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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Benjamin Franklin once said that many people die at 25 but are not buried until they are 75. What did he mean by this? Did you mean that people‘s bodies laid on the ground unattended for 15 years before they are put in a box and put in the ground? I highly doubt that. What he means is that they die the day that they stop dreaming. Once you have stopped dreaming and pursuing goals then you are pretty much just coasting towards death. The rigorous depth of Tulsa management training with Clay Staires will show you what it takes to be a successful business person. Give him a call at 918-798-0852 or go to www.claystaires.com.

So, this is why it is so important to have huge dreams and huge goals so you will never stop striving to achieve them. If you want to drive the Lamborghini, then make it happen. It’s not out of reach if you’re willing to be diligent and work as many hours as it takes to achieve your goal. This is only possible though if you have the entrepreneurial mindset. You always have to be looking for ways to make more money without having to work more. It may require that you work more in the beginning as you build your business and set up the model that will make your business run perfectly without you.

But, that does not mean it will be like that forever as once you do everything that is taught by Clay Staires in Tulsa management training and then you will have the time freedom and financial freedom that you have dreamed about for your entire life and thought that would only be possible during retirement. Any financial goals attainable if you use the right processes. But that boils down to whether not you’re willing to listen to those who have been there before you. A quote from Elon musk says that if you want success, just work like hell 80 to 100 hours per week.

It will increase your chances of success. Bill Gates did not take off a single day in his 20s. If you can name a successful entrepreneur that does work six days per week, then please expose this unicorn to the world. All of the most successful companies in the world were built by people who are willing to work 100 hours a week every single week until their company was $1 million company or more or billion or whatever number that you need to accomplish to reach your financial goals and accomplish the big dreams that you have.

Never sleep on your goals because Tulsa management training can help you get there. Clay Staires is the master at helping business owners get to a time and financial freedom that they have been striving for their entire lives. Call Clay at 918-798-0852 or go to www.claystaires.com to learn more about real clients that The Leadership Initiative has pushed over the edge of success and are now thriving beyond their wildest dreams.

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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

We have gotten to a place in society where the general public has absolutely no desire to read anything. This does not bode well for people who have spent years generating high-quality content for their business website. But any good business knows how to adjust to the times and the times are telling everyone one thing: video testimonials are the way to go. Why do you ask? Because the average consumer is less intelligent than they have ever been. They are much more stimulated by things that they can see and watch the things that they can read regardless of the quality. Just take YouTube for example. If you take Tulsa management training with Clay Staires, you will learn the best strategies for getting those endorsements and video testimonials. Go to www.claystaires.com or give him a call at 918-798-0852.

There are 16-year-olds that are making millions and millions of dollars a year for making video logs about their life that make absolutely no sense and are not funny in the slightest. But it’s mild entertainment and YouTube pays people for views. So, to meet the times, you have to be able to generate video testimonials from your happy customers so that the average consumer shopping online can have an easy way to access a real person talking about your great product. And easy way to convince people to leave these testimonials for you is to offer an incentive.

You could give out five-dollar gift cards to a coffee shop or a pizza place or whatever as long as you get them to give you video testimonials, they are worth way more than whatever you are paying for them. It’s like an online word-of-mouth. Tulsa management training will also bring your attention to the idea of getting a celebrity endorsement. This is a part of the strategy that The Leadership Initiative teaches all of its clients to call dream 100. Basically, you need to pick out your 100 ideal clients regardless of the realistic possibility of obtaining them.

Once you have identified them, you need to call them relentlessly until one of them says yes. You do this because if one of your ideal clients could change your business forever. It could cause it to explode just like George Foreman did for a little grill that was not known at all until George became the face of it and took shares in the company in return instead of pay. The same happened for Cîroc when P Diddy publicly endorsed it and started to mention it in his songs frequently as he went on his notorious rap career.

Also, management training will teach you how to execute a dream 100 campaign. Clay Staires knows exactly what he’s talking about and can bring your business to profitability and driving ability in short amount time. He is the best motivational speaker in the state of Oklahoma, and you should trust him with turning your business into a money machine through Tulsa management training. Give me a call 9187980852 or go to www.claystaires.com for more information.

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