If you are on the hunt for the best business coach in Tulsa, Look no further than the leader initiative. Play stairs has been rated the number one motivational speaker in Oklahoma by the National Speakers agency. He can help you grow yourself, grow your team and grow your business. Everyone needs a business coach Because with no feedback and no coaching there’s just no way to improve. These are the famous words by Bill Gates, the co-founder of microsoft. You need a business coach because no matter whether you’re at the top or somewhere in the middle there is always going to be endless potential to continue improvement. We offer so many services from graphic design, branding, Finance and more!

What are the seven habits of highly effective people? Clay Staires, the best business coach in Tulsa Recommends Stephen R Covey’s book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective people. habit number one is to be proactive. have it too begins with the end in mind. It’s important to Define clear measures of success and execute a plan to achieve them. I have three things to put first. you must prioritize. have it to think win-win. At 5:00 it’s to seek first to understand and then to be understood. habit 6 is energized. and habit 7 is sharp in the saw. This is a proven method that has included Effectiveness in people’s operating systems. People who use the seven habits daily increase maturity productivity and the ability to manage themselves.

If you are looking to grow yourself, the leader initiative with Clay Staries, the best business coach in Tulsa, is where you should start. Asking yourself the question why me is how life prepares you to lead. Clay says you should ask yourself why this happened to me. Sometimes these questions can get you angry and blame the universe for holding you back.Clay wants you to know that your life story is supposed to have an impact on thousands of people. you have been designed to impact life on earth. You are meant to experience more than what you’re experiencing. there it is, ask yourself that question how do I access that something more!

The seminar was designed to walk you through personal development that will open your eyes. try not to get caught in the machine of life. The seminar that clay introduces helps you see the process of how influencers are made. This is a step-by-step process. number one being invitation, number two is preparation, number three is consecration, number four is purification, number five is identification. This is an ancient process that people have been using for many many years for great impact on Earth. This is a process that will inevitably repeat itself over and over again in order to increase leadership capacity. I know I know 15 minutes you should understand that this process is key to living a life full of happiness.

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The Best Business Coach in Tulsa | The Leadership Initiative

The leadership initiative is the best business coach in Tulsa has been seen on the Thrive Time show, cbs, abc, bloomberg, Business Insider, Pando daily, Forbes and Yahoo news. We offer free downloadable resources for you and you can schedule your free 60 Minute business assessment.You can also sign up and get a free book from clay stairs called grow. This is the field guide to personal growth. We believe that everyone should grow their business and decrease cost with a business coaching program.And in that deluxes we offer services from graphic design, web design, seo, marketing, advertising, sales training and more. We have everything that you need to grow a business and we charge less than a full-time employee.

What services are offered at the best business coach in Tulsa? We offer Capital raising, publishing, website design and optimization, executive coaching, event planning, drone photos and videos, 3D virtual space tours, a workflow design, it and techra support, HR and staff management, copyrighting, accounting, sales training, interior design, product design, business development, franchising, social media, life coaching, management training, advertising, online marketing, pr, seo, customer service, finance, branding, graphic design and much more!

We believe that making decisions is a primary responsibility of a leader at the best business coach in Tulsa. We do know that most leaders struggle with making decisions because of emotions and information overload that causes confusion and hesitation. Oftentimes leaders don’t make the necessary decisions in order to bring change as well as growth. This is a tool that brings you freedom. We say that you should learn from mentors to avoid mistakes. We work with 15 different mentors that are part of a world class team and millionaires for over 5 years. some of them include David robinson, Rachel fawcett, Paul presley, Michael levine, Kathy taylor, Lee Cockrell, Clifton talbert, deidreaderman, Tim redmond, Terry powell, Jill donovan, Dr Robert Zellner, Jonathan barnett, Sean coupling and David niecine.

These Millionaires and mentors have been seen on Bloomberg television, Forbes, Pando daily, Yahoo news, business insider, entrepreneur, Fox news, their own network, the New York Times And The Washington Post. We believe that you are able to increase your capacity. We have a survey on our website that you can do and continue to do to track your progress. have they changed over the past years? if you’re looking to change results you have to change the way that you think. to get different fruit you have to work on the route. If you feel like you’ve been stuck and don’t know how to get moving again, the leadership initiative can help you start going again. they go above and beyond helping you realize your potential. only you are in charge of your life and the changes that you decide to make. So if you want to see different results you have to make different decisions. We can help you grow yourself, grow your business and grow your team to have a good time.


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