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This Content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

When it comes to the Tulsa leadership training program you will want to get in contact with Clay stairs! He is an amazing motivational speaker, a great leader, a man knows how to inspire people into leadership. Clay Staires and his company, the leadership initiative, will wow you with their ability to train you ability for you and your team to lead. You can find Clay and his by searching them on the Internet at Clay@ClayStaires.com or call them today at 918 – 798 – 0852. The Tulsa leadership training program is one-of-a-kind and one that you will find anywhere else.

Clay has been a coach and a teacher for 15 years and has run a well-known leadership training program in the Tulsa area for 10+ years. Clay knows what it takes to develop good leaders and his current is geared toward helping shift and change mindsets that leaders needs to guide and lead people. Clays curriculum is straightforward and to the point and will cause you to have many opportunities when it comes to the knowledge of leadership. The Tulsa leadership training program is not something that you want to because of the wealth and knowledge crinkles.

The curriculum that Clay has created is unlike anything else you have. He has created a curriculum understand to follow. If you are in any type of leadership, this program will apply to you. You could be you working at a fast food establishment or being a mom at home, no matter where you are working this training will help you. Clay believes that anyone be a leader, it just comes with being top how to lead. So, ever disqualify yourself for being a part of this leadership training program.


Clay has worked with adults, college age students, and kids, of all ages and there is no obstacle that he cannot help you overcome. Clay’s booming personality will completely hold your attention while he is teaching and presenting his curriculum. When meeting with him or having him present to you and your team, everyone will be engaged from the moment he began to the moment he walks out the door. He likes to spice things up during his talk.  This will look like a lot of interaction between him and the crowd, a lot of laughing, mixed with a whole bunch of learning. Yes, music could be involved.


You can be confident that once you finish Clays Tulsa leadership training program, leader. Clay will leave you with resources and information that will cause you to want to keep growling but also ill-prepared to fully inspire the people around you. You will have access to Clay’s website and all the information that you can be found online. Clays Tulsa leadership training is not some. You will want to bring your friends, your family, and even people you work with. If you are interested in nature program with Clay, 918 – 798 – 0852. Clay will, ready to wow you with his knowledge, skills mind. One rotation how you think is the most to me about you!” Again, this is a chance of a lifetime, give them a call today.

Tulsa Leadership Training | Get the Motivation You Need to Lead

This Content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Tulsa leadership training program that is put Clay Staires and his company the leadership initiative is not wine that you want to mess. Clay is a very energetic, funny, captivating, and relatable speaker leading a large group or a small group people Clay knows exactly what you need for any and all situations. His life experiences next with mentor ship and is different than anyone else’s because it is personalized for every group.


When you hire Clay you will not just your average motivational speaker. You will beginning America’s millionaire schoolteacher has changed hundreds of people. When he speaks he is inspiring and motivational that you will walk out like a changed person. People who walk out of a seminar from Clay are only motivated to go out do more and be better. His intentionality and captivating personality will keep you engaged and allow you to fully absorb everything he will tell you.


Clay’s goal for every one that comes in to a speaking engagement with him is for them to walk out better equipped for life, business, family, or any situation that you may be involved in. He has a drive and a passion to see leaders, live and operate at their full potential. He’s been where you are is what it takes to get you out. He’s put together systems and processes to help you get there. Clay is very articulate and funny when it comes to listening to teach or speak, you won’t be disappointed.


Any time you get Clay Staires NARAL, you know that is going to be a great time. He is very relatable as audience with practical tools and jokes that get everyone. Clay Staires will come in and transform the way that you looked at life and leadership in the past with a whole new view that involves a lot of freedom and you sharing awesome. Is not every day that you find you care so much about people’s personal growth.


The Tulsa leadership training program you are wanting to be involved is one that you won’t find anywhere else. Clay Staires is not only motivational speaker that he has a team that will help you kill take care of with logistics and getting everything you need to you. Clay has not just spent hours over his curriculum that he has spent years information and presenting to people of all different ages. It’s not every day that you will find well-rounded speaker who will keep the crowd laughing and full of involvement. One of Clay’s favorite phrases is, “how you think is the most important to summation point”. If you want to transform your thinking so that you can live a better life of leadership, to contact with Clay Staires today.

This Tulsa leadership training program is exactly what you are need to take your leadership to the next level.  The best ways for you to get into contact with Clay Staires his team at the leadership initiative is either through email or on the phone. You can email them at Clay@ClayStaires.com or call 918 – 798 – 0852. Clay and his team are the awaiting your call, don’t delay call today!



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