Here at the leadership initiative we would love to help you grow as a person or grow your business. We can also help you to grow whatever team that you are working with. Your love to give you coaching experience everybody needs. Exhibit if your business is cut your marketing costs. Most people make a parting cost by 80% this can save you so many hours and thousands of dollars in the process. Come to us anytime you need Tulsa Business Training.

The field to give you so many different options for just a small monthly fee. You really get with our business coaching experience different things such as graphic designers and web designers. We also can help you with search engine optimization as well as give you different types of template systems and examples. Only this we also gonna do executive coaching as well as public relations coaching. We will also be personal-finance coaching as well as speaking coaching and sales training as well. If you did all of this individually could be spending over $25,000 each month. But when you work with us we are only in a charge he $1700 a month for all of this together. This is the same as paying a full-time employee only 850 an hour. Nobody can basically a 15 hour and have them do all of this different type of work for you. This is why people come to us when they want Tulsa Business Training.

Delicately coach you and your business but we can also read next workshop for you and your company culture. There many different workshops that we can do to customize workshop just for you in your company. One of the workshops that we can do is creating your unique customer service identity as well as doing a workshop on creating systems that reduce stress and wasted time during your day. Egyptian workshop that you do is can be uniquely customized just for you in your business. Where else can I give out the notes and the outcomes of things we come up with. Come to us anytime you need Tulsa Business Training.

When you get a workshop with us we will also do for the recording for any future please come and work with you and will make reproducible policies for your training manual. We would love to work with you and increase your business. We have been on Bloomberg as well as business insider and Forbes. We would love to be able to improve your business and help it flourish that you can have more time and money.

There’s so much that we offer a love you are able to check out our website at or 918-798-0852. If so much to offer a guarantee that we are going to make it worth your time to check us out and work with us. We can work with you and give you the perfect business that you’ve always wanted. To make sure that we do everything we can to make your business as effective as possible.

Tulsa Business Training

This resort this is because we have the proven path. We have seen many companies grow and we know exactly what it takes for different types of businesses to improve each and every day. One of the first things that we look at what we are trying to figure out how to grow your business is look at your goals. We need to know your Y as well as how many customers are needed to reach that goal that you’re looking for. We also need to know how I guess we need to break even. Allows to know what we need to at least get by and what we want to get to achieve the goals that you are looking for. Come to us anytime you need Tulsa Business Training.

After figure out your goals and the amount of customers that we need and what we’re also going to figure out the number of hours that you are willing to work on your business. If you get exactly when you can find the hours in your day and how you were going to do this. The second make sure that we know exactly what is can it take and how fast we can approved and how many hours you are willing to dedicate to your business. We love to be will help you with any of your Tulsa Business Training.

After figure out the why of your company have any guesses we made and how many hours we have available to work then we are going to determine the unique value proposition. Your unique value proposition is what is going to set you apart from all of your competitors. Does it make sure that you stand out and is going to increase your promoter score. When a make sure that you have something as unique as she was I summing it sets you apart from all of the other customers. After figure out your unique guy proposition are also going to improve your branding and then will start the marketing. The best place to go anytime you’re looking for a Tulsa Business Training.

This exhibit you is create a three like it marketing stool. To make sure that we have proper vision in mind and we are going to make sure that we do everything that we need to grow your company. Make sure that we are targeting the right customers and then we start seeing some sales conversion. Figure how it’s gonna cost to reach in every single one of your customer. We do know the cost of customer acquisition so that we know how much money we need to make to create new customers. We also would love to be able to create certain systems and processes that we can repeat so that we can continue executing on a sustainable level.

Go ahead and check out her website at or 918-798-0852 so you can schedule your free consultation and started to work with us. Can’t wait to grow your business and improve everything that you do.

Clay Staires