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This content was written for the Leadership initiative.

The reality of the world of business is that the majority of all businesses are not doing things correctly. With this being said you can easily set your business apart by doing all the little things right. If you don’t believe this just go secret shop the websites of your competition. You will find shortcomings around every single corner. But that is not to say that your business does not currently have any shortcomings, because it does. But if you can set up successful systems that allow your business to run it self then you will be an arm and a leg ahead of your competition in every single area.

But this concept of simply doing things right putting you ahead of everyone else does not apply just to businesses. Look at all the candidates that have applied to your company in the last year and you will notice that the vast majority of these candidates are very low-quality but that is the case everywhere because high-quality people are hard to come by just like high-quality companies that are run effectively are hard to come by. This is also not to say that just being average is good enough because the average is very low and beating that average is how you separate yourself from your competition and increase your profitability and productivity. Just continue to improve each and every day and you will find that your business is doing better than most. Clay Staires talks about this during his Tulsa management training workshops that are hosted on the Riverwalk every other month. Quality Tulsa management training can be hard to come by but there is no better alternative than using clay Staires and his team at the leadership initiative. To learn more, go to www.claystaires.com or call Clay at 918-798-0852.

Before getting into the business of Tulsa management training Clay was a teacher in Missouri for 15 years and also coach track during that time. He eventually left teaching to take over his family business. During this process he learned many things about his own business and how businesses function in general he then reached out to Clay Clark a proven entrepreneur in the Tulsa area in order to sharpen his skills and find a way to use his experience as a teacher to create a business. This relationship resulted in the culmination of the Leadership initiative. This consulting company is one of the leaders in the industry thanks to Clay Staires and his expertise and relatability.

Clay is the top ranked motivational speaker in Oklahoma according to gig Masters.com. She has also done multiple speaking engagements for Taylor made golf, farmers insurance, and Intuit. He believes it’s a major key to being successful is waking up two hours before normal people do and going to bed two hours before normal people d Clay is the top ranked motivational speaker in Oklahoma according to gig Masters.com. She has also done multiple speaking engagements for tailor-made golf, farmers insurance, and Intuit. He believes it’s major key to being successful is waking up two hours before normal people do and going to bed two hours before normal people do. This allows you to plan your day before the day even starts giving you even more time to be productive when you were in the office. There are several small things that any business owner can apply today but you need to hear it from some of the brightest minds in the state of Oklahoma and come to Clay Staires’s Tulsa management training.

Tulsa Management Training | Winning in Sales

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Clay Staires and his team at The Leadership Initiative are the very best when it comes to Tulsa Management Training. They have a list of steps that any business owner can implement and watch their business improve. The only cath is that you must be diligent for these proven systems to work so it is important that you are not lazy about improving your business. Clay challenges owners to yearn for more out of their business and to make it a means to time freedom rather than job creating a job for themselves to avoid working for other people. There is no better feeling than reaching absolute time freedom as a result of passive income. That is entirely possible if you work with Clay and his team on a weekly basis. To learn more aboiut what Clay can do for your business, visit www.claystaires.com or give him a call at 918-798-0852.

Clay’s background is unique, but it contributes to his platform for The Leadership Initiative. He was a teacher and track coach for 15 years before leaving teaching to take over his family’s business. He uses a schoolteacher style in coaching his clients because those are the skills that he has refined over the years. Good Tulsa Management Training is hard to come by, but your search need not extend any further than Clay Staires and The Leadership Initiative. He gives owners action items each week to keep them engaged in growing their business rather than expecting to explode on its own. He also believes that sales is entirely a numbers game, meaning the more people you call, the more sales you have. That’s it. Clay also has a reputation as an excellent motivational speaker and is the top speaker in Oklahoma according to gigmasters.com. Recording calls is also very important to provide customers with quality assurance. If a customer can trust that a product will be high quality under all circumstances, they will begin to trust the producer of that product with their other needs. Anyone can visit The Leadership Initiative located on the Riverwalk in Jenks as long you make an appointment with Clay. There you can witness what Tulsa Management training is all about.

There is no comparison to the level of passion that Clay presents with and every member of his team carries that same passion. Clay has done speaking engagements for Taylormade Golf, Intuit and Farmers Insurance. He is great at keeping the audience engaged during his events, so those who attend are never bored. He goes over proper practices for every element of business to ensure that everyone attending learned something valuable to their own business. He uses his platform in Tulsa Management training to teach thousands of people every year, an impact that he never imagined he would have back when he was a schoolteacher. To learn everything that you want to know about Clay Staires, either give him a call at 918-798-0852 or visit his website at www.claystaires.com.

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