A Revolution Is Taking Place in Business: Tulsa Business Speaker

This Content Was Written for Clay Staires

Clay Staires is bringing forth a revolution that is impacting small businesses all across the country and all across the city of Tulsa. He is striving to reshape the mindset that upheld corporate businesses together but are quickly changing in the American economy. The crucial tools that once held together branding, small businesses and corporations are no longer viable in today’s day in age. Today it’s all about connection, community, culture and leadership that actually cares about the people who work under them. If you’re looking for your business to thrive, if you’re looking for your business to grow and you’re ready to embark on a great adventure of revolutionizing the way that people work in the business world higher Tulsa business speaker Clay Staires to come and ignite your next conference. He’s going to change the way you think, the way you grow and the way you view running a business forever. Call today at 918-798-0852 to get started.

Clay Staires is passionate about helping business owners think outside the box as a Tulsa business speaker for events and conferences. He strongly believes that there is a shift happening in America and is important to make sure that you are moving towards a culture that supports, values and connects with your employees. In order to run your business, in order to grow and in order to change the way that business is done in America, it has to start with our leadership, our culture and our community that’s happening with in the actual corporate structure. You can no longer rely on the old tools and the old business models that help shape businesses in the industrial age. We live in an age of connection, community and valuing our employees in order to get our business where needs to go. Clay Staires is in a show you how to do it at your next speaking.

As your Tulsa business speaker, Clay Staires guarantees to ignite your audience, engage in and give them the quality education they need to start applying practical aspects to their business right away. He focuses on pulling from real-life examples, his own life experiences and some of the top businesses throughout the entire country. He wants you to see that these methods of culture and this new type of leadership is actually working in the business world. You are able to take these practical applications and apply to your business right away. His desires to see you grow, increase in profit and make sure you’re moving towards a greater tomorrow for your business, your company and those who work for you. This is a new type of leadership and a new type of company culture that has been forming for quite some time.

Clay Staires is focused on bringing you the new type of leadership qualities that are necessary to be able to survive as a business in today’s economy. It’s not just about profits, it’s not just about shareholders and it’s not just about growth. But it’s about finding a way to connect not only with your customers but also with your employees. Your employees the driving force of your business and you have to have a passion for taking care of them if you want them to stick with you throughout your entire vision. Don’t get caught up in the numbers and don’t get caught up in your own personal pursuits. Focus on your employees, their goals and Clay guarantees that you will see tremendous growth in your business because you have passionate people underneath you who believe in your vision.

For additional information on how to get the speaker at your next conference for your next event please give us a call today at 918-798-0852. Clay Staires is passionate about passing on the knowledge that he has gained over the years in his own life experiences and his own businesses that he has been able to grow. The companies that he has been involved in have been featured in Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Forbes and Business Insider. You can help you get from where you are to where you want to be in your business, your life and reconnect with your employees who are the driving force of your business. Call today for more information.

A Business Speaker Is Only the First Step: Tulsa Business Speaker

This Content Was Written for Clay Staires

Clay Staires is focused on being your number one Tulsa business speaker that bring you a fresh outlook on how businesses can start growing at a rapid rate. The old way of doing business is dead and there’s a new type of business growth that needs to happen in order for you to survive within the economy. You have to understand that you’re working with a new generation of buyers and a new generation of employees who are expecting different things than what the previous generation was after. You have to understand that must be able to engage your employees, connect with them and make sure they feel valued because they are the driving force of your business and its success. You can no longer rely on the old ways of doing business but you must adapt, change and be flexible at this new American economy goes to another level. Call today to get  the number one speaker in the Tulsa Metro area for your next big event. Call now at 918-798-0852.

Clay Staires brings you the knowledge, the practical application and the engagement necessary to be the number one choice for a Tulsa business speaker. He wants to ignite passion, engagement and making sure that your walking with practical application that can be applied to your business immediately. You can assure you how businesses changed, what’s changing but how you can also start to adapt to change. He focuses on teaching culture, business growth and profitability in a whole new way. The number one goal leadership is to make sure that their employees feel connected and feel part of the vision that you’re working towards. You have to understand that your culture determines everything and will ultimately determine how far your business goes. If you find your business lacking, there’s a good chance that your culture is suffering.

His number one goal is to make sure that you have your eyes opened to all the different changes and the new generation of employees that are entering the workforce. You cannot treat the next generation like you did the previous generation. You have to understand the millennial s think differently, have different values and are looking for a place with a feel connected as well as value. Your culture and your community within your business has to provide these things for the next generation of employees. This is your opportunity to change your business and put it on the pathway of a new type of growth. Success is right around the corner for those willing to change, willing to be flexible and ready to take on employees who will take them there.

As your Tulsa business speaker, Clay Staires is going to bring you real-life examples not only from his own life but also from some of the top corporations throughout the country. He’s going to highlight culture, leadership styles and help you find the one that is going to bump your business back to the top of your local economy. The absolute love small business owners because he believes they are the backbone of this new American economy and that people will shop local before they will ever shop at a big corporation. You can be a linchpin within your society and within your community as a small business owner. Clay Staires is in a show you exactly what you need to do to reach that status and get on the pathway of growth you’ve been looking for for many years.

For additional information about how you can have Clay Staires is your next speaker for your big event give us a call today at 918-798-0852 to bookend today. Clay Staires is spoken all across the country at universities, colleges, business conferences and other organizations that focus on moving past the old way of business thinking. If you want to embrace the new you have to let go of the old. It’s time for you to reevaluate your business, your vision and how you are going to change a culture in order to make sure that it’s cohesive for the next generation of workers. Reach a new generation of buyers and start growing your business today. Get Clay Staires is your number one speaker for the upcoming conference.

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