Tulsa Business Coach | Long – Term Sustainability
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A Tulsa Business Coach like Clay Staires can offer you long-term sustainability for your business. Don’t believe ask his many clients. Clay has been working with business owners over the past five years. In these five years he has helped business leaders meet their business goals. Clay started his career as a high school teacher and coach which he did for 15 years. He left teaching behind to move home to Skiatook, Oklahoma to take over his family’s struggling business. For his accomplishments with the business he was awarded Citizen of the Year for the impact his work had on his hometown. Today he is the proud owner of five businesses and is a venture captialist in several others. Call 9187980852 to find out more about Clay and his background. Long-term sustainability is a phone call away.

Clay helps business leaders with their time management, organization, employees and revenues. If you need help in any one of these call Clay today! Clay is a well-know motivational speaker and has been give the title of America’s millionaire school teacher. He has had quite the run over the past few years and he would like to talk to you about what he can do for your business. Call 9187980852 to set up a free 30 minute consultation with Clay Staires. Clay wants to set you free as a business owner to live the life that your were deisnged to live. Tulsa business coach.

He created a proven system called the Staires Steps to Freedom. This system has helped past and present clients not only be successful but systematic and move away from frustration to freedom. It has been used with roofers, painters, dance studios, heat and air and homebuilders. If long-term sustainablitiy is what you’re looking for then Clay is the guy to make it happen. All you have to do is call 9187980852 or go online at www.claystaires.com to schedule a free 30 minute consultation. Do not wait till its too late. Clay wants to help you in your struggles. He is the best choice for a Tulsa business coach. Clay offers dynamic coaching with his core values. His core values are team, production, and personal growth, as well as high energy.

Clay offers several options and services. With the services it will provide you time freedom. The services include but are not limited to accounting, staff management, workflow design, event planning, and sales training. Stop struggling just to be okay. Save your time and become excellent. He will give you what all business owners and entrepreneurs want, long-term sustainability. Call 918-798-0852 for your free 30 minute consultation.

His goal with every client is to lead them to the proven steps that allow their companies to. Clay wants to give you time freedom to live the life you were designed to live. Choose Clay for his energy, humor, engaging speaking, and relatiability. No one can give advice like Clay. Will grow personally, professionally and financially. Pick up your phone and call 9187980852 right now! Long-term sustainability is what you deserve. Make Clay your Tulsa Business Coach.

Tulsa Business Coach | Decade of Coaching

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Clay Staires, Tulsa Business Coach has a decade of coaching under his belt. Call 9187980852 for a free 30 minute consultation. With his variety of options he will set you and your business free so that you may live the life you were designed to. Clay has the tools and experience to set you free. Clay spent 15 years as a private and public school teacher as well as coach. He spent 10 years as an executive director for his family’s business shepherds fold ranch. Clay also owns five different successful businesses. I have shared the stage with other successful business owners like Clay Clark, Tom Ziglar, and Gary Vaynerchuk. He’s also a well-known bank investor and Thrive 15 venture capitalist in several others. There is no other Tulsa business coach in Oklahoma better than Clay Staires.

Call 918-798-0852 for your free 30 minute consultation stairs. Clay brings his core values into the office and outside the office. His core values are high-energy, team, production and personal growth. Clay brings his energy, engaging personality, humor, and knowledge for a dynamic coaching experience. Clay offers a variety of specific services like turnkey growth solutions, executive business coaching, and workshops all types. Clay Staires will be your coach, mentor and friend. He will provide pass protection for you as a business owner. He will help you stay away from the traps that most business owners fall into. He is a man who has a decade of coaching to prove it.

Clay Staires is on a mission to lead entrepreneurs through the steps that allow their companies to run without them so they are free to live the life they were designed to live. Pick up the phone and call Clay at 918-798-0852 for your free 30 minute consultation. Clay will introduce you to many proven systems that have helped many clients before. Clay Staires will introduce you to the stairs steps to freedom. His staires steps to freedom will answer your questions like, who, what, how, what about, when and where. This system has been used by homebuilders, dance studios, restaraunts, heat and air and many more.

The benefits of having Clay as your Tulsa business coach is that he will you will ride the waves with you. Clay will introduce you to new ways of thinking to help better your business. Many of Clay’s companies have been featured on ABC, Fox, Forbes, and business insider, Bloomberg radio and TV, Fast Company and entrepreneur on fire. Clay is also known for his dynamic and engaging personality, as well as his ability to provide relevant information. So don’t wait. Call today for a free 30 minute consultation. He has a decade of coaching let him show you what he can do. Tulsa business coach.

A Tulsa business coach like Clay Staires will help you on the road to success. He will take every issue in your business and transform your business to run systematically. After working with Clay you will soon find yourself living the life you were designed to live. Clay offers a number of non-industry services such as turnkey growth solutions, executive business coaching, and workshops of all types. So give Clay a call today at 918-798-0852 so you can have the freedom to live a better life.

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