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With Clay Staires as your Tulsa business coach, he will bring the boom to your business. He is known as America’s millionaire schoolteacher, named 2012 sky Texas year, district teacher of the year in city, Missouri, awarded three time Missouri track coach of the year. Clay stairs was voted number one motivational speaker Oklahoma by getting Masters.com. Clay stairs main goal is to give business owners and entrepreneurs business peace. He hopes to set entrepreneurs and business owners free the life they were designed. To find out more information about who Clay stairs is, call 918-798-0852. With this phone call you will gain peace of mind for your business.

Clay staires wants to set you as a business owner free to live the life you have worked hard to. His main goal is to help you as a business owner team. Clay stairs has 15 years of experience as a private and public school teacher and coach. He spent 10 years as an executive director for shepherd’s old ranch. Clay stairs is the owner of six different successful businesses here in Oklahoma. He is also shared the stage with business tycoons like Tom Ziglar, the son of Jake Ziegler, Clay Clark, and Gary Vaynerchuk. He is also known around town as a bank investor and drive 15 venture capitalist investor. Clay is also a speaker of choice for Chick-fil-A, farmers insurance, Donald’s.

Tulsa business coach like Clay staires will lead you through the proven steps that allow your company to run without you so you are free to live the life you were designed. Clay has created what is called stairs steps freedom. With the stair steps of freedom Clay has opened many doors to business owners receiving exponential growth. With clays proven tools and systems your business will bring the boom. For your free 30 minute consultation, 780852. You will not regret your decision to call Clay. He will provide you with the tools and systems you need to gain business peace. Past clients have said that Clay is a hit and people really enjoyed your G ability to connect and engage with practical and relevant information.

The benefit of having Clay staires Tulsa business coach is he always lives by his core values. His core values our team, production, personal growth, and high energy. With every meeting and phone call Clay brings energy, dynamic personality, humor, relate ability, knowledge of business. Clay has many ideas and proven systems that will help you in your business bring the boom. As a coach Clay offers a variety of non-industries services such as turnkey growth solutions, executive business coaching, and workshops of all types. Clay can help you gain peace by helping you change your sales, marketing, human resources, and readership.

Clay stairs is the best choice for a Tulsa. When you meet Clay, he will bring the boom within 30 seconds of meeting you. Clay Staires as your business coach is worth your time. He will provide you with the tools you will need to change your business dramatically. He will provide expert knowledge of business. And open doors you never thought possible. Give Clay a call today 780852. This phone call will change your life and the life of your business.

Tulsa Business Coach | Business Development

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative

If you’re looking to develop your business call the best business coach, Clay stairs. Clay stairs is a former school to is now tell throughout the US the millionaire schoolteacher. He has achieved success the teacher, a camp director, and now as a leadership authority, author and investor. He was even named 2012 Skiatook Citizen of the year. Clay was ranked number one motivational speaker in by gig masters.com. If you’re looking for business development you can visit Clay online@Claystairs.com or call 918-798-0852 to set up your free 30 minute consultation.

As a business developer, Tulsa business coach, Clay stairs will set people free to live the life they were designed to lead. He has many years experience meeting and developing people. Clay spent 15 years public and private school teacher and coach. Spent 10 years as an executive director for his family’s struggling business, Shepherdsville Ranch brought his family’s business to award. He was awarded citizen of the year for the training programs had on his hometown today Clay owns six businesses as a venture capitalist others. These companies have been featured on Bloomberg radio TV, Forbes magazine, fast Company podcasts like entrepreneur on fire.

Clay stairs is a Tulsa business coach will be needed business owners and entrepreneurs through the proven steps allow the companies to run without. If you’re looking to develop your business into something stronger or expand, Clay will entangle all the issues in your growing company. Clay will keep you on track, ever learning and absorbing, so you can run the race to achieve the business and leadership goals needed to put your company on top. Your business will get better when you do. Clay will introduce questions like what are the biggest stressors that you face day-to-day business Clay will identify two or more^ on US business.

To develop a business you need a strong mission statement and a set of strong core values. Clay’s lives his life and his business by these core values high-energy, team, per personal growth, and production. It makes Clay a fantastic Tulsa business coach is his energy, dynamic personality, humor, and relate ability, and knowledge of business. Clay offers a wide variety of services for clients. Some of the services are graphic design, branding, finance, customer service and so much more. All you have to do is call to set up your free 30 consultation with Clay stairs.

No Tulsa business coach Oklahoma can compare to Clay stairs. You can contact Clay for world-class Internet marketing, public relations, business consulting, graphic design. All of Clay services are 25% off the industry-standard prices. You simply have to ask how we do it. Clay also offers a variety of non-industry-specific services. These services are executive business coaching, workshops of all types, and turnkey growth solutions. Go anywhere else? You can receive affordable transformation. All of your creative business development solutions under one roof.

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