Do you feel as if your life has stagnant lately? Tulsa business training can help fix that! We are all about development over here. The leadership initiative by founder and leader, Clay stairs, which allows for an aid in personal and business growth. Our websites have articles explaining the workshops and seminars we have that help adults in the development of their business or personal journey If you’re looking to grow in all aspects of life, the leadership initiative is for you! Tulsa business training makes personal and business growth possible. Staires has a kind and open approach regarding the development aspect when teaching young and old adults.

Tulsa business training offers many seminars and several workshops that will help guide you into the right direction. We also have many programs that may pertain to your interests. The programs range from graphics and interior design to marketing and business management. We have a self-help seminar that helps in the development of your personal growth. There are a variety of categories not limited to leadership ability, next moves, being stuck, and many other things. We have a business seminar where we discuss not only growing the team but maximizing performance and inspiring the team. On Clay Stairs website, there are articles that detail the many seminars and workshops that we offer as well as the full list of programs that are available for your development.

A little more about Clay himself; he is the establisher and leader of The Leadership initiative, also known as Tulsa business training. Stairs has enriched thousands of lives over the past several decades by sharing important knowledge and by connecting with others around him. Born in sky took the Chamber of Commerce gave him the title of “2012 citizen of the year” Due to the positive impact he made on his community. Stairs is highly sucessful and owns multiple businesses because of the work he put in in the last few decades. On our website, Clay has many testimonies from others he has helped out along the journey.

Our company presents two training workshops. The first workshop revolves around the importance of thoughts and how they affect everything around you in your life. This workshop covers lasts a little more than an hour using a presentation that provokes motivation and aids in the advancement of growth. This program also focuses on the areas that need improvement. Our other workshop that is offered lasts for an hour and reviews stairs upcoming book titled “Growth”. In this workshop Clay explains five requirements that will help you to mentally grow. He uses the comparison between a greenhouse and a brain – to keep the greenhouse alive and healthy, you need to water it daily. Some of the most important tools that are used are for evaluation and education.

If this may be of interest to you, Go straight to online and schedule your free 60 minute business assessment! Or you can call at 918 – 798 – 0852. After scheduling you will receive Clay’s free book “the Field guide to personal growth”! How sweet is that! On the website you are able to learn more about Clay and what brought him up to be so successful. The website also features articles that better explain the workshops and seminars

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Tulsa business Training, also known as the leadership initiative, is based in Oklahoma and specializes in many services that will help assist in business and personal growth.We want to help you make changes throughout every area in your life. We can help transform your life through seminars and workshops using keen knowledge accumulated by entreprenuer and leader, Clay stairs. Stairs uses a gentle approach towards others in his teachings and uses his own experiences to help connect with them. We have workshops, seminars, and offer many services that will assist in the growth of your mental health and/or your business. Some of the services we provide include advertising, IT/Tech support, graphic design, and many more.

if you are interested in expanding your business or developing oneself, check out Tulsa Business Training! On our website, there are articles that describes each seminar. In one self-help seminar, titled, “How life prepares you to lead”, stairs uses well-equipped knowledge to teach others about leadership, standing your ground, and being the best version of yourself. In this specific seminar, stairs introduces the process of how influencers are made and the fact that ‘YOU’ have been designed to impact life on earth. This is just ONE seminar out of many. In the business aspect, Staires has a seminar that will not only benefit you, but your employees as well. In this seminar, “Clay’s Proven Path” is explained and displays the process he took that drove his businesses to succeed.

Here at Tulsa is this training, we offer a few workshops that aid in personal development – what we call “Growth 101”. In this 75-minute workshop, Staires explains how every thought can easily be lead in the wrong direction. Your thoughts determine your results. This workshop uses a motivating presentation that will inspire you to be the best version of yourself. We have another interesting workshop to offer that describes the “Five Requirements for Ongoing Personal Development”. In this workshop, Staires compares our mental health to a greenhouse – with the intention of bringing awareness to how important it is to take very good care of the mind, or “greenhouse”.

Now, time to hear abour our host! Clay staires not only has 10 years of experience as an executive, but has also led an award-winning company. Staires even took the time to create a leadership program percieved by thousands of people attending university, high school, or even small businesses. As Staires has been as a leader for almost 30 years, he has been able to transform thousands of lives. I think it’s important to mention that Clay was named “2012 citizen of the year” by the chamber of commerce in Skiatook, OK. Most people can relate to Clay due to his calm demeaner and his enlightened personality.

If Tulsa Business Training sounds like the right fit for you, please call us at 918-798-0852 or visit our website to schedule a free one hour business assessment. By scheduling, you will be given Clay’s free book “The Field Guide to Growth”. We hope to see you soon!

Clay Staires