Tulsa Business Coach | Win In Your Workplace by a Landslide

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Clay Staires is an award-winning leader and Tulsa Business coach who has 25 years experience training teams as well as business leaders. We can provide you with the training tools to overcome daily obstacles that business owners face. Clay will help you change your mindset so you can win in your workplace. You can visit his website www.Claystaires.com. He is known as America’s millionaire schoolteacher. He has won numerous awards such as Missouri coach of the year, citizen of the year, and district teacher of the year in Kansas City, Missouri. To schedule your free consultation calls 918780852.

With Clay as your business coach you will no longer feel overwhelmed, or frustrated. Clay will help you expand the way you think so that you see your business in a new light. Clay get a kick out of motivating business leaders to better their business. Clay will help you develop the ideas and insights that can propel your company to new heights. Clay can help you create a more powerful vision for your company as well as unite your employees. Clay gives you the opportunity to influence ideas, attitudes and the direction that your company is headed. Clay’s main goal is to set people free to live like they were designed to live. Ultimately, he wants to help you win in your workplace. Who doesn’t like to win? Clay has many clients who have gone from losing to winning! You want to hear more about what his clients have experienced visit www.Claystaires.com.

If you’re tired and overwhelmed and can’t seem to break your losing streak, call Clay, a Tulsa business coach that can help today. People find Clay’s energy, engaging personality and knowledge infectious. Clay will not disappoint when he shows you his proven systems to help you win in the workplace. He even offers great workshops of all types as well as executive coaching and turnkey growth solutions. Mr. Stairs offers affordable transformation under one roof. Not many people offer advertising, staff training, executive coaching, management training and so much more, but Clay does. Clay can help you define your vision and your goals for your business. Do not get used too losing when you can win with Clay. There is nothing more satisfying than winning. Clay does not like to lose. His competitive nature will get you a win in your workplace.

Clay believes that every workplace should have their own core values.r high energy, production, personal growth, and team. Clay’s ultimate goal is to leave business owners improvement steps that will allow their companies to run without. With his help you will be free to live the life you were designed to live. Freedom is a win for any business owner. Who doesn’t want freedom time and money? With Clay is your business coach you will win in the workplace and you as the business owner will be free to live life to the fullest. Clay’s is a former schoolteacher who is now known throughout the US as schoolteacher. Clay has achieved success as a teacher, camp director, and now as a leadership authority, author, and investor. He will keep you on the track to learn and absorb so that you can achieve the goal of winning your workplace. He wants to put your company on top. He will push you and help you become the leader your company needs to win.

To win in your workplace Clay believes that your mission statement should be central to everything you do. To win you need to have a wavy mission statement, core values, and how they are to future your company. Clay offers a number of services ranging from graphic design, online advertising, web design, and videography all of these things and more for less than the monthly price of a Starbucks barista. That is pretty impressive. You can save time and money with Clay as your Tulsa business coach. When you win your company will win. Why go anywhere else? Call 918-798-0852 for your free 30 minute consultation with Clay Staires.

Tulsa Business Coach | Making Decisions

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative

Helping you make the tough decisions in your life is clay’s specialty. He is the Tulsa business coach. Clay has worked with hundreds of managers, business owners and employees that have felt stuck. And for many of them they were paralyzed by not being able to make decisions. Clay has been in the same spot before he hated it. Clay has developed a tool to explain to people why they are stuck. This tool speaks on making decisions and how to help you be free to make the decisions you need to make in life. Decisions and taking action can be hard because most people are unaware of the things working against. Clay will lead you through every step. With his help you will be excited to take the next step make decisions that will change your life. Clay will give you the ingredients that you will be your life and others to be path to make quick decisions. If you have felt stuck in the next making decisions for your personal life or your business life give Clay a call today.

Clay stairs wants to set you as a business owner free to live the life you have worked hard to live. His main goal is to help you as a business owner. Clay Staires has 25 years of experience making life changing decisions, not only for himself, but for his family. The decisions that he has made right here to own five different businesses in Oklahoma. And with this experience he has the lead many business owners and entrepreneurs to freedom both in their personal and business life. Why wouldn’t you want to experience the same? Call 918-798-0852 for your free 30 minute consultation with Clay. A 30-minute phone call with this Tulsa Business Coach will be an eye-opener. He is also shared the stage with successful businessmen like Tom Ziglar, and Clay Clark. He is also known around town as a bank investor and drive 15 venture capitalist investor. Clay is also a speaker of choice for Chick-fil-A, farmers insurance, McDonald’s.

Tulsa business coach like Clay staires will lead you through the proven steps that allow your company to run without you so you are free to live the life you were designed to live. Clay has created what is called staires steps to freedom. With the Staires steps to freedom Clay has opened many doors to business owners to business peace. Set up a free consultation, fill out the form or idal 9187980852. Clay can help you navigate the always confusing maze that is life. Clay has been lost in the maze before, he can show you how to get out. Clay knows that not all decisions will be welcomed by those around you, but that does not mean decisions should not be made. When making decisions, it will lead you to learning new things and accomplishing your goals.

The benefit of having Clay Staires Tulsa business coach is he always lives by his core values. His core values our team, production, personal growth, and high energy. With every meeting and phone call Clay brings dynamic personality, humor, and knowledge of business when it comes to making those hard decisions. As a coach Clay offers a variety of non-industry services such as turnkey growth solutions, executive business coaching, and workshops of all types. The lack of choices can often make you feel stuck. Sometimes you are presented with multiple choices in your life and in your business. Sometimes as business owners you only see negative outcomes. With Clay Staires, he will help you see the positive outcomes.

Clay Staires is the best choice for a Tulsa. With him as your coach you will gain a tremendous amount of creative business solutions. He will provide you with the tools you will need to change your business dramatically. He will provide expert knowledge in making decisions. Let Clay be the man that sets you on the path to making decisions. Making decisions, will change your life. So why wait? Call Clay at 918 798-0852.

Clay Staires