Tulsa Management Training | Being Frank

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

A good way to earn the respect of your employees or your colleagues is to be brutally honest. This does not mean you say things in a rude way, you still need to frame what you say and the way that Dale Carnegie said criticizing others is never a way to achieve more success. Establishing a culture of candor Will allow your boys to trust you and see into your brain to understand the vision that you have for your company. To learn more about the power of honesty, go to www.ClayStaires.com or call 918-798-0852 to talk with someone about The Leadership Initiative and their Tulsa Management Training program.

If they understand your vision, then they will be more willing to work hard to help you accomplish your goal. If you look up to you that is an entirely different animal. If you can get your employees to look up to you, then you are absolutely certain you will never have trouble motivating people. If they desire to be more like you, they will do the things that you desire for them to do. Getting people to submit to authority is not an easy thing, especially top tier or use. You have to use tact when applying honesty, because honesty can be used as a weapon if not used properly.

If employee is consistently late, there are several ways to approach it. You could be rude about it and call him names and lazy and criticize his inability to show up on time. But what we discontinued? He would gain you a disappointed employee and he would most likely quit shortly. There are different ways to freeze this fact that he consistently shows up late. You could say that Showing up on time is a great way to show respect for those around you, including your employer. If you did not get the hint you could phrase it a little bit more swiftly and say something to the degree of I highly value my time and I wish that all my employees with respect my time. If he is still not getting the hint that he probably is not a diligent person and should be fired in the first place.

Do not allow the human element of business to creep into executive decisions to the point that you are keeping on the logo of one for years for the sake of being nice. Nice people do not survive in the world of business unless they are incredibly intentional with their actions. Employees do some really dumb things and sometimes they do need to be fired, but you cannot let this hinder your emotions and prevent you from being me effective leader that you need to be.

The only true job security is when every employee knows that as long as they work hard and do their jobs their ass and they will never need to find another place to work. You have to take care of your employees and provide them with the best culture possible and that starts with establishing an environment where candor is encouraged. Clay Staires will teach you how to establish this culture in Tulsa management training. Call Clay at 918-798-0852 or go to www.claystaires.com for more about The Leadership Initiative and their Tulsa management training program.

Tulsa Management Training | Feel the Pressure

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

If you feel like things are going good enough, then you have the wrong mentality as an entrepreneur. You should constantly feel pressure to get better and succeed. If you do not feel this way, your competition does. If you were not consistently pursuing growth, then you will find yourself swallowed in the jungle of business. Everybody is out to get everybody in the only person that can protect your business as usual. You can call Clay at 918-798-0852 or you can visit www.claystaires.com to read about The Leadership Initiative and Tulsa management training.

You do this by setting up an effective business model with a real product or service to keep it actually benefit consumers and solve problems for them. In sales, the general concept is that you are providing a solution to a problem or consumers facing for a fixed cost. The more important problems that you can solve, the more you can charge for your product or service. But if you do not feel the pressure to succeed or pressure to grow, then you are missing an integral part that drives all successful entrepreneurs.

It’s this burning desire to be everybody else that encourages you to work on Saturdays instead of waiting around on the couch. You have to have the motivation to work harder than all of your competition or you will never be them. If you were willing to work 80 to 100 hours per week, you will be able to accomplish in four months what it will take your competition a year to do. You choose the pace of your success; it really just depends on how long you are willing to invest in your company. You have to rush to revenue rust profitability but then go back and improve your branding and improve your marketing stool and improve your sales conversions info the rest of the plan laid out in Tulsa management training with Clay Staires.

Clay Staires is unbelievable motivator and has the emotional intelligence of Gandhi. He has gained this through his experience in the field of education as a teacher and track coach in Kansas City for 15 years. He then left teaching to take over his family‘s business, a youth development camp in Oklahoma. He was here that he wears his passion for helping people grow and reach their true potential.

In running the business, he learned that many business owners are doing things incorrectly and he wanted to teach them how to do that with his ability to instruct and lead. This led to the birth of The Leadership Initiative. He has a passion to set business voters free from the shackles of time and money, so he has developed a proven plan that will help any business owner set up a scalable business that can generate revenue without the owner’s involvement. Visit www.claystaires.com or call 918-798-0852 to speak with Clay about The Leadership Initiative and his Tulsa management training program.

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