Nowadays, a lot of people feel lost and incapable of achieving their goals with hardly anybody to look up to – in personal life and business. That is why Tulsa Business Training was developed right here in Oklahoma. Our training was expanded by Clay Stairs, successful entrepreneur and leader of over 25 years. Clay has a great deal of experience in the executive field and has ran many successful businesses, one of them being over 30 years old. Our training involves in-depth, interactive seminars and workshops that inspire creativity and growth for the individual. We also offer many services that will help expand your knowledge: including but not limited to graphic design, branding accounting, and many more.

Here at Tulsa Business Training, we genuinely care about your overall development and want to help expand your growth and build your knowledge. If this seems interesting to you, continue to read on! We offer many seminars and workshops that will help to expand your brain power and turn you into your happiest, best self. Our website contains articles that go more in-depth about the seminars and workshops that we provide – all for personal and professional development. Out of the many seminars, Clay provides us with lots of helpful information including how to be a leader and stay motivated. We also offer many different learning experiences if you are trying to grow in a specific field. Examples includes marketing, management, accounting, and much more.

We want to supply you with a good amount of resources to help you in the journey of life – that is why we provide workshops that are specific to mental health. At Tulsa Business Training , Our “Growth 101” workshops contain important information that will get you back on the right path. In these workshops, the knowledge given is vital to ones growth. Clay makes it easier because he starts with base one; thoughts. Thoughts will determine your outcome. Clay also focuses on navigating change and has a “Wheel of Navigation” poster that allows you to evaluate yourself.

Now you understand a little more about what we do here! As I mentioned earlier, Clay is a very successful businessman and has transformed thousands of lives due to his incredible hands-on training. He was named “2012 citizen of the year” by the Chamber of Commerce because of the positive impact that his programs had on the community. Clay started “The Leadership Initiative” that helps him to utilize his programs and gives him the ability to lead and teach others. Previously named “teacher of the year” and “coach of the year”, Clay has been able to travel to universities, high-schools, and many business (even small!) to share the message of self-development and success.

If being successful and strong is what you want, call us immediately at 918-798-0852 or e-mail us at to schedule a free one hour business assessment! Phones our always open. After making an appointment, you will get a free copy of Clay’s book, “The field guide to growth”. Choosing us to help you win the battle of life will be the best decision you will ever make: we have all the knowledge available and take a peaceful, yet inspiring approach when training.

Are There Any Better Tulsa Business Training Specialties?


Do you ever wonder if you have reached your full potential? There’s an easy answer to that: you have not. Everybody deserves the chance to continually grow and expand their knowledge. At Tulsa Business Training, we want to help you reach that full potential. Clay Stairs, a thriving individual who owns multiple businesses wants to help YOU. With almost 30 years of experience and successful training programs, Clay ha wonderful s helped thousands reframe their mind and get focused by utilizing special programs such as seminars and workshops and allowing oneself to be open to change.

Tulsa Business Training has many seminars and workshops that will help you be the best you, that you can be. On our website (located down below) contains articles that thoroughly explain what will be in the seminars. There are many seminars for both business and personal gains. If you’re interested in a change, visit the “grow yourself” tab on our website. It features the main and most interesting topics such as strength, motivation, leadership, etc. what makes the seminars and workshops so special is that Clay mentions his own experiences in order to deeper connect with the individual. Clay takes a peaceful and accepting approach when training others – another reason why he stands out from other trainers and life coaches. We also have many learning opportunities pertaining to careers at Tulsa Business Training; such as marketing, sales training, executive coaching,etc.

Did you know? Tulsa business training has been recognized as one of the top five business consulting practices in Oklahoma. There are thousands of videos on our website uploaded from individuals that state how much Tulsa Business Training has helped them achieve their goals. In one review uploaded in 2017, Liz Brolick claimed it would be “easy to recommend Clay to family and friends”. Ms. Brolick works at switchgear search and recruiting and her goal involved being the CEO of the company. Ms. Brolick said that Clay really helped her to clarify the vision by holding her accountable. Now today, 2022, Ms.Brolick has been awarded the CEO position! This is one of many accounts of the lives that have been changed for the better. The

Clay Stairs has had a life of constantly chasing and achieving goals – one of his main ones being the leadership initiative. Not only has he amassed a huge following but has inspired thousands everywhere. Clay regularly speaks at national conferences variety of different audiences; this includes entrepreneurs, chambers of commerce, and even young adults enrolled in high school and college. Clay has HR and executive experience as well as brand loyalty. It is factual that Clay has had the opportunity to change lives by using his techniques on all ages. This training has resulted in 87% employee retention for five years in a row. Also, check out our website ( and you will have the chance to read for yourself what people have to say about Clay!

If you finished this article, then it sounds like you’re interested. Go check us out at and schedule a free one hour business consultation and you will receive Clay’s book “the field guide to growth” for FREE! You can also call us at at 918-798-0852, we are able to answer any time! We look forward to new, healthy friends.

If you are wanting to become the best version of yourself,

Clay Staires