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Let us help you steer your company in the right direction by choosing professional development training Tulsa training by Clay Staires and his company the leadership initiative. Call 918-798-0852 or go to that is our online company website for you to do research. We can help you with your yearly gross fun fact 90% of startups fail eight out of 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months. Now if you’ve been in business for more than one year congratulations to you. The next question need to ask yourself is is my business really bad where I want it to be.? Now you can help your Internet question by doing a free 13 point assessment with you of your company to see where there could be a growth and change.

We highly recommend that when you can whenever the best time is for you to take a few minutes of your day go to our website and check out our buck client video testimonials. These will give you work with in the past that have seen dramatic changes for the better and your company at the Woodland Place Staires bought some for a currently working with him. And he’s training information trying to upsell you and giving you a book that doesn’t really help you in anyway. Believe in feeding position tracking. We believe that tracking is the most important that we know what is happening in the company. Assistance in file number, please. The professional development training Tulsa is the best!

So Clay Staires we can help you take the business or the bull by the balls and stupid and direction of where you want your business to go and where you want to be financially in the next few years. They help you with your search Tatian resources website marketing website we don’t just go to your website and give it to you make you make any changes but we actually continuous continuously work on your website to make it better or to make any changes necessary. Build a repeat of the system or so that you no longer a slave to the job.

You can have gain time and financial freedom by attending a today business coaching or development training with us and development training as well as get specific and asked for useful education training on how to grow your business. You can make the first move. If this is something that you are seriously considering we definitely ask her to check us out on the website read more about Clay and his background and why the system that he uses with himself and his business and all his other clients and why it is successful. Clay Staires is a millionaire school teacher if you have created quite a reputation for himself and his community. So this is someone that you want to meet.

So take the bull by the horns and stare at it for professional development training Tulsa training by Clay Staires. It will be the best decision that you ever make for your company and for your future. I hope you create a vision and a long-term plan for your company so that you were not one of those eight out of 10 businesses fail after a certain amount of time. Call 918-798-0852 or go to For more information or to schedule a 30 minute phone consultation with Clay. The phone call is free there is no obligation for you to do it.

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