Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be the best version of yourself? There is an assumption that the vast majority wants to be the best version of themselves before the end of their life. There are many people claiming to be business coaches yet are unethical and not looking out for your best interest. The best business coach I have ever wroked with is Clay Stairs: entrepreneur, leader, and a The Best Business Coach In Tulsa ,he is located here in Tulsa,Oklahoma. The first business coach that genuinely cares about your well-being and wants to help accomplish your goals.

Clay Staires created a The Best Business Coach In Tulsa company called The Leadership Initiative that utilizes special programs to help YOU improve. My favorite quote by Clay: “a leader must know how and when to ask people to follow”. Within these programs, Clay has multiple seminars and workshops that were created solely to give the opportunity of change for struggling individuals – including professional. Clay has lots of credibility from the many books that he has written, the experience that he has had, and the lives that have been changed. He prefers an action oriented approach because action is what creates success. As previously awarded “teacher of the year” and “coach of the year” in 2012, Clay has been teaching for more than 10 years just in the school system.

The seminars and workshops focus solely on helping you become your best self. As The Best Business Coach Tulsa, Clay discusses topics such as becoming a leader, striving to be your best, staying disciplined, and many more important aspects that will make a change for the better. He loves to utilize presentations and hands-on activities to make the seminars and workshops even more fun. With a gentle approach, Clay starts on the bottom of the totem pole, or base one, to make it easier for others to learn and establish growth.

Clay travels throughout the country speaking and coaching to thousands of The Best Business Coach In Tulsa people and has expanded their capacity in ways they could have never imagined. After almost 30 years of experience with coaching and leadership, Clay has been ranked the number one motivational speaker in Oklahoma by Apart from his mass following due to his many seminars and presentations, Clay has shared the stage with CEOs and affiliates from ABC and Fox, and has even been in a variety of different publications. Clay is known as “America’s Millionaire Schoolteacher” because he did not become successful until around age 30 when he was homeless and working as a schoolteacher.

If you are EXCITED and READY to make a change and become your best self, call the company phone at 918-798-0852 or you can visit us at to learn more about the seminars and workshops. There are also many testimonies uploaded by individuals that Clay has helped tremendously. Most importantly, on a website you’re able to sign up for a free one hour business consultation. After signing up, you will receive Clay’s free book, “The field guide to Personal Growth”! We hope to see you soon!

How Are The Best Business Coach In Tulsa People Doing Business?


Life has many twists and turns – sometimes you lack direction and are in need of help, especially in the business world. Have you ever heard of a business coach? Clarified by Google, a business coach will “assist and guide” you with your business and help clarify the overall vision. Many people look to business coaches in need of help with their business but a lot of people do not know who they can trust. After much research, I have come to the conclusion that Clay Stairs is the best business coach in Tulsa. From over 25 years of experience to changing thousands of lives everyday, Staires has the credibility and the experience to turn a business in the right direction.

Clay stairs has the best business coaching in Tulsa due to many reasons. Stairs was ranked the number one The Best Business Coach In Tulsa motivational speaker in Oklahoma and was voted “best teacher of the year” and “best coach of the year” in 2012. He has over two decades of experience in leadership and motivational speaking in Tulsa and has transformed many lives by using his own programs to build others up. The Clay wasn’t always the successful. All of this did not start until he made a decision when he was 30 years old to make a change. Today, he travels around the country speaking to hundreds of people and coaches them in an attempt to make a bigger change for humanity.

You may ask, how is Clay different from other business coaches? What makes him The Best Business Coach in Tulsa? Well, first of all, located on our website are thousands of testimonial videos uploaded from individuals that Clay has helped throughout his time coaching. Many people have said that Clay is a humorous and kind man and that if it wasn’t for him that they would’ve never achieved their goal. Clay has 25 years of experience in business and leadership – including the experience he has coaching large crowds.

The main difference between Clay Stairs and other business coaches is that Clay likes to take time to get to know you AND the business so that he can understand the dynamic better. Which in turn, will develop the business into an even bigger success. Clay also likes to use visual presentations and interactive games to make the seminars more fun and inviting. People who are in need of a business coach are looking for individuals that have confidence, that will listen to them, and have a clear view of what is important regarding the business. Clay possesses all of these traits, and more – which makes him the best coach for your business.

Go visit our website at and get a free one fearlessness and you will is in the sentence are presented with what wings will arrive safely mean but being a knife-hour business consultation. Once you get that scheduled you will be sent Clay’s free book, “The Field Guide to Personal Growth”. We are also available anytime through phone at 9187980852! Allow Clay Staires to get your business at its highest peak while having multiple successes.

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