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This content was written for Clay Staires

Come see it with your own eyes how completely worth it it it is to embrace the services at the leadership initiative and get a Tulsa business coach that will help you scale and grow your business today. Clay Staires is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of the leadership initiative, he is also a three time Missouri state track coach of the year and a 2012 sky took citizen of the year. His vision is to set people free. And you can reach him at 918-798-0852. I suggest you don’t wait. You can be able to get a free quote if you go to Clay Staires.com right there on the front page there’s a nice big red button free to sign up and get a 30 minute consultation with Clay Staires himself. The tasks, the working in your business the day to day trap where most entrepreneurs spend their live.

Clay Staires in the leadership initiative are on a mission to walk entrepreneurs through the proven steps that will allow them to break the chains of financial and time freedom. A Tulsa business coach that knows the steps the freedom is what you’re going to find if you call us at the leadership initiative and set up your free 30 minute consultation. Don’t worry about experience this man’s got 30 years of experience teaching coaching and developing others. He’s gonna know how to handle it when you get into his office. And he’s going to help you with peace and prosperity in the areas of time and money.

The stair steps to freedom are pretty straightforward he walks you through the why can create purpose in your life and your business can walk into the where/when this is gonna give you energy in your business he can walk you through the who which means who’s gonna be in your organization where they gonna be working. This is going to create confidence for you. Clay Staires as a business coach
is going to walk you through, like no other Tulsa business coach, the what of your business. The what is about the tasks and working in your business it’s what actually creates a growth. But it’s also where the trap for most entrepreneurs is.

A Tulsa business coach with the right qualities of energy, relevant information, and an engaging style of communication is probably what’s going to get you to the next level in your business, but you will never know until you give us a call at the leadership initiative. We’ve got some very deeply held core values at the leadership initiative they are high-energy, production, team, personal growth. Another reason why it is just totally worth it for you to utilize our services is that we have multiple levels to work with us on. You can work with us on the turnkey level. You can work with us on the executive coaching level. You can work with us in one of our workshops. We have them over sales, marketing, human resources, you name it. You can be in pretty much any business or any industry and find great value in our services here at the leadership initiative.

Your to find that if you pick up the phone and call 918-798-0852 and schedule a free consultation with Clay Staires that the services he provides, his stairs steps to freedom, and the quality with which he provides his services are above and beyond what you are gonna find anywhere else. His experience in teaching and coaching is unprecedented for business coaches in this area. And you’re just not going to find somebody that can beat his brand of high energy and engagement. It will absolutely change your business. So if you’re looking for that perfect Tulsa business coach give Clay Staires a call.

Tulsa Business Coach | Above and Beyond Services

This content was written for Clay Staires.

Going above and beyond is what we do here at the leadership initiative our director Mr. Clay Staires especially so. As a Tulsa business coach he is very special and has mountains of experience with teaching coaching and developing. His vision is to set people free. And he does so every single day in his business the leadership initiative which can be reached at 918-798-0852. You could also go to Clay Staires.com and signed up for your free 30 minute business consultation right there.

The biggest benefit that I can imagine of going to Clay Staires.com is the fact that you are going to be able to get a free 30 minute consultation. Just go to the main page@ClayStaires.com and click on the big red button. What makes us so above and beyond with our services here at the leadership initiative is that we truly walk entrepreneurs through the proven steps that create time and financial freedom in their lives and businesses. A Tulsa business coach that can do that consistently is probably what you’re looking for if you are reading this.

The stair steps to freedom is the answer to your question. And Clay’s experience and ability to walk you through those steps, overcoming the emotional and mental barriers to your success, is what’s going to make the difference in your business. The stair steps to freedom are truly amazing he’s gonna walk you through six powerful steps creating purpose, energy, confidence, growth, freedom, and eventually efficiency within your company. Don’t wait any longer to come and experience the high energized, relevant, engaging brand of Tulsa business coach that we have here at the leadership initiative.

Another way we go above and beyond is by having multiple different ways to help you grow your business. You can come in at the turnkey level and get just about everything you need to get your business where you want to go. Your business is a vehicle, and we want to help you figure out how to drive that puppy faster and harder to get to where you want to go, without having the wheels fall off before you get there Or you can come in at the executive coaching level, this is a good level if you’re looking to learn how to overcome mental and emotional barriers to your success. Our services also include multiple types of workshops for your management, leadership, employees, sales, and even marketing and your company. Trust me you don’t want to wait, pick up the phone, right now, I’m serious.

You want to find out what we have to offer here in much greater detail. The stair steps to freedom, and Clay’s expert level coaching will take your business to the next level. You’ll be seeing much more growth in your company once you start using our services. So no matter which level you are looking to come in at, turnkey, executive coaching, or some of our workshops. We have something for every type of business here at the leadership initiative so give us a call. The phone number here is 918-798-0852.

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