Tulsa Management Training | Building Manager Habits

This content was written for the Leadership Initiative.

If you’re looking for the best training that you can find on management and leadership, then this training is for you. The Tulsa management training is going to be put on by Clay Staires and his team from the leader ship initiative in Tulsa Oklahoma. If you are wanting to sign up and need to reserve your spot, then you are going to want to go online to www.claystaires.com or you can save and reserve your spot by dialing 918-798-0852. You were going to want to make sure that you sign up quickly because these spots go very fast.

Clay Staires is a brilliant and entertaining speaker when it comes to anything that you put this man in front of a crowd for. Clay is notoriously known for his ability to be funny, amusing, witty, and actually a phenomenal teacher all at the same time. He has a background in teaching that allows him to be able to bring in his comedic relief while teaching on best practices of how to be the best manager or leader in your company. If you find that you live a life full of stress and that you are overwhelmed or never have time to do any you want to do, the list is the training that you need.

Clay and his team will be teaching on the best practices of how to be a phenomenal leader and manager through the different teachings and books and curriculum that they have learned in teaching. This training will be one where you will walk away with practical tools that you can use immediately within your everyday life and your business. These management tools are very transferable when it comes to running a business along with running your own life, because there is no such thing as business life balance. There is very much this thing that we call life that involves both and you are just learning how to manage your life. Clay and his team will be teaching you how to have a practical calendar and to do list that you will be able to not only manager self but manage your employees.

Another super move that Clay and his team will be teaching on is the power of micromanaging. Yes, this is a common pushback because that can be a hot topic word, but the power of actually knowing what your employees are doing and getting accomplished or not doing and not getting accomplished, is the game changer to having a successful Business. If you’re reading this And recognizing that these are all things that you need and want to learn, and then make sure to sign up. The Tulsa management training is a one-of-a-kind training that will equip you with all the different tools and a whole new mindset of how to go about leading and managing your company.

To reserve your spot, you were going to want to go online to www.Claystaires.com or you can dial 918-798-0852. When you go online you’ll be able to read more about Clay Staires and his team at the leadership initiative. There will be different biographies about each of the team members and Clay, along with a video that will show you more about the Tulsa management training that you will be attending. There is no question that your company will be transformed along with your own personal life for the positive. Go sign up and reserve your seat today!

Tulsa Management Training | Is Multitasking Productive?

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

When you attend the Tulsa management training at the leadership initiative you will be challenged on the regular basis to participate in activities that will stretch you and push you beyond your limits. Although it’s not specifically designed to be uncomfortable, it is designed to break old habits. And generally, in order to reshape your mindset, you will need to participate in less than desirable activities. The best thing you can do is to keep an open mind so that you learn all that you can during your experience with clay stairs. You haven’t already signed up you should call Clay at 918-798-0852.

From a very young age you might have been encouraged to try to multitask whenever possible. The idea seems sound enough, being able to accomplish more than one thing at once. And it. It would be great if every time you multitask you were able to accomplish to think it’s in the time it would normally take you to accomplish one. Just imagine how much more productive you might be. But wait? You may be thinking I already multitask frequently, how is this not productive?

That is because the ugly truth is that counter to common belief, you can’t actually do to mentally challenging tasks at once. There’s actual research to support this idea. And the studies show that if you attempt to do two different task at the same time, one of them will suffer. It is far better to focus all of your brainpower on one task having getting it done quickly and it is to attempt to do more than one at the same time. The one task you should focus on accomplishing sooner rather than later is attending Tulsa management training.

The First time this idea presented itself was when I was reading the four hour workweek by Timothy Ferris. I distinctly remember how shocking it was to be that he was submitting that multitasking was unproductive. That seems so counterintuitive to everything I had been taught. But then I started to pay attention to this in practice, and realize that he was hundred percent correct. You don’t have to take my Word or any experts word for it. Conduct a simple exercise two different repeatable tasks and a stopwatch. Confidently, you too will learn how much one process tends to suffer when to attempt to do two or more at the same time.

Please stairs at the leadership initiative is eagerly awaiting your call to discuss with you what Tulsa management training might look like for you and your organization. Is a simple and quick conversation. You should give him a call while it’s fresh on your mind, and attempt to avoid all distractions while you’re on the phone with him you give him your undivided attention. Of course there’re exceptions to this rule, but by and large rings true in every aspect of life. Call the leadership initiative today at 918-798-0852 or visit them online www.claystaires.com.

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