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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative

The Best Business Coach in Tulsa would have to easily be The Leadership Initiative, hands-down. They are going to be the ones to give you the most inspiration and an actual helping hand that will guide you toward your path to success. Sometimes all we need is a little bit of advice and mentor ship to help us along the way. We don’t realize how much taking opinions from someone who’s been there and done that can highly advanced us and evolve us to a higher form. If you have been struggling to keep yourself afloat with your business or having issues with balance such as: time and financial freedom. This for you.

You will instantly be overjoyed when you find out about how they are so generous to offer a free 60 Minutes business assessment. That is exceptional value that you just don’t see elsewhere. This is why I went to them whenever I was looking for The Best Business Coach in Tulsa. Within that first consultation Clay Staires will want to get to know you and learn more about the business you are running. He will then ask you about where you are looking to go with it and describe to you how he and his team to help you accomplish those goals you have in mind. There is no need to ever give up on your dreams. He can help you get there.

If you need some understanding behind the great Clay Staires then you will be glad to know that he has been doing personal coaching and corporate training for over 25 years now. This gentleman has mentored hundreds of others just like you. He even has executive director experience. 10 years of creating culture of leadership development within the board members to the day campers over there at shepherds fold ranch. This type of knowledge is easily going to be a good reason to go with The Leadership Initiative when you’re looking for The Best Business Coach in Tulsa.

Something else to keep in mind about Clay Staires is that he’s also been awarded with the teacher of the year and the coach of the year in Missouri. As well as earning chamber citizen of the year in Oklahoma. This gentleman earned so much credibility for himself that he was also a guest speaker on Channel 8 news as well as Fox News. There is a lot to learn from this man and he wants to share with you. This is the type of opportunity that you should latch onto so you can help grow your business and evolve your mind.

I strongly urge you to go to his website and scroll through the programs that are listed there so that you can see what will best suit you in this current moment. You can find their website by visiting: or you can call them by dialing: 918-798-0852!

The Best Business Coach in Tulsa | Knowledge Earns Great Rewards

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative

As we get older, we tend to build up bad habits and get set in our own way. This is a common things don’t feel any type of shame and this describes you too. In fact, most people do this. We get taught by society that is a sign of weakness to ask for help or be corrected. However, whenever you are open to learning then you were capable of evolving yourself and growing as an individual. Knowledge truly is power and can also earn you great rewards. Will help you gain much to your advantage for your business will be to find The Best Business Coach in Tulsa.

You’ll instantly realize with a simple Google search that The Leadership Initiative is going to take the win on that. There easily consider The Best Business Coach in Tulsa for many reasons but let me just cover a few with you today. First of all, you will see that there is an uproar on the Google reviews and if you come through this for yourself then you will see that there is a consistent pattern of positive reaction. I mean it’s pretty obvious considering they have almost 400 Google reviews and are holding a 5.0 Star rating. That is absolutely amazing. You can see for yourself that real people just like you had such a positive experience and instantly saw a turnaround in their business for the better.

When you start with Clay Staires he will be able to cover three essential things for getting your business going on the right direction. These essential steps make him The Best Business Coach in Tulsa. They will teach you how to grow yourself which will give you an extensive look on what it’s like to truly lead and also the five key moves on how to surpass your competition. Also how to handle any obstacles come your way. They will teach you how to properly grow your team in a way that will unlock great loyalty and inspire your workforce while also maximizing their performance. Phil even give you the overall look on how it is you can grow your business.

Inside look into Clay Staires himself will show you instantly that this man has such a great and varied career. He also has many life experiences that have allowed him to experience different thoughts and views about how it is to bring a positive aspect of your venture about. He has an insane amount of experience with personal coaching and corporate training which is over 25 years now. As well as 10 years of executive director at shepherds fold ranch. This plethora of knowledge is something that can be shared with you as soon as you get started.

They do a free 60 Minutes business assessment so don’t be afraid to get started with them today. You can go ahead and look through the reviews and testimonials online by visiting their website at: or you can call by dialing: 918-798-0852!

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